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Ambient Rainbows and Mushroom-Headed Gnomes
by Karcinogenious
Citation:   Karcinogenious. "Ambient Rainbows and Mushroom-Headed Gnomes: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp93051)". Oct 7, 2011.

500 ug insufflated 25C-NBOMe (powder / crystals)


The first time I tried this substance was at 500mcg administered nasally in liquid solution, 250mcg in each nostril. Within five minutes I felt a little jittery and things began to slightly move. By about 20 or so minutes into it I would say I was peaking and it was basically just some morphing and breathing, nothing spectacular, this lasted for about 2 hours and then things gradually came down for another 3 or this point I decided to work on some homework, I wrote an essay for a biology class, did some reading, watched a lecture by Nichols, and then got some sleep (about 8 hours after taking the dose)...I slept fine, woke up feeling great.

I had planned on trying a 1000mcg dose initially, but wanted to see what a moderate dose(500mcg) would be like first..well later that night some friends came over and I gave a small amount to a couple I know…they went home and both dosed around 1000mcg (200mcg sub-lingual and 800mcg nasally) and fuckin loved it, he called me and told me about the face-melting visuals he was experiencing and honestly I wouldn’t have know he was trippin unless he had said so, he really had his wits about him

The second time I dosed, it had been about two days since the first experiment (just to give you an idea of tolerance, which seemed nonexistent!)…I was really excited about taking a higher dose, slightly jealous of my friends’ experience, I couldn’t wait, and after reading through this whole fuckin thread I felt like 1500mcg would be intense but safe. I don’t know what I expected but it was somewhere along the lines of just more morphing, I thought it was just gonna be like my first dose but three times as strong…I was totally wrong…I loaded up the insulin syringe up to 25 units (equivalent to 500mcg) 3 times and each time I sprayed half in each nostril, by the time I was measuring out the third syringe full, I could feel a slight trembling in my body similar to the feeling I get before a breakthrough DMT experience. I finished dosing at around 4:22 PM and decided to go into the living room and chill with my girlfriend until I felt like I should go in my dark room for a while, within five minutes I tripping face and told my girl I was gonna go lay down for a bit. I went into the spare bedroom turned the lights out and put on some animal collective. Everything was moving, I had a large blanket hung up over the window to keep light out and the blanket kept enveloping into it’s self until it was a single point and then unfolding, when I moved I experienced strong tracers, stronger than I have ever experienced. I laid there for what felt like atleast 45 minutes and was really coming up fast, so I decided to check the time…it was 4:38…I knew at this point that I wasn’t even done coming up and it was going to get a lot crazier so I just laid back and chilled for another half an hour. An amazing visual which totally surprised me since I thought this was just gonna be eye candy, was on the blanket flung over the window. I looked at it closely and saw gnome-like or elf-like creatures with mushroom-shaped head and lanky bodies, they were moving all around on the wall and had well defined facial features, it was incredible. I have never seen any type of entity on a psychedelic other than DMT, this really was beautiful. At this point, it was 5PM or so, I decided to go back out and chill in the living room for a while. How I Met Your Mother was on and just the way everyone looked was hilarious, I couldn’t stop giggling like a little bitch. I started noticing some serious colorful visuals at this point, at 8 places evenly distributed in my visual field were what seemed like orbs emitting pure color, but it looked like all colors at once, very rainbow-ic and it made my whole visual field look beautiful…these rainbow colors are another thing I have only experienced on DMT, the main difference though is on DMT I was fucked up, and even though there is some head going on, I felt very deep when I thought, I was virtually lucid and was helping my girlfriend with a crossword. I fell asleep around 1AM and slept great, had a great day the next day and felt good. At this dose it almost felt like a different drug, and duration seemed different too…the first 2 hours were so strong that I pretty much just laid there like ohhhhh shitttttttt, but the next 2 hours were like a mild acid trip, the visuals slowed down significantly, the last four hours were a gradual come down with barely any visual activity. There wasn’t a whole lot of body stuff, but I did get some rushes of euphoria, but nothing too overwhelming (besides the trembling in the beginning, but that subsided quickly).

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93051
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Oct 7, 2011Views: 13,897
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11), First Times (2), General (1)

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