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Alien Silhouettes and the Power of Meditation
by Oneiros
Citation:   Oneiros. "Alien Silhouettes and the Power of Meditation: An Experience with DMT (exp93225)". Feb 14, 2017.

25 mg vaporized DMT


I was probably in the best mindset possible for a DMT trip the night this experience occurred. I had just come to terms with a lot of issues going on in my life and for the first time really sensing a transformation of my being. I attribute a lot of this perception to my recent discovery and use of DMT.

I loaded up my glass vaporizer, and lay back on my bed, half propped by a few pillows behind me. I made a real point of meditating for the first time since beginning to try spice. I've half-heartedly done it in the past, but usually only a few minutes of concentrated breathing. This time I dedicated a full 15 minutes, using common techniques such as asking myself, 'Who is aware?' and beginning to observe myself observing myself essentially.

When the time felt right, I administered the 25mg of spice in one long slow vape from my glass vaporizer. I kept my eyes open while I held the alkaloids in for around 30 seconds. When I started to feel what is starting to become the familiar push towards hyperspace I closed my eyes. The past 3 times I had tried DMT, this push seemed to happen slower and I always felt still tethered to and slightly aware of my body. This time, I felt immediately ripped from existence, and don't remember having any true bodily sensations at all, just a heaviness near the start that became nothingness after I blasted off.

Hyperspace seemed different as well, more vivid. While in the past it has been a largely 3D landscape, this time it just seemed MORE 3D if that makes sense. I felt that I was quite close to and even surrounded by the geometry as opposed to viewing it on a screen (albeit a 3D screen) in front of me which has been the case in the past.

Blooming in front of me was a large coral or anemone type of projection, spiraling up towards me. It was sort of like a ribbon consisting of countless fractals itself, twisting up along an axis and coming to a point right in front of me. Occupying the same space as the spiral was what I can only call a mandala made up of brilliant whirlpools and lines of red, gold, and green. It's worth noting that though they occupied the same space, neither obscured the's hard to explain really.

I soon became aware of other entities around me. There were several, I can recall at least 5 dancing about around me. Visually, they seemed cloaked in shadow, and obscured the geometry behind them, so it was like seeing a silhouette. But at their edges, a white light shined out, it was almost as if they were light beings which had veiled themselves in shadow so as not to overwhelm me. They reminded me of the classic grey alien, their heads seeming larger than a normal human's. Most of the figures kept their distance from me, yet continued to dance almost sensually.
Most of the figures kept their distance from me, yet continued to dance almost sensually.
One, however took an interest in me and came closer...teleported closer really. I get a strong impression that it was female (as most of the entities I've seen in the past seem to be). And though she never touched me, her hands, extended towards me, still waved about in an amazing dance. She seemed to caress my face from a short distance and gently guide my attention in different directions as if to make sure I was seeing all the beauty around me. Then she would bound back away from me only to repeat the process again.

I remember feeling ecstatic about the whole thing, and having an unbelievable feeling of love for the entities. I felt like reaching out to hug them, but realized I essentially had no arms with which to do so at the time. The beings laughed when I had this thought, and I laughed along with them. It wasn't long after this that I started coming back down to reality.

I was surprised by how much time had passed. Normally, I'm only gone for 8 minutes tops before I open my eyes again. This time it was more like 15 minutes or more. I wonder if more happened in the time I was away than I am able to recall. I think the greater intensity of this journey compared to some of my trials in the past was directly related to the meditation beforehand. The meditation made it rather simple to toss fear and anxiety aside. For example, as I was coming back down through the membranes to normality, I had strong vibratory sensations in my body which I have also had in the past with slightly higher doses. In the past, I was actually worried that I was involuntarily shaking, but this time I recognized it was just a different sensation in my body, and then the sensation became pleasant as opposed to worrisome.
the sensation became pleasant as opposed to worrisome.
Kind of like the eye wiggles when I'm rolling really hard on E (I personally like them).

All in all, I was excited by this journey, since it was my first real interaction with other entities. I've seen them before in the past, but never really interacted until this trip. The afterglow of euphoria was extremely intense as well. The euphoria produced was in many ways better than that I had experienced off of MDMA, in that it didn't feel artificial or forced. It was completely genuine. I was sitting up on my bed contemplating the whole experience and a couple of times just fell over on my side and just chuckled about how great I felt about everything. Truly awe inspiring. Did I mention I love DMT?

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93225
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Feb 14, 2017Views: 3,055
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DMT (18), Meditation (128) : Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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