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Horror Trip
2C-I & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   ex tripper. "Horror Trip: An Experience with 2C-I & Nitrous Oxide (exp93155)". Sep 29, 2022.

20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
    inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
The other night I dosed 2 caps of 2CI (10mg each). The plan was to go up to a rave but this plan slowly fell apart over the next hour as people came through with the normal excuses of 'I'm too tired' or 'I have no money'. So it seemed I'd have to spend the trip in my mate's lounge, which was fine considering there was music, a bong, a tv and a few other good trip items.

Slowly people started going to bed and by this time I was tripping extremely hard, way harder than my other 20mg 2C-I experiences. There were a few nitrous canisters around so me and a friend started hitting these. This is where my memory starts to go but I vaguely remember getting stuck in the NOS 'world' for a lot longer than balloons are meant to last. I remember feeling more and more terrified as a lay and hugged my friend who was sitting next to me on the couch
I remember feeling more and more terrified as a lay and hugged my friend who was sitting next to me on the couch
watching tv as normal. I was getting horrible zombie movie style gory visions in my head and this only added to the fear.

This is where it all goes wrong.

I cant really remember much of the next few hours and my only clear concise memory after being on the couch is waking up in hospital a few hours later with two policemen at the foot of my bed (as well as my best friend who stayed by my bed the whole time, thank god for him).

From what I'm told my friend who I was with on the couch got up to make some food and when she got back I was pouring sweat breathing really really heavily and screaming about how I was going to die. I then proceeded to run around the house trying to escape or kill myself and became very very violent. I remember having the thought that I'd done something terrible and everyone in the world was trying to kill me, even my family and friends, and that I needed to kill myself quickly before they could drag it out in some horrible way. I tried to jump out of a window, was biting and scratching myself until I bled (luckily my mates removed all sharp objects from the room) tried to run away over next door's fence with the idea that I could somehow get away and throw myself off somewhere or something.

Somewhere during all of this a mate called an ambulance and the police turned up as well. The next thing I know I wake up in a hospital (still tripping stupidly hard) still with the paranoid ideas from earlier. I had however been sedated so I couldn't really act on any ideas except cry my eyes out. These ideas slowly subsided over the next few hours and I became able to talk and became a lot calmer.

None of the doctors, nurses or police officers had ever heard of 2C-I and from what I can gather from their questions they know very little about the current drug scene. From the hospital I was transferred by police van to a cell as I'd been sectioned under the mental health act and they needed to interview me. Luckily I hadn't actually committed any crime.

So I arrived at the police station and was told to wait in a cell until the psychiatrist was available. After a short while he came in but was still unable to interview me as I was STILL tripping balls. So they left me in the cell for a few hours where I had some coffee and a sandwich and lay down for a while. Slowly the visuals subsided and they were able to interview me. After that I was let go.

After this I have decided to quit all drugs (I used to be a very very experienced tripper) as the distress that night has caused my friends and family is too much for me to ever risk putting them in that situation. I smashed their flat screen tv, kicked a door down and somehow broke the BBQ. It took 4 police officers to restrain me and I'm covered in cuts and bruises, mostly on my hands where it seems I've punched a lot of things. The worst part however is the worry I put my parents through that day and the distressing night I gave my friends, as well as all the damage. One friend said after the incident it was 'the single most terrifying thing' she had ever seen. Luckily (the ones I've spoken to) are still willing to talk to me.

I'm not entirely sure what happened that night as I've tripped hundreds of times before, on all sorts of chemicals and in higher doses than this, even had some bad trips, and never never have I come close to anything like that. It feels like I took on a completely different personality, ceased being 'myself' and became a complete madman, it feels more like a psychotic break than a bad trip.

Sorry about the length of this post bit I just needed to write all of it down and show other people to be very very careful with drugs and dosages. Thanks for reading.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93155
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Sep 29, 2022Views: 638
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2C-I (172), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Combinations (3), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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