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Like My Mind Has Been Showed Too Much
TMA-2, MDMA, LSD & Ketamine
by stonecoldsteveaustin
Citation:   stonecoldsteveaustin. "Like My Mind Has Been Showed Too Much: An Experience with TMA-2, MDMA, LSD & Ketamine (exp93336)". Nov 17, 2016.

80 mg oral TMA-2 (capsule)
  30 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
  10 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


This report is coming fresh from my mind after one of the most intense night’s psychedelia I have ever experienced. What happened could not be described in words, only feelings. In the peak of my trip I began to question existence itself, reality, *being* and time and space, since all of that was easily manipulated at the peak of my experience. I had no idea what was going on because I was thrown head first into this madness and before I could even process what was happening, began to be overwhelmed by what I was feeling. I began to travel time rifts and contort reality to whichever way I wanted. I was at all places at once…a very unique feeling… saying it doesn’t do justice. My third eye was wide open and taking everything in. For a brief moment, I began to think that I had actually “figured” it out. Life and all that, thinking I knew how things would/will be and got very excited at this notion. Then I started to doubt myself thinking that what I was feeling could just be a crazy side effect of being on such a high amount of hallucinogenics. My brain was on GO!! I couldn’t slow it down and this became terrifying at one point because I just wanted the trip to end, I was too overwhelmed by all of the effects.

So here is how this all began.
I am what folks call a hard head, and it usually takes a high amount of drugs to effect me, and with my large size that doesn’t help too much either. I have an extensive background in all types of psychedelics, 2c-b, 2c-c,2c-e, MXE, DMT, etc. I thought this would be a walk in the park.

I read that a high dose of the TMA-2 was 60mgs+ so I figured 80mg would be a good starting dose since I wanted to fully feel this trip. While packing my capsule, my genius idea was “hey lets add some more drugs to this chemical I'm taking for my first time” not those exact thoughts, but damn near close. I wanted to remember this trip. I have had so many failed RC experiments.

In the end, my capsule is filled with 80mgs TMA-2, 30mgs pure molly, 10 hits of very weak blotter.

T+30minutes- already feel crazy, not sure if it is a placebo effect or not.. Talk to my friends online and they inform me I dosed pretty heroically, I get a great anxiety and smoke bowls of weed to calm down. The stomach cramps associated with TMA-2 didn’t bother me much when super stoned.

T+1 ½ hours- Very slow comeup, by this time I forgot I have taken acid, I'm just thinking about the massive dose of TMA-2 that I just took. Everyone seemed to think I was going to have a crazy night, and I was waiting for this to kick in to full gear.

T+~2 hours – Cant get this stupid grin off my face, look in the mirror to start laughing my ass off since I look insane, start walking around because the amphetamine effects were in full gear, I needed to move and do stuff or I felt like a wound up ball of energy.

T+3hours?- Decided the trip wasn’t even worthy of my night, very disappointed with the slight effects and just assumed this was a bunk trip. I had fun but got nothing out of the experience, upset I headed to bed and figured, “I should do some ketamine” so out comes my little bag and in goes the straw. Literally, I knew I have 150mgs in the bag so figured worst thing could happen Is I snort all of it. I guess the effects of one of the drugs I was on took ahold when I was trying to snort cause I took a HUGE breath in through my nose, look at the bag and it was pretty much empty… Totally unintentional, but I knew that I was in for a ride, so I lay back and wait for the effects to take hold.

T+?- I don’t really know what happened after that, I remember the walls breathing heavily, as if they were alive, this was neat, then everything started to dissolve around me and I was seeing some of the most incredible things, but it was as clear as reality, I could reach out and grab the things I was seeing. I got stuck at some point and it was like a repeat loop for some time, eventually I figured out what was happening.

T-?- I come back to reality briefly, only enough to say “what the fuck is happening?” then everything would dissolve around me and I would be in this realm of time and space
everything would dissolve around me and I would be in this realm of time and space
, that is the best I can do to describe it. It was like existing in a different dimension, my feelings and emotions were completely separate from my body, it didn’t feel weird at all, just unusual. I didn’t know what to make of it all, except that I couldn’t figure out why my trip was so intense. Upon reflecting I came to the conclusion I had eaten a 10strip of LSD. OF COURSE! That makes so much sense now. My mind was working at 110% percent, it was very hard to maintain that sort of capacity, I wanted it to end but it was only just beginning.

T+5 hours- Wake up, sweating, freaking out, looking everywhere in darkness but all I see is color, I stand up and immediately stumble, I go to the bathroom to witness what fucked up state I am in. When I walked into the bathroom it was like a dream, everything was fuzzy and covered with a strange aura, I looked at my pupils, and they weren’t big, at least not when I looked directly at them. For a moment I became entranced in my eye color, I could watch it morph and change. It was magical.

T+10 hours- Wake up again, thank god it is daylight and I am thinking clear. Still have this weird gut feeling, like my mind has been showed too much… I know what happened last night was something magnificent; I will just never be able to recall it. I have forgotten much of the events already, this is my last ditch effort to keep this memory and share it with others.

What I saw and experienced will never make sense to me, and I have to accept that. Some people can't, and that is what drives a person mad.

Be responsible when doing drugs.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93336
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Nov 17, 2016Views: 2,756
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TMA-2 (112), MDMA (3), Ketamine (31), LSD (2) : Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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