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A Wonderful First Time
Citation:   spiffysauce. "A Wonderful First Time: An Experience with MDMA & 25C-NBOMe (exp93171)". Erowid.org. Nov 2, 2011. erowid.org/exp/93171

100 mg rectal MDMA (powder / crystals)
  20 mg insufflated MDMA (powder / crystals)
  100 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  166.6 ug sublingual 25C-NBOMe (powder / crystals)
  166.6 ug insufflated 25C-NBOMe (powder / crystals)
  83.3 ug insufflated 25C-NBOMe (powder / crystals)
To give everyone a brief history of myself I’d like to declare some facts about my past. I have smoked marijuana for a while now, usually once a day or more (that’s more recent though, a year ago I barely smoked it). I’ve tried MDPV, Methoxetamine, Salvia (NEVER AGAIN!), MDMA, and I’m on a prescription of Citalopram (SSRI) (20mg/day). I weaned myself off of the citalopram two weeks in advance because I’ve heard of it nullifying visual and mental experiences for almost all hallucinogens. I’m glad I did this for I believe it made a big difference. I am writing this report two days after the following events occurred but I remember everything just fine and the whole night was spent making mental notes and writing some key experiences in my phone (Won’t need to next time – I remember everything).

To begin the night, I had acquired a good amount of sleep with a nap I took beforehand. I wanted to be comfortable for my first hallucinogenic experience. I was with my brother “T”, a good friend “D”, and a friend of his “R”. The setting was the garage of my new townhouse T and I had just moved into. I started the night off with a full stomach of subway because I figured eating would be difficult for the next 10 hours or so. All throughout the night we smoked marijuana (roughly 1/4 ounce between 4 people) and we all had vitamin pills and some melatonin to counteract the neurotoxicity of the MDMA. The solution of 25C-NBOMe that T had prepared was 2mg/ml (which worked out to 0.0833mg or 83.3µg per drop – eyedropper was calibrated for accuracy)

I prepared a gel capsule with 100mg pure MDMA, filled it the rest of the way with sugar for rigidity and gently placed it up my ass in the shower. T did the same (in a different room; settle down…). D and R parachuted 150mg each. I prepared a solution of 1L Powerade to 100mg MDMA and then insufflated 20mg to get me going. The Powerade was ingested over the next 2 hours to keep me going and everyone else was snorting and swallowing MDMA throughout the next 3 hours or so. We were all rolling very well for a good 4 hours. I don’t have too much experience with MDMA but I’ve always enjoyed it. I find it relaxing most of the time, but it also gives me energy and makes me very happy, as well as killing my anxiety. Everyone enjoyed the pure MDMA and we just hung out sitting on couches in my garage. R brought his own MDMA and he was not calm like us; we assumed it was laced but he was still happy with it. There are lots of reports on MDMA so I’ll keep this brief and get to the 25C.

4 hours or so after the beginning of the night, while the MDMA was still in its plateau T and D decided they wanted to have 25C. I didn’t want to be left out and I also wanted to try the 25C for a couple of days now. I was going to be trying the 25C a week or so from this point but I figured why the hell not. My younger brother T who has had experience with it assured me I’d love it and that’s its not too crazy for me (I haven’t even tried shrooms yet so I was nervous but also happy to be trying it) So T grabbed his eyedropper and solution of 25C and brought it down to the garage. Without the MDMA I’m sure I would have chickened out at this point but I’m glad I didn’t!

T+0:00 (1:30am) T claimed that last time he did 25C it was with 8 drops and that was very nice but somewhat intense at times. Two drops were placed under my tongue using the eyedropper (Remember that 1 drop = 83.3 µg). This clearly was not enough after 10 minutes but I wanted to take it slow because I was very cautious. I did notice a change in my thoughts and I felt happy; but no visuals and I really just felt the MDMA. T did 5 drops intranasally and D did 3 drops.

T+0:10 Another two drops were placed in my nose while I was upside down on a couch. It worked wonderfully and I felt it hit the spot I wanted. It did burn my nostril and the back of my throat however this quickly faded (My nose was probably sensitive from the MDMA). T felt it coming on and D did another 3 drops.

T+0:40 The effects were extremely subtle, just as T had told me they’d be so I was ready to do some more. Before I did more I noted a nice euphoria, a difference in consciousness and some mild alterations in color. There was however a short lived profound alteration in sound. We were all listening to music and it sounded like the voice had slowed and the beat came to a pause for a second or two and this occurred a couple of times. People voices were elongated and I was definitely a +2. I loved it so far and I was ready for the full dose so I asked my brother to drip 1 more drop in my nose since I was clearly a little messed up. I felt the drop, followed by another two and halted my brother. He said “whoops” but I was ok with it, and we both laughed. He was clearly also messed up a little, and he said he didn’t see anything go in my nose. The burning came back again to fade after 5 minutes or so. D asks me to drip 2 more drops into his nose (D is now at 8, T is at 5 and I’m at 7) T suggested we sit and wait for the effects to build before we go anywhere. The walls turned blue and red, and the ceiling was very blue. Corners of the room looked like tops of pyramids from a birds-eye view. The body load was different than anything I’ve experienced. I felt good and calm, but at the same time my neck was stiff and I felt energetic despite the fact I didn’t want to move. Heart rate was up just a little and I noticed myself stretching every hour or so to release this energy that would build up inside of me. Nothing too bad at all, only bugged me when I thought of it.

