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Level by Level
25C-NBOMe & DMT (?)
Citation:   FritzTheCat. "Level by Level: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe & DMT (?) (exp93145)". Oct 7, 2011.

T+ 0:00
830 ug   25C-NBOMe (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:00   smoked DMT (powder / crystals)

Exactly 5.003mg of, 98.8% pure 25C-NBOMe HCl (NaCl being the only adulterant, this is known due to extensive relationship with supplier and confirmed high purity and quality of several other comounds such as 4-HO-MeT, 6-APB, 5APB, and 5-MeO-AMT from same source), were weighed out in an aluminum weighing pan/solution dish, on an electronic balance (+/-0.005mg)

3mL of distilled water was applied to to the 25C-NBOMe HCl in the weighing dish via a veternarian hypodermic needle, the solution was plunged in and out of the dish, around 25x, til all solute was completely dissolved, then redrawn in the syringe, less than .5% remained in the dish.

The syringe contained 5mg 25C-NBOMe/3mL H2O (1.666mg/mL)


T-00.00h 0.166mg (0.1mL of solution) was dabbed in hand crafted 'paper thimble' and placed in mouth and swigged around for 5-10mins,

T-01.00h 0.166mg (0.1mL of solution) were consumed in the same 'paper thimble' method as previous dose, a Lemon OG/blueberry swisher was then rolled and smoked

T-01.75h 0.166mg (0.1mL of solution) were consumed in the same 'paper thimble' method as previous dose another Lemon OG/Blueberry Swisher was then rolled and smoked

T-03.50h 0.332mg (0.2mL of solution) were ingested through intranasal administration another Lemon OG/Blueberry Swisher was then rolled and smoked

3 other subjects consumed same dose and reported very much same experiences


A garage converted to a 'chill/trip room' containing a bunk bed extra comfy sectional couch, computer/desk/chair, 52' TV w/ video games/music and 3 video game chairs and a coffee table, very comfy, very friendy.


T-00:00h after first 0.166mg oral dose was taken a slight, an almost unnoticable, bitter taste was present, and caused the tongue to experience a cooling effect, like winterfresh

T-00:25h no OEVs or CEVs a hightened sense of color/smell was deffinitely noted, along with relieving previously clogged nostrils and clear headed feelings, but no stimulation

T-01:00h no OEVs or CEVs present but deffinitely on verge of shining through, nice color and detail of nature, this is known because of going outside to pee, the effects of first dose were at peak, light and color sensitivity, a 3.5 out of 10, smell great, marijuana seemed absolutely fantastic, even tho it was already very good even if not already 'altered', this seemed to bring out a very nice feeling, and ever so slight stimulation combined with increased giggles and laughter, the effects felt very warm and comfortable like a low dose of a tryptamine like 4-HO-MeT so a second oral dose was taken

T-01.75h slight OEVs similar to a 0.100mg of LSD-25 & 4-HO-DMT, where as the waving and squiggles in patterns were like psilocin and there was a breathing of walls and cubical objects were closer to acid, the second dose seemed to be at peak, resulting in a very happy giggly feeling, not much more stimulation tho, along with a very light floaty feeling like MDMA or Mephedrone if you arent familiar with true E, marijuana seems to bring out the best qualities in this compound and keep its warmth, smoking still allows you to be high and silly from weed but the sleepy body high and feeling from CBD and CBCs from bud, were gone, I wouldnt do with out, but anyways a third oral dose was administered

T-03.50h high and euphoria seemed to peak from third dose, there is noticably more stimulation and drive to explore have fun and meet people maybe eat something, but not like a rush just 'brighter' happiness is phenominal at this point a permanent smile was plastered on all three faces, OEVs and CEVs were pretty much same just more pronounceds especially brathing and stretching, even tho itd never be tested by me I feel at this dose driving abilities would actually be uneffected, but dont test this on my word, we walked to a near by wendys it was pretty dark and car lights streaked by nicely, leaving short sharp trails, hunger wasnt present but when finally inside wendys the urge to taste on this substance was huge and I devoured a large choc/vanilla frosty 10 nuggets
And a medium fry, amazing sense of taste on this molecule, as if every ingredient is individualy identified, after returning to the garage intranasal doses of 0.332mg (2mL) were administered to self and one other subect others were happy at that dose but my friend and I were hoping for a 4+ on the scale, and were fairly comfortable with/on it, so up the shoot and almost no feeling but a slight cooling and numbing actually felt great, rush immediate almost from this very similar to the 'first bump' of methamphetamine, nice, not fast or dirty or sweaty

