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Three-Year Retrospective
by yellowspectre
Citation:   yellowspectre. "Three-Year Retrospective: An Experience with Piracetam (exp93352)". Jan 28, 2018.

250 mg oral Vitamins - Choline (daily)
  800 mg oral Piracetam (daily)


A little bit about myself- I have always been curious about drugs and their effects on the body ever since my first D.A.R.E. class (which should have had the opposite effect on me). When I learned about hallucinogenics through a story about a man who jumped off a balcony thinking he could fly, I was instantly obsessed. I wanted that feeling -- to actually believe the impossible was real, to SEE it happen in front of you, to see the world change in ways you have never imagined. Since then I have tried a number of things, and plan to try many more. At this moment I have tried alcohol, marijuana, K2, vicodin, valium, piracetam, salvia, mushrooms, 5-HTP, caffeine, vyvanse, adderall, cocaine, and small amounts of ritalin and concerta.

I first found out about piracetam one evening surfing various imageboards. One anonymous poster started a thread about it, to which nobody replied. For me though, it was enough to start me on a 2 week research binge on everything I could find about this supposed miracle powder. A few days later, I ordered a 500g tub for ~$34.

From my reading, I was led to believe that piracetam would increase cognition, awareness, motor skills, blood circulation in the brain, cross-hemisphere communication, and memory. Of course, this all sounded fantastic, but also a little too good to be true, but I followed others' instructions for dosage and supplementation and dove right in. I got a choline supplement (highly recommended, more on that later), started my 'attack dose' of around 4800mg/day (with 250mg choline taken 30min before my first dose), and waited to see the effects.

About 2 weeks in, the oh so subtle effects were not so subtle anymore, at least in my perceptions of them. I could tell the difference between days with and without taking piracetam, the focus and mental clarity, the apparent 'brightness' of the world that appeared when taking it, and unfortunately the slight, but constantly lingering headaches. It helped me get through school a lot easier, especially when you have professors who are just plain boring lecturers.

At this point (late spring of 2009), my classes had just ended, my summer was completely open, and I ceased taking piracetam daily since I didn't feel the need to 'waste' it on walking barefoot around the block with my friends, partying, and staying up all night playing Warcraft. However, on occasion I did take piracetam for a week just to see the effects, and indeed they were still noticeable, even without the initial attack dose.

My autumn 2009 semester began, and so did my use of piracetam once again. This time, with a slightly modified dosage schedule (1000mg, 3x daily, ~2-3hrs apart, 250mg choline). Again, the standard effects I love so much were all still there (however, the slight headaches also reappeared from time to time. I just knew they were piracetam-related
the slight headaches also reappeared from time to time. I just knew they were piracetam-related
), and I began to test what piracetam could really do for me. I started writing left-handed to see if I could learn to proficiently, brushing my teeth left-handed, showering and getting dressed eyes closed, and other activities to test if the alleged cross-hemispheric communication really did show up in my doing these things. Extremely difficult at first, but after about 2 weeks, I really started to get the hang of it, and felt a noticeable difference when not using piracetam in my proficiency at these tasks.

Winter 2010 came and went for me in a blur, I was dirt poor at the time, out of piracetam, and had not the means to acquire more until months later in mid July. It was at this point that I introduced it to a close friend who shared similar philosophies of learning, drug usage, and experimentation, knowing that he would enjoy trying it, and that I needed another who I could discuss things with. Almost 2 years later, and he just ordered another tub (yesterday actually) because he too feels the effects on his overall well being.

Summer 2010 is when I really started to 'mix' piracetam with other substances, at this point in my life it was alcohol, marijuana, and caffeine as my most commonly used recreational chemicals/plants. Just as I had read by so many others, piracetam potentiated the effects of the alcohol very noticeably. I was definitely feeling the booze after only 2-3 beers, and it was quite nice to get that little bit more drunk off of less. Marijuana is another success story in my book. I had a group of friends at this point who all smoked, everyday, sometimes all day, and with nothing to do I usually joined in. As much as I love being high, I really dislike the lethargy that sets in for hours after, especially when its only 1pm on a beautiful summer day. Piracetam seemed to counter the comedown effects quite well, and while they were still prevalent, both my mind and body felt noticeably more 'awake' than I had experienced without piracetam. Caffeine is a different story- I feel I am EXTREMELY sensitive to caffeine, so something like a 16oz Monster will last me 2-3 days. With piracetam, I was a speedy machine (very fun actually), but the headaches returned, and they were far more salient. Ibuprofen helped get rid of them, but I decided that caffeine was not a good ally of piracetam.

Autumn 2010-Winter 2011 was a hectic and stressful time for me, bad relationships with females, family troubles, money troubles, and I became very depressed for about 3 months during the late winter months. I continued as always with a daily choline supplement, and occasional days of taking at least 1000mg of piracetam in the mornings, but to be brutally honest, I was a pathetic wreck, not going to class, rarely eating, taking every day off work I could, and just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. In retrospect, piracetam probably would have been a great tool for getting myself out of that foolish fit of agony I trapped myself in, but alas-- I have recovered stronger than ever and don't need to worry about reliving that phase ever again. Needless to say, my usage fell off considerably at this point, so I can hardly say anything new or novel about its effects.