T+1:30 After much talk of going to the store we finally decided to head out. The walk was amazing and there was a huge dilation in time and much tripping to be had. After what I thought was 10 minutes I looked to see how close we were to the store to see it very far away. I looked back and we had walked maybe two house lots at most. “Incredible” I thought. I’m glad it wasn’t going to end anytime soon, or never for all I thought. The sidewalk was a hue of blue (originally grey), the road was also a hue of blue and the air seemed to have a red tinge to it. I enjoyed this very much. At the convenience store I was looking for gum to chew on, a drink and beef jerky. I walked in, grabbed a pack of gum with T, and then was lost. I knew the store was small, I was familiar with it, but I was lost. I quickly had to find T and ask him to pay for my stuff since I was afraid of interacting with people. We left the store after this and started to head back home.

T+1:40 It had been 10 minutes, but again felt like an hour or so. We just barely left the property of the store when I was walking in some grass and it felt like quicksand. The grass was actually muddy but I felt I was sinking a lot more than just an inch or so. I decided to stay in the grass to “train” myself to handle feelings like this. I learned to enjoy it quickly and then continued walking home with the gang. Half way home I noticed almost an invisible barrier of color change. Behind me towards the store was a hue of red; everything was just a bit red. I looked in front of me towards my house and everything was a hue of blue. I couldn’t see where this change occurred but I managed to find a spot where I felt in between the red and blue and I stood there in awe. I explained the phenomenon to T, D, and R and they kind of laughed, but I felt that they couldn’t understand me and I just wish they could have seen it also.

T+2:30-4:00 We had been back home for a while and the majority of the time was spent on a couch in the garage. The walls looked cartoonish and when I looked at T he looked the same, but his face made him look like he was 80 years old. A little freaked out I looked at my hands and they too turned very old. I accepted this as just the drug affecting me and ignored it. T thought it would be funny to light a lighter by my head while I was oblivious to his actions and it spun my world around for a split second. Gasping for a breath I yelled and then thought it was funny and laughed. I thought it would be funny to mess with D so I talked slowly and loudly close up to his face, then T laughed because he “saw color coming out of my mouth” and D didn’t know what to do with himself so he just went back to being timid and looking at walls. After this it felt as if I had sobered up completely, in fact this happened many times throughout the night only to come back just as strong if not stronger. I noticed myself vocalizing my thoughts and experiences to the group even though I didn’t want to.
A while later I was standing in a hallway in my house and I was starring at the tiles on the floor when I noticed the lines of the tiles dancing around a bit, and the patterns on the tiles were wavy and leaving the tiles to go to other tiles where they danced around. There were intense heat waves along the ground, and staring at the tiles for a bit longer made the patterns disappear, to be followed by what looked like someone was spray painting them white starting at my feet and moving forwards. Before I knew it the whole hallway was white, including the walls and this engulfed me. Everything was white and I felt I was one with the floor and walls. It got a bit intense so I went back to the garage and the visuals were reset to just hints of blue and red. The next 2 hours were spent in the garage feeling happy and calm, enjoying patterning and colors on the walls and ceiling. I did have abdominal discomfort for about an hour at this point. Possibly from the MDMA but it make me head to the bathroom to relieve myself. Starring in the mirror while I washed my hands was a mistake. I barely recognized myself and just like T, I too looked very old. My lips were chapped and this turned into my whole face being wrinkly and dark, which scared me so I left the bathroom and headed straight for the garage. A second time I went to the bathroom that night I put on dark sunglasses and this killed the visuals to some degree so that I could pee in peace for I was scared of the mirror.

T+8:00 We decided to call it a night at this time. R went home, D fell asleep on a couch very easily and T and myself went into our separate bedrooms. Falling asleep for me was hard but I enjoyed being awake with this state of mind I was in. I was talking to myself and laughing at nothing. I felt good and I didn’t want it to end but before I knew it I had woken up several hours later mostly baseline with almost no hangover. As the day progressed the visuals went away fully and I did feel a bit groggy and uncomfortable but I would guess that it was the MDMA making me feel this way and not the 25C.

To sum it all up I loved MDMA, I loved 25C even more and I plan on doing the 25C again in 2 weeks again with T. I’d like to try it without MDMA but marijuana is a necessity for it brings the visuals on whenever you want them to be stronger. The experience was very lucid and I had full control of myself for most of the time. There were a couple of times I’d have to leave a room but besides that I could have handled it for as long as I wanted. T says: “It’s kind of like acid but it gives you sobriety breaks to recollect your thoughts”. The first time he did 25C he ingested 1.3mg (1300µg) with various methods but it was mostly intranasally and he enjoyed it a lot. The experience sort of feels like it was a dream that I remember very well; almost like when you smoke a lot of weed and then sober up later.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93171
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Nov 2, 2011Views: 13,319
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25C-NBOMe (540), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), First Times (2), General (1)

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