Playing with Fire
by ulfy
Citation:   ulfy. "Playing with Fire: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp93151)". Jan 8, 2012.

500 mg oral Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
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'If you play with fire, you're going to get burnt', I don't know who first uttered this phrase, but them or me would never know these words would be used to start the story I'm going to tell. The past week has probably been one of the most reckless weeks I have indulged in and I will ever experience. Most of the population in the ages of 16-25 will have some of the weirdest or life changing nights, when they indulge into the crazy world that is 'Research Chemicals'. In this week I've consumed too much alcohol and that isn't even the worst of it, I first came across research chemicals when Mephedrone was the hyped 'legal drug' in an exciting scene to be a part of, but a worrying one for the people who strived for harm reduction by still getting high but in a much more sensible way. I did countless nights of snorting away but was never addicted, I have never really felt the addiction to a substance excluding cigarettes and weed, at this time in my life I was falling deeper and deeper into a limbo I couldn't seem to shake away.

Depression off the scales, anxiety peaking much more than ever, Paranoia was at an all time high but I always seemed to carry on smoking despite knowing that the cause was the latter of the 2 substances. I had a girlfriend who was worried about me, I was in college after enduring 2 years of that horrible lifestyle, but it didn't seem to get bad until I finally got kicked out for constant absence and being stoned nearly 24/7. Most wondered how I seemed to be knowing I was broke a lot and in truth, I don't even how it was possible even to this day...

So I did a RC/LH called Banshee Dust, it was good, not amazingly mind blowing but it was good. Imagine a drug with the chilled out feeling of Ketamine, but with the chatting shit induced on MDMA & Mephedrone. This was a pretty standard night of going off to the pub and having a few beers then ordering off the local delivery company of legal drugs. We eventually ended the night drunk and at about 6am, still drunk I had to head off to work. I got home did the usual shit and planned the next night as I had found half a bag of MXE whilst at work, me and a friend planned to have the usual time as we'd had it a few times before.

The next day came and everything went accordingly it was another mind blowing experience by what was quickly becoming my favourite chemical since Mephedrone had completely fell off the radar, if found, being cut heavily and nowhere near as good as the batches of pure uncut stuff you could pick up easily on the internet for as little as 10 per gram. We played various old PS1 games and listened to a lot of music, Quasimoto for example, sounding like the best rapper in the world in this state.

The next day I had work, went in and had a really nice glow throughout the day. When I got in I was going to test and write a trip report for my friend to see the differences between bombing this substance rather than snorting it, I had a line and at first everything was fine, normal horrible taste in the back of the throat easily clearing up in around half an hour. 1 line turned into another loving the feeling of it going up my nose, then another, this line though was different, I seriously misjudged how much I had actually done due to not having scales and having to eyeball nearly everything, something I will from now on steer clear from doing. I was very fucked and went to lay on my bed, I closed my eyes and had rapid visuals of green and purple blobs turning into different patterns. Arctic Monkeys sounded amazing, I jumped up at the end of the last song thinking I had instantly become sober.

I decided at this moment, 'I think it's about time', loaded a capsule full of MXE, as I was doing this I came back up a lot more than I had been but stupidly deciding to ignore this and bombing the capsule anyway. After I took the the capsule it was just after 5pm... Still waiting and waiting I decided to go lay back down still being very fucked at this point and sinking into my bed as I laid down. Soon enough BANG, I was more fucked than I had ever been on this stuff. I went downstairs and asked my mum what the time was, she said 4.10pm or so. This happened another 2 times but the time most likely changing, as my seeming ability of knowing time itself had been completely lost somewhere. I was panicking and thinking I was stuck in a situation similar to Groundhog day, typing to my friends on msn, 'WHAT DAY IS IT', 'IS THIS REAL', I was very worried and was contemplating the stupid experiment of slitting my throat just to see if I would wake up and for me to come back, see my mum sat in the exact same place in the kitchen, my dad in the exact same place in the lounge and the time being exactly the same as it had seemed to be before. I didn't thankfully, admitting to my mother I was on MXE and very worried of my well being at the moment, my friend turned up and another of them waiting in the car wanting me to come out with them. They eventually came in my house and I explained my situation with them laughing at me which seemed to put my trip into more terror and spiralling into a mood of debating to testing out the slitting throat idea. I got more as they seemed to be forcing the issue of me coming out with them, but I declined. They then tried to convince me they had both taken some MXE, which now annoyed me alot as if they were in my shoes at this moment I wouldn't do these stupid little jokes to them, but in reality making me very terrified. They eventually left and I was sat in my room still tripping hard still.

I went to my nans place with my parents to see if it would slightly calm me down, but no avail I was still very fucked and coming up much more than I thought was possible. In the car I was still very confused to know if I was in a psychotic state of thinking the day was always going to be the 4th October, never seeming to be able to get a simple answer out of anyone. Sat in my nans I was very much silent for the most part just muttering to myself whilst watching the walls melt, I wasn't as worried as before knowing finally... I was in reality.... Earlier I took my friend off as they were leaving asking if this was real and him finally not joking around telling me it was real.

When I got home it was just after 9pm and I went up to my room, went onto msn and explained my predicament to people, I was overreacting as my complete sense was slight diminished, thinking my heart would suddenly just run out of steam and stop. I finally came down alot by around midnight and fell asleep at around 2am.

This morning I have been at work and feel absolutely fine now, this is just a warning to people when they decide to do Research Chemicals, please if you do not had a scale at least try your best to work up from a small dose instead of railing this shit like you most likely did with Mephedrone, it's not to be fucked around with. Most Research Chemicals are getting stronger and stronger nowadaysI am very experienced in these chemicals, aswell as drugs themselves but even I wasn't expecting what happened to happen... So just remember... If you play with fire, you're going to get burnt....

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93151
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 8, 2012Views: 17,055
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