Please Be Warned
Citation:   Holliana. "Please Be Warned: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp93200)". Oct 14, 2011.

  repeated insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
OK. So this new research chemical methoxetamine. (sold as .1/2 capsules as MXE or as bags of .2 diluted as ‘Special K’ in head shops and available in large amounts freely on the internet) Advertised as an analogue of ketamine that makes you trip, puts you in holes, and makes you special like ket.

I cannot stress enough to people how important it is to listen to the guy behind the counter when he says DO SMALL LINES. If you buy online, nobody will warn you about what it does as it is sold as not for human consumption and warning people not to do alot would defeat the object of sticking the do not consume sticker on each bag. I personally think this is extremely dangerous and wrong.

Now I am an experienced drug user of all kinds legal and illegal, I may be a very small female at the young age of 23 (5ft and 6.8 st) but I have experimented with everything bar brown and rocks and spent the last 3 years of my life sniffing ketamine all day everyday, sometimes a litre in a week just to myself – my point is, I can handle my ket and my drugs, but NOTHING prepared me for what I was about to experience on this stuff.

Friday night:
Myself and 2 of my male friends (referred hereafter as S and C) went out to a rave and indulged in a few lines and a few alcoholic drinks. Everything was ok until we left the club at close and I had to babysit these two grown men (S being 20 and C being 29) who could hardly walk (just like on ketamine) I thought, this is ok I just have two ket casualties they will sober up soon… I took it easy as I wanted to continue trying to get into clubs.

After being refused entry to EVERY bar and club on Torquay Harbour we eventually slipped into one. I made the decision that now we had gotten into a club, I would go and join everybody on their crusade to idiotism and went to the toilet and did probably about a quarter gram line.
That is the last thing I remember.

Apparently I was found by a friend of a friend (S & C had been removed from club long ago) sat on the dancefloor and took me outside to come to, called me a taxi and I went home. Absolutely anything could’ve happened to me, but I got lucky and was looked after by a fallen angel whose night was disrupted by my performance. (At this point I had just moved to Torquay to give up taking Ketamine so when she thought I had been taking that, as it looked like I had, she was very disappointed ): ) All 3 of us went to bed and slept it off. We all felt like shit and like spacecakes the next day.

Saturday night:
I still had four grams of the shit left so we thought ah lets have another night on it. I did not personally screw up on it, and went easy after what had happened the night before, but the two males I was with -one (now referred to as D) 27 and the other 29 (the same C from the night before) – both have been using ketamine for triple the time I have, and quadruple the quantity, did not listen to me or anyone else. D hoofed it like a K head would do k. Half gram to full gram lines sneakily without us seeing as he ‘just wanted to get fucked’. Within 10 minutes he was staring through us etc. and we weren’t too worried but then, it all went a bit insane.

It appeared that he was fitting or something similar, throwing himself across the room biting the hell out of his own face etc. Luckily myself and C know acid casualty calming methods and used them to keep him laid down on the floor and bed, but within a few seconds he would sit up and try and stand as if there was something he had to do but his coordination was so gone he would just go straight back over, injuring himself and us in the process. He squeezed my arm so hard he drew blood and when we decided to try him with a glass of water, he did drink a little, then when we went back for a second go, he looked at us gave us the most evil grin I’ve ever seen and chomped straight through this glass. And I mean through it. We had to pick bits of glass out of his mouth, he had no idea it had happened. We’d had no idea how much he had taken, so contemplated an ambulance, but instead spent about 6 hours babysitting him waiting for him to come back to us playing chilled out music and talking to him he did eventually come round. I would describe the state he entered after the fitting, as being in a complete childlike state, he would listen to our instructions if we were firm with him and was staring at his hands as if he had never seen them before, it was in the end quite funny.