Summer 2011, I took piracetam semi-regularly, as I deemed it my summer of self-improvement. However, my dosage was much lower this time around, about 800mg, up to twice daily. I read a lot of books, worked out almost every day, and did productive, self-realizing type activities as much as I could. I also experienced for the first time my body and mind actually 'going into' piracetam mode. I had eaten an omelet breakfast (great choline source), taken ~1000mg of piracetam, and started my day by throwing the ipod on and taking the dog for a very long walk. 45 minutes in I felt my mind and senses push over this 'edge'-- the day became brighter, colors bolder, the sun's warmth on my skin felt suddenly different from any other heat source, and the music playing suddenly changed into something far more complex, layered, intriguing and exciting to me. I actually stopped walking and looked around, noticing the other subtle piracetam effects playing through my brain. I haven't had this experience since then, but it convinced me that there was nothing placebo about anything I had felt on piracetam, as I had just lucidly experienced the shift from 'normal' to 'enhanced' being and perception.

This is also the time that I started to experiment with amphetamines such as adderall and a couple vyvanse. I love this stuff-- the energy, the focus, the pure drive to do anything I think I need to do. Reading, working out, video games, getting high, socializing, writing, it all comes easier and faster than anything I have ever experienced. I would take a 20mg adderall every other week or so on a day off and haul ass at cleaning, errands, and whatever else was 'important'. I never mixed with piracetam once however, until recently, as I am a purist when it comes to trying and experiencing new chemicals. I need to know the exact feel and impact it will have on me without any other mind/body altering effects in the way. However, I wouldn't compare amphetamines to piracetam in any meaningful way, piracetam is far too subtle, all encompassing, and enhances my perception so much more and so differently. Adderall is speedy, mood enhancing, and kicks whatever thought process going on in my head up a couple thousand notches, not help me focus and think in drastically different ways.

Currently, it is autumn 2011, and I have begun another trial of piracetam, this time with a vastly different philosophy-- Less is More. I take a single dose of ~800mg every morning right before I walk out the door to class. I supplement with 250mg choline every day, and have been eating eggs for a meal at least 3 times a week for the protein and choline sources it provides. I must say, this is by far the BEST piracetam trial I have run.
I must say, this is by far the BEST piracetam trial I have run.
My choline intake is more frequent and less used up due to my smaller piracetam doses, and the headaches are completely gone. While they were never such a problem that I felt I needed to stop, no headache is better than any. The effect of the piracetam itself is also quite impressive-- I feel great mental focus, clarity, the 'brightness' to the world is still there, and very little mental fatigue. The piracetam is working at this once daily smaller dose much the same as I ever felt it at the larger, multiple daily doses. I have also tried it in conjunction with a single dose of 15mg adderall XR, the piracetam taken about 1 hour beforehand. While 15mg adderall is a 'small' dose, I still feel great effects from it, and that day, combined with piracetam was like no other. Literally, it was the best of both worlds, focus, clarity, alertness, speed and energy, memory, and great mental flexibility. I have even tried it with caffeine again, and to my great surprise and relief there are no headaches, only an invigorating synergy between the two.

Overall, piracetam has been wonderful to me, literally blowing my mind with how effective it was, yet still subtle and non-intrusive. No addiction, withdrawals, horrible physical reactions (besides subtle and now non-existent headaches), or mental damage appears to have taken place. I have only experienced positive effects of this little wonder powder and they have been exactly as others have described-- focus, clarity, etc. I would even say that it increases my reaction times and reflexes, as I feel I play video games noticeably better under the effects of piracetam. No adverse reactions with what drugs/alcohol I have mixed it with, nor has anybody ever said anything to me about how I am acting when I am on it-- as far as I'm concerned I'm still the same great person, only subtly better in many ways, which only makes me feel better about myself and this little wonder drug.

I'm going on about 3 years of on and off usage currently, and I don't see any reason to stop. It's safe, legal, helps me with school, work, working out, socializing, partying, and bettering myself as I see fit. What more could you want? At this rate, it could very well be only a few years until I become a minor diety, since I find exciting new research on piracetam and its benefits all the time.

Choline- potentiates the effectiveness of piracetam. Even when I'm not taking piracetam, I still take at least 1 daily dose to keep my body's supply up for the next trial and for its other great health benefits. It is an essential nutrient for the function of your liver, which also happens to take the beating of a night out drinking. I can drink far more than others and have no hangover, probably due to a good, healthy liver.

Marijuana- Work fine together. Piracetam never made me get any higher, prevented munchies, or interfered in anyway with my experiences. The clarity piracetam provides can be fun when high, as I found my perception noticeably enhanced and the high different than without. As mentioned above, the mental benefits of piracetam seem to counteract the comedown of my high, so that lazy, tired feel doesn't seem as strong. As someone who likes doing things, I can't say I don't enjoy this.

Amphetamines- Fantastic in my book. Piracetam doesn't do much to the body physically, only the brain and its functions and perceptions, while amphetamines load me up and make me speedy and focused. Together, they work wonders, especially when I'm trying to get stuff done like writing papers, or other types of heavy thinking/creating/idea work.

Alcohol- Work fine together. While mental clarity and getting drunk aren't necessarily the two sensations I look for when I want a good time, getting a stronger buzz off less booze is a definite plus.

Exp Year: 2009-2011ExpID: 93352
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jan 28, 2018Views: 4,630
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