T-04:00h right on verge of 4+!! Streching amplified music dissected and reorginzed, very very very very beautiful soft, medium paced CEVs very vibrant and warm almost intysing one to fall alseep and add 'homegrow' DMT [Erowid Note: We have no idea what this refers to] to the mix, haha, everything immediately in direct bery was detailed crisp and undistorted as patterns and prisms of color and wiggles party in 360 degrees periferal vison like a tunnel

T-05:00h my brave friend on my level looks at me very stern, yet unconcerned and serious at the same time and says, 'Reality, just hit you in the face didnt it?' I look up and simply respond 'yes' with a grin on my face, at the very moment it happened a spark in the back of my head a buzz started to spread over my skin EXACTLY like LSD-25 that 'cold heat' buzz and tingle, this extraordinary feeling was accompanied by a rush of euphoria and excitement like candy flipping, taking MDMA and LSD-25 together, I have to say most unexperienced psychonauts would be more than overwhelmed at this point but this was the peak of a mountain ive trained and prepared for and was expecting, and my friend he is just a damn trooper, haha, and loved it, anywho this skin buzz grew and grew and grew where there was a point I recalculated the doses furiously, wondering, 'had I taken too much? should I be in a safer place before I reach its true peak and lose touch with reality 100% for the first time? Am I really ready for this?...' And then it happened..

T:??:??h I felt as if I opened my eyes for the first time and was suspended in what seemed to represent space my friends were still visible and seemed to be there in the same floating upright posture with closed eyes and gentle smiles, and then I began to witness an ugly side of this other worldly suspension to skin buzz on my back facing, what was to me the appitomy of emptiness a, grew cold and consuming as if it was pulling me into a cold burning frying pan and never let me return to normal...

But I felt as if I was responsible for the comfort and safety of my subjects and managed to break away from this feeling and escape hitting the invisible frying pan. I then realized or think I had my eyes closed during that and when I escaped it I simply opened my eyes, at this point I thought I felt sober for the most part and started to feel a depressant feeling like a warm opiate buzz probly due to even more marijuana being consumed a, quarter of very high quality bud by pretty much just me, over the whole night, they arent big smokers, so to walk off and celebrate my escape I go outside with the group after convincing them to follow, after walking around and discussing this new fantastic compound I got the urge to go home to chill with my brother and try and sleep I felt a tad exhausted it was around 1:30am I took the first dose at like 5:00pm, I told the group I was going to walk home (home is exactly 3miles away) after reaching the main street a block a way looking down the street and watching it strech and wiggle made me realize I was still high, so I decided to return to the garage and be safe, and have my brother pick me up, after getting home I was at 10% of the peak OEVs I couldnt stand cartoons they light weight scared me, and movies were nice and empothatic like watching movies on E, more weed consumed, more sleepy warm feeling, my cat laid on my chest puring which caused me to fully realx, after sitting up and cracking my back, I lay back down reposition Molly ( my Serval Cat shes huge 35Lbs and slim lol) and drift away..

Amazing dreams indistinguishable from reality....

After waking up I feel light still and a lil happier than usual, no headache, or drag, my pupils were very tiny where as they were huge at the peak, and an important note. . I noticed when I forgot to drink for about two hours after my second dose my veins began to constrict and as soon as fluids, gatorade, were ingested this was reversed, but all in all its very nice and seem to have lit physical side effects id have to say its like LSD-25 and MDMA in one godly compound I put its max safe, fun dose at 0.850mg taken as I have or 0.750mg oral at once and 0.475mg nasally at once

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93145
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Oct 7, 2011Views: 40,674
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25C-NBOMe (540), DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1)

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