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Chronic Use Connects to Darkness
LSD & Mushrooms
by Lobo
Citation:   Lobo. "Chronic Use Connects to Darkness: An Experience with LSD & Mushrooms (exp92962)". Feb 22, 2016.


I am currently a Reiki practitioner who is committed to a deep spiritual path and planetary healing. For several years, I tripped on mushrooms and/or LSD with spiritual intention, and have come to regret it. I also used cocaine and marijuana regularly. At my heaviest use, I ate 1-2 handfuls of mushrooms every day for 3 weeks.

I began to change my opinion about these substances after I was connected to a shamanic practitioner, who was guided to do a soul retrieval for me. She discovered that my energy field had turned to Swiss cheese, and many individuals and entities were sucking my energy. I would try to protect myself, but was not able to generate the energy because of the holes in my system.

I encountered her after my life got seriously off-track. I am college-educated and from a loving home, yet I ended up house-less and without any income and monitored by an FBI informant. And all the while, I was engaging with these substances with spiritual intention and awareness of their history and a sense of reverence. I was not fully empowered in my practice and could not recognize the subtle ego that was creeping into my so-called spiritual practice.

More recently, I connected with an elder shaman who taught that 'drugs are the gateway to the dark side,' especially when used without a trained shamanic guide. I have experienced a lower consciousness and a higher susceptibility to acting out low-level behaviors if I use a substance (even weed) or am around others who do. It is very subtle. Because I meditate regularly and live in joy and light thanks to the Reiki, I notice when I am suspended in depression or despair and know something is amiss.

I read a channeling from Jesus where he stated that we give our free will over to these entities, who offer us spiritual insight in exchange for taking our personal power and directing our energy toward darkness. The spiritual gifts and visions that are granted are not worth it. Spending time connecting with nature and yourself in solitude offer similar, more lasting gifts, without negative repercussions.

While tripping, I found myself naively purchasing and wearing traditional reverse pentagrams (which represent the triumph of matter over spirit and connect the wearer with 'evil') and casting spells that were aligned with ego and attempts to control other people. Years later, Albert Hofmann repeatedly came to mind, and I pushed it away because I had stopped tripping. I finally realized he wanted me to channel him. I began channeling him, and he gave me directions for how to activate a ceremony that would help heal the dark forces I had unleashed in the collective consciousness through my misguided mix of hallucinogens and magical practices.

And now, my home is filled with a dark entity who has been feeding off of me and my housemates by reactivating our substance use in subtle ways. We were living sober, but began occasionally smoking weed because it was a gift to our home. The energetic effects have been slowly ripping our community apart by creating distance, separating us from our hearts, and activating our weakness/failure programs so that we feel isolated and depressed or angry. We found out the home used to be occupied by a drug dealer and are going to do intensive lightwork to clear the energy. We were up all night last night with violent dreams and intense nightmares as the entity attempted to keep our vibration low enough for it to feed off of.

So, please beware of the energetic context and subtle effects of engaging with hallucinogens and make a responsible choice. If I had read this myself several years ago, I would not have taken it seriously or fully understood the importance of this message. I now know being fully empowered to live in service to light requires addressing the underlying issues that led me to seek out substance use. Living with Reiki is like being high all of the time, but without escaping from the world. The appearance of the world is remarkably similar to that when I am tripping on mushrooms, but without any energetic hangover or darkness. It is pure love and light Feeling the gift of the Holy Spirit also brought me higher than any drug. There is a lot of collective pain that needs healing and is getting trapped by well-intentioned individuals allowing their personal power to go to darker forces through engaging with substances like hallucinogens.

Please check in with your inner guidance or dream teachers to discern your spiritual truth. Engaging with marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and mushrooms has been highly problematic for me in my attempt to live in balance and walk in beauty.

[Reported Dose: 'Multiple doses near daily use over a year']

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 92962
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Feb 22, 2016Views: 5,500
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