When we’d all calmed down, we made the decision to walk down to a small secluded beach and watch the sunrise (after more lines of Methoxy and a bottle of cheap cider) which I have to say was the most intensely amazing experience I have had on drugs in my life, better than acid, better than DMT, better than anything. C missed this coz he was rolling around in the sand which was a shame ):

Sunday day: Did only a small bit more of Methoxy and went swimming in the sea. I smoked what like, 2 tokes on a spliff and went into the worst paranoia trip I have been in in a long time and it was horrible. I would not recommend this stuff with cannabis.

We left it a few days to come back to reality, we are a bunch of cook heads so we did quite a bit of Diazepam during this time of calm, but I still had a gram left in my house and could not bear knowing it was just sitting there, so….

Weds night:
All I have to say about this night is that we all did the exact same amount of the stuff, probably a quarter gram each, and C specialled it hard, urinated up D’s leg which was nice of him and then rolled around in the road for a couple of hours fortunately at 4am when there was no traffic, got chatting to this dodgy scouse drug dealer fresh from prison, called him a liar and almost got himself shanked then stumbled home swearing at us (his best mates) and at that point we decided we were glad it was gone, and that we would never buy the stuff again.

My Conclusion is that it is an amazing hybrid that has the potential to have the effects of Ketamine, LSD, DMT, PCP, GBL, and MDMA (we have been called it Sp*stic powder) in SMALL DOSES. D reckons it has got some kind of Opiate in it as well as he said the aching it caused our bodies afterward was similar to that of skag. So it also has the addictive potential, it is VERY moreish that’s for sure, and also could make you very nauseous and sick, I have heard people say it's made them very ill.

What they sell in the capsules – great, that will do you for the night, what is in the .2 bags from head shops – is bashed to pieces with bicarb so is never going to mess you up. But the stuff online is incredibly dangerous. We were close to calling an ambulance for D on Saturday night, and I have never called an ambulance for anyone on drugs before and I have been to my fair share of squat parties, teknivals and drug fuelled mashups.

It doesn’t taste like ket, but more like mephedrone or methylone, it hurts to sniff a little, has a nasty back drop and lasts (depending how much is done) at LEAST 15 hours. (I got that from this random matey we met in town who we gave a small line to and he texted me 15 hours later saying ‘just starting to feel normal thank god’) It makes people lose the plot completely, they have no idea what they are doing beyond ketamine ever could, no matter how big your hole. Everyone around them has the most awful time looking after the casualty, but the person messing up will have absolutely NO recollection of the night or day, the experience (even when you show them a video of themselves, which we did to C)

We have not, and the guy that I had been getting it from online have still not discovered what counteracts the drug, so once your in, your in there’s no going back. All he suggested was diazepam which sent us to sleep but we still felt methoxied when we woke up. I talk rubbish, make scarily bad decisions (for example I decided while I was on it, it was the perfect time to go down to the job centre – I ended up telling the security guard I was committing benefit fraud and I am now not receiving benefits of any sort. I was not even claiming fraudulently!!!) look like a complete retard (all 3 of us could’ve been easily mistaken for special needs I’m not being harsh that’s not what I’m about but, walking round Torquay high street like that, which we had to as our homes are that way, is NOT the one).

I would never want to give this to anyone apart from D or C as they know what its about, I would not want to sell it to anyone in case they died on it, I would not want to do it myself again, unfortunately I also did not want to tip the last gram down the toilet, coz I just, didn’t.)

PLEASE BE WARNED. This is most insane research chemical ever made readily available and nobody even the stockists don’t know what it will do to you not just in the long term, but in the short term too! Its totally unpredictable and hella-dangerous.
If you want to get spesh I know I shouldn’t say this (and I am choosing not to do anything at all, after all, I am a recovering addict, only reason I did it was to satisfy my cravings which it didn’t…)

With Ketamine I know where I am, it lasts 20 mins and yes fucks your bladder up etc but its not going to kill me. Same with acid and all the other illegal drugs that have been studied for years. This stuff, will send the whole country loopy if people start doing it thinking they are doing something safe ‘just coz its legal’
You have been warned!!!!!
H xxx

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93200
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Oct 14, 2011Views: 17,906
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Methoxetamine (527) : Overdose (29), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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