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Never Underestimate the Mind
Ketamine & LSD
Citation:   Fuckedup. "Never Underestimate the Mind: An Experience with Ketamine & LSD (exp93234)". Erowid.org. Aug 20, 2018. erowid.org/exp/93234

  repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  4 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Before I get to my experience I would like to point out that I am eternally grateful for reputable harm reduction sites exist, indeed so are many of my friends, it is a comprehensive and up to date and non biased recourse that people who are either going to use or would like to know about psychoactive chemicals can view information without being subjected to propaganda and bullshit about how all drugs will kill you every time you use any of them. The dosage sections of drugs alone has probably saved countless lives compared to talk to franks life saving ability of... Well yeah anyways to my report...

Sometime in late November I had just taken acid for the first time, I had eaten 4 fairly weak tabs (in comparison to other acid I have since sampled) and the trips had begun to subside (or maybe I had grown used to objects warping and bending and colors flashing past me) and what can only be thanks to the favor of a god someone I knew had just come into possession of some very special K and agreed to help me out with 4 of his finest grams, one of my friends wanted one so I obliged...

About 20 minutes after meeting the K man I walked to meet my friends in town in order to go to the house that I was staying at for the night, during this time we decided we all needed to go and sample this K and so being the gracious and sensible law abiding fellow I decided to (I must add I had no tolerance at this point) crush up a gram still in the baggy on a nearby bench whilst still in town, I then stuck a snorter in the bag and sniffed about 2 3rds of the contents, after about 5 minutes I was walking like a legless fool, the noise of the metallic sea came back and washed over me with the usual waves of numb euphoria which is why I so love lady K...

Somehow me and my 4 other walking K holed messes of friends managed to stagger across town to a nice secluded area (the local cycle path) where one of my friends proceeded to spray a large 'tag' on the ground, as he moved his arm with such precision and passion it looked to me as if he didn't even have a spray can which to me looked magical as the letters began to take shape and the paint began to glisten and shimmer, the colors flashed and danced around on the asphalt, my friend appeared to me to be a warlock, a mystic, creating a portal to a new universe with his paint... It was truly awe inspiring as for that small portion of time all other movements ceased and the world stood still in my view just to watch this portal open...

After about an hour of tripping around, we met my friend 'the warlock's' mother who was giving us a lift to the house (me warlock and music man) the 3 of us then proceeded to meet the acid man and get music man a tab, after he consumed his and more psychedelic tom foolery began to transpire we began K snorting, slowly consuming the remaining 2 and 1/3 g's until about a gram in a very very strange group trip took place, both me and warlock lost control of our bodies, our minds were still aware of what was happening but we began to move around the room in a robot like manner whilst yelling 'what the hell is going on' this experience was one of my most fond memory's of hallucinations I have ever had...

After yet more tom foolery we decided to bed down for the night around 4am and decided that as we were not going to get to sleep due to the acid in our brains, we needed to polish off my ketamine in 2 mighty lines (as music man didn't want any) and did the usual ritual of listening to the song 'soon we'll be dead' by leftover crack while we insufluated these 2 tickets to the k hole, I then stuck zeitgeist 2 on and laid down ready for a journey I would never forget...

The area around the bottom bunk of the bed I was on began to change from pitch black to the areas described in the film, everything I saw was in black and white, the there were people in suits standing around having conversations about the subjects in zeitgeist and with every word I sunk deeper into the k hole, after the subject of money was dug through my brain felt as if it was leaking out of every hair follicle but as it exited my head I felt it warmed my scalp with an almost electric buzz of energy, I felt as if my eyes could see more than they could handle, the black and white universe around the bed kept morphing, vibrating, imploding and then exploding again as if everything was being recreated multiple times every minute of time that passed...

The power on the laptop I was watching the movie on ran out just as the narrator said something along the lines of 'we can then move forward' and everything in the universe went black and I drifted out of the reality I was in and came back to this terrestrial realm and then fell asleep...

I woke up the next morning with moisture around my nose and mouth, and the same moisture around the area my face was on the pillow and bed, it was a combination of saliva and snot that had leaked from my face whilst I was in the other universe... Bizarre indeed!

In conclusion this was one of the greatest nights of my life, and by putting it into one sentence I am not doing the things I learned from it justice.

Thank you for taking the time to read my report

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 93234
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Aug 20, 2018Views: 1,467
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Ketamine (31), LSD (2) : General (1), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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