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The Night My Brain Caved
Citation:   Michael C. "The Night My Brain Caved: An Experience with AM-2201 (exp92954)". Sep 18, 2012.

  smoked AM-2201 (powder / crystals)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
For my age, I am very experienced drug user. It should be said, I am prescribed 8mg Buprenorphine (Suboxone) per day and take the occasional benzodiazepine. Aside from these, my involvement with a local drug court dictates that I abstain from marijuana, so about a year ago, I turned to synthetic cannabinoids.

My friend ordered pure JWH-018 from an internet vendor about a year ago. He and I smoked at least three times a day for almost eight months. I had a few intense, unpleasurable experiences, including mild panic attacks. These included thoughts of impending doom, severe paranoia, and other mentally unpleasant side effects. Bad as they were, nothing I experienced at that point made me seriously consider stopping the synthnoids.

About a week ago, 'A' told me he got 'search' (that's what we call research chemicals) and that it was much stronger than JWH-018. Excited, I purchased a gram from him yesterday morning. Last night, I put about 10mg on the end of a cigarette and smoked it. The effects were quite similar to JWH-018, and I had a nice time watching 'Superjail!' on TV.

This story is NOT over.

I woke up at about 4AM this morning, feeling fine. I took a piss, and decided to smoke again before I went back to sleep. The following is an account of the worst experience of my life.

0:00- I dipped the cigarette into my baggie, filling the open end with about 18-20mg of pure AM-2201. Leaning out the window, I pull hard on the cig, knowing how quickly synthnoids combust and disappear. I held in the smoke for about 15 seconds.

0:20- I wake up, rolling around the family room of my house. My shoulder is fully dislocated, and I am utterly TERRIFIED. I guess 'wake up' is the wrong term. I was definitely having some form of seizure. The Doors lyric comes to mind: 'lost in a wilderness of pain.' I was completely convinced that I was a SKELETON, and my bones were all dislocated and I was paralyzed. I distinctly remember looking to my right and seeing my pelvic bone, covered in blood, lying a few feet from my head.

0:21- I am obviously still in psychosis, but my dad shows up downstairs in his underwear (NOT a hallucination) and somehow I recognize him, but seeing him does not free me from the insanity. He tries to hold me down, and I see my arm bones in his hands (keep in mind that I actually did dislocate my shoulder while rolling around on the floor, so the intense pain probably contributed to the nature of my hallucinations.) This sight makes me panic worse.

0:30- I am pleading with my parents to put my body back together. (At this point, my parents told me that my eyes were rolling back in my head, and I was thrashing about violently while screaming at them to help me.) My dad is holding my bones together so that I don't fall apart. I cannot explain adequately the feeling of terror; somehow, my body had been reduced to just bones that were not connected by anything. I remember shutting my eyes as tightly as possible and focusing on my heart to make sure it was still there. I started paying attention to my heart, and began to think it was going to stop beating. I told my parents that I loved them and that I'm sorry I killed myself like this.

0:45- By the time the paramedics arrived, every muscle in my body was rigid as a board and I thought I was paralyzed. I was still convinced that I would die when I noticed the lady putting a pin in my arm, which I could not feel.

2:00- I woke up in the hospital, still terrified, but gaining composure.

This experience was so far out of bounds and inconsistent with even LSD and PCP that I have no idea what actually happened. I am convinced that the AM 2201 led directly to some kind of seizure fit. My parents are SCARRED. My mother said, verbatim : 'Michael, that was the worst thing that I can ever imagine having happen to my child. That was almost as bad as if you had been decapitated in front of me.' 'The Exorcism' cannot touch what I went through last night. I would much rather be possessed by Satin than have another seizure fit from AM 2201. NON EXPERIENCED SYNTHETIC CANNABINOID USERS BEWARE: EXTREME DANGER lurks behind this drug. I cannot imagine a more psychologically damaging experience resulting from drug use.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92954
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Sep 18, 2012Views: 19,914
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AM-2201 (529) : Bad Trips (6), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Health Problems (27), Alone (16)

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