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Euphoric Roller Coaster
Alcohol & Unknown
by Erowidfan
Citation:   Erowidfan. "Euphoric Roller Coaster: An Experience with Alcohol & Unknown (exp93270)". Sep 22, 2022.

  repeated oral Alcohol
  1 tablet oral Unknown

Foreword: I guess I'll start by talking a bit about myself and my previous experiences with drugs. I've been experimenting with drugs since the age of about 16 when I started smoking weed. I smoked weed quite a lot through highschool and enjoyed it but eventually got to the stage where it really just made me too sleepy and now I find it quite hard to enjoy, I feel quite socially awkward, inward and all of that so I don't smoke too often anymore (unfortunately; it was a lot of fun while it lasted). I've also tried various prescription drugs from oxy, lines of ritalin, benzo's stuff of that nature. Done speed, a small amount of coke, and a huge array of different ecstasy pill types. All of which I've had a great time on.

Earlier that day:
It was actually my birthday that day and I'd had a huge bender the night before (rightfully so) and I was extremely hungover when I went to dinner with my brothers for my birthday, alcohol withdrawal shakes and felt extremely dizzy in the morning. Got back on the drinks around 7pm and continued drinking through dinner. Feeling great. At some point me and my younger brother decided it would be a good idea to go bar hopping on the way home (about a 1.5 hour walk from where we were) which turned into a suitably large night, probably drinking about 10-12 drinks.

11:00 We were approached by some guy on the street asking us if we wanted to buy anything. We asked him what he had to which he replied what about some MDMA. I said ok and managed to talk him into selling us 2 pills for what I'd expect the price of one to be. We both looked at the pills and realised they were 2 of the most disgusting, brown pills either of us had ever seen before, they didn't have a pill press on them or anything but we thought we might as well take them anyway even if we got ripped off, the fact it was my birthday and also the large amount of alcohol we had consumed probably played a part in making that decision because they looked seriously digesting. [I wouldn't condone anybody taking anything they felt unsure about, especially pills without presses on them.] Anyway we kept on drinking that night and pretty much completely forgot we had even taken the pills, they didn't come up in discussion and I don't think either of us had even given them a second thought, we were more concentrated on a squabble (or more a fight) about when we were buying and pills my brother had started to cause a bit of a scene for no real reason when it was already a bit of a high stress situation anyway. Anyway all was forgotten after a couple more beers.

12:30 This is where stuff starts to get interesting, we got home around 12:30 having completely forgotten about the pills. We were just generally laughing and having a great time talking about whatever the hell we were talking about but getting on really well (not making the connection with the 'MDMA' that we had consumed yet). Anyway, I can exactly remembered how it started but we both simultaneously realised that we were tripping out. I remember mentioning that the tripod standing opposite me was 'staring at me'. We both quickly realised that we were probably not on MDMA (from what we've heard about the drug mainly and experiences with E in the past). Luckily we were both in an extremely comfortable atmosphere and both in a mood to just enjoy whatever it was that was about to take place.

The beginning of the rest of the night: We both started to point out stuff that was going completely 'ridiculous' such as a pen or a piece of paper, these things were amazing and awe inspiring in there sheer awesomeness. It was that realisation that objects were now also entities that made us know we were not on MDMA, and we were definitely hallucinating and it would only get stronger as the night went on. I put ridiculous in inverted commas because throughout the night the only way we could describe stuff as was ridiculous, as our vocabulary and language as we know it just completely failed to be able to explain exactly what it was that we were witnessing.

At some stage we both looked back down the hallway. I'm not too sure what it was about the hallway but we both had the same sensation it was as though the hallway was 2D. Which was obviously impossible. I did what I knew was probably the best and worst thing I could possibly do at that time, which was run all the way down the hallway. This was one of the strangest experiences of my life, it was as though my depth perception had been completely taken away from me. Imagine being able to walk into a 2D environment as though it was 3D (like just walking into a picture or watching someone walk into a picture and thats sort of what it was like). I remember running down the hallway and us both sort of freaking out about how strange impossible/incredible it was. Running down the hallway was one of the best and worst things I've ever done all at the same time.

At some point my brother pointed out the one plant we have in the house. It was incredible, the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life and I felt extremely protective and gentle and loving towards this plant.

One of the strangest things about this drug we were on, was that it came and went in really distinct and sudden waves which was one of the best things about it, because I knew it was coming and I knew it was going to happen again but I didn't know quite what it would be this time that would send me over the edge and back into full on 'I'm tripping some serious balls right now' mode. It was great, and I could feel it coming, I can only liken it also to the rise and fall of a roller coaster which really sums up my experience with this drug. I would have maybe 10-15 minutes of intense euphoria and hallucinations, everything 'was is and always would be' and all these things we were saying that were profound. The sober moment made us feel all that more fucked up when it hit again.

The hallucinations were pretty real at this stage 2, strangely my brother and I would see the same things at the same time as well. Light trails were a huge part as well, I'd move my arm and it would trail behind me, sort of like the trail on a mouse [cursor] when you set it to super long. Speaking of my arms, it also felt as though I was looking at my arms from a totally different perspective. It was an out of body thing in a way and was extremely enjoyable. Everything was extremely enjoyable. The simplest act was amazingly enjoyable.

I wouldn't say that I was really debilitated in my cognitive abilities to actually do anything, I could still walk fine, I was holding a conversation extremely well (apart from constantly finding stuff quite hilarious and constantly repeating the word ridiculous, which seemed to be some sort of trigger word that would set off the trip again). We were in a sense in control over the drug but the drug also had us completely in its grips. The only reason I wasn't able to get simple tasks done was because I was just having far too much fun to want to do anything else but exactly what I was doing at that moment. 'Everything is, was, and always will be'. Was a sentence of profound meaning and it seemed as though it was the answer to all the questions we had.

Coming down off this drug was pretty sudden, it was light now so I think that hit us pretty hard. We both knew the night was ending and were both severely disappointed it was ending. We came to the conclusion that what took place was probably an LSD trip because of the pretty predominant and extremely noticeable hallucinations we were both having. At this point we also seemed to be making up some paranoid theories about how it was that we ended up consuming LSD and we became quite convinced that our meals were actually spiked at dinner by our older brother (who has confided in telling us he had tried LSD among many other drugs 2). Another theory was that somehow my friend, who lives 200km from us was definitely responsible for the events that just took place. At one point I was also completely convinced that whoever had done such a thing has filmed the entire thing, perhaps for there own amusement or for reasons that were more harmful to us. Obviously this was just some sort of comedown combined with a bad trip with the remainder of the hallucinogenic aspect of the drug. We knew that we were meant to be taking MDMA off that guy so the story of the night didn't quite stack up and we felt inclined to come up with long winded conclusions as to how we 'consumed LSD'. Even while having this bad sort of paranoid sensation of people filming us we both agreed that we needed to be doing whatever we just did way more often.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 93270
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Sep 22, 2022Views: 205
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Alcohol (61), Unknown (120) : Combinations (3), What Was in That? (26), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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