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A Gateway to the Clouds
LSD & 2C-B
by Gabe
Citation:   Gabe. "A Gateway to the Clouds: An Experience with LSD & 2C-B (exp93393)". Erowid.org. Oct 13, 2019. erowid.org/exp/93393

1 tablet   LSD (blotter / tab)
  .5 tablets sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  12.5 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)
    smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends  
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]
--------My friends side of the Trip--------

I'm one of those guys who just loves to trip. Winter is on its way, so my friend and I decided it was time to truly enjoy the weather and trip balls. It had been a normal Saturday so far, hung out with my friends and smoked bud. Me and my friend (lets call him G) finally met up around 6 o'clock. What happened next was nothing unlike anything I have ever experienced.

First tab dropped, heading over to my friend J's house to smoke and snort the 2cb. We smoked a few bowls of some decent piff and had the powder laid and out ready to sniff down. Then a text from J's mom came through saying she would be home any minute. G and I put the other half tabs under our tongue and snorted the powder very quickly. The burn was unbearable, it felt as if fire was being shot into my nose! I've snorted mainly different drugs before but nothing really compared to that. We wanted to see our good friend before he left to travel west, so we headed up to the woods. After walking around in circles we decided going into the woods tripping this hard was not a good idea, so we went down to a local park and waited. My nose had finally stopped burning. G really had to take a shit, so he ran into the woods and left me to sit in this field alone. This is when the drugs really started to kick in. I felt as if everything was floating, everything looked as if it was a hologram. There was this over whelming vibration in my body. At this point I got a little scared. I had tripped pretty hard in the past, but I wasn't sure if I was ready for this. I was still alone and getting scared, I started to call some sober friends just to keep me calm. Nobody would answer their phone so I thought music would work. I put on some chill Matsiyahu and started to relax. G finally came out of the woods and he was with two of our friends. We smoked a couple bowls and wished him well in his travels.

By now I am tripping insanely hard, I needed to find a place to charge my phone and make plans for the night. We walked down the street to the local middle school. There was a place I could charge my phone and we could just chill. I looked down at the cement and pointed out how many rocks were on the ground. As I said this it seemed as if it was raining, there was thousands and thousand of black spots of the ground now, it look like rain drops. I stared at the ground for a few minutes. The drops rose up and started forming fences, and waves and different shapes. I stood there just tripping out while G walked in circles yelling about how hard he was tripping.

We then got bored with the School and started to walk around town. Everything on my body was vibrating, even sound was vibrating ( that is the only way I can describe what I was hearing) Talking on the phone was such a difficult task. When I would get on my skateboard the sidewalk would explode with color and vibrations everywhere. We finally made plans to meet up with two other friends and smoke some white widow and a blunt of K2 (friend was on piss test). We sat at a picnic table and smoked some bud and K2, I put my head on the table and felt as if I was flying threw a vortex. I completely lost touch with reality. I had no clue what was happening. My friend K called me and asked if I wanted to chill, I let him know I was tripping balls and he was cool with it. The only problem was I had to walk across town alone.

I began to walk under a bridge, the walls started to close in on me so I ran. I needed to get somewhere safe, with people. I finally stopped where the our old skate park was and just starred at the empty lot for a while. I decided I should go bomb so hills and take the long way to meet up with my friends. I was happy again and enjoying being alone, it was very relaxing. I kept forgetting where I was going and heavy visuals kept distracting me. I finally arrived at my friends house, I get there and sit down. About twenty minutes later some people started coming over for a little get together. I didnt want everyone to know I was tripping nutsack so I tried to chill out. I could stay calm for a few mins but then every little thing would just trip me the fuck out and send me into a deep trip. Little things would trip me out really hard like a poster, my friend rapping, phone vibrating etc. I got fronted an eight of some homegrown headies and figured I would be good for the night.

Its now about midnight, Me and K are about to walk to our friend C's house to smoke mad buds and sleep. We rolled a cannon joint for the walk and just talked. The walk took about half an hour and I was still tripping really hard. There was nothing to do at C's house except smoke weed and listen to music. I figured it was a good chance to really trip out. We smoked 4 or 5 nice joints and a few bowls. I sat down in my nice chair but a blanket on, and just absolutely tripped my fuckin brains out. I felt as if my spirit was coming out of my body, the vibrations were even more intense. I just stared at the TV and enjoyed my trip.

I slept about two hours that night and still felt pretty good well into the next day. I wish I could put more detail into my feeling and visuals but its all way to much to explain.

--------MY Side of the Trip.--------

Well as my friend said, I am also a person that loves to trip. Me and my friend (A) decided we would meet up around 5:30 which was when we bombed the acid. For some reason it had a very bitter taste, I'm really not sure as to why but it was really good acid. We had 2 hits to start with so I gave my friend A a hit, and me, myself a hit. We both put it under our tongues and walked to the place where we were gonna meet up with this dude to buy another 2 hits because one of the hits we took was for one of our close friends Z who happened to be leaving since he recently turned 18 and was eager to travel west.

I got the acid from the dude and then we decided to go to J's house. We got there and smoked a bowl, and I decided it was time to break out the 2nd dose and split it, I split it and gave the other half to A and we continued to smoke another bowl. We were high as shit, and I decided to whip out the 2c-b and divided it into 2 equal piles. As soon as I did that J's mom texted him saying she would be home any minute. We rushed and I quickly poured out my bubbler water into the sink and told A we gotta sniff this, so we proceeded to sniff the 2c-b (such a bad idea). It was almost a similar burn to snorting MDMA, or 2c-I. It felt like my nose was being ripped from the inside-out, it felt so fucking terrible for a good 20-30 minutes, until we got water and sniffed a little to make it go down quicker. But before that we ran outside of J's house hoping his mom wasn't gonna show up as soon as we were leaving. We went back around the block and did complete circles. We wanted to see our good friend before he left to travel west, so we headed up to the woods where there was a camp. After walking around in circles, not knowing where to go we decided to call Z and he ran down to us as soon as I got done taking a shit, taking this shit was so fucking freaky, I almost couldn't find leaves to wipe my ass with because this weird fog overtook my vision, and my body started to vibrate, even my hearing vibrated. We met back up and smoked a few bowls, as I gave Z his birthday present (the L). At this point the acid was kicking in for me, I could feel the waves of everything, and the colors of everything, and looked around the grass we were sitting in as it waved in solitude. I was freaking out at first, feeling like I wasnt prepared, I have never felt like this doing any other drug and let me tell you, I've done quite a bit of drugs. I felt like I was in the clouds, or in some altered reality as hallucinations started to take up my vision completely. We decided going into the woods tripping this hard was not a good idea considering it was pitch black out already and we had no idea where we were going, so we went down to a local park and waited. My nose had finally stopped burning and so did A's.

I started feeling the vibrations more as we waited, and told A we should leave, so we decided to go to the local middle school to charge A's phone, as we got there I started to feel the acid even more. Abstract started to fill my vision, the waves were filled with abstract, the side walk had a bunch of black rocks on it, and those rocks were flying around, not in sync with reality at all I told A I was tripping absolute nutsack. I started walking around feeling as if I couldn't feel anything between my knees and feet, as if there was nothing connecting them. We decided we needed to go smoke some more. So we started walking towards a graveyard and I told A to look at the trees as the wind blew, and it looked like no other thing I've seen in my entire life. The tree's were waving but they were popping out at me, as the wind blew harder, it looked like things were growing on the trees. We got closer to the hole in this fence and as soon as I got there I asked A if he was seeing what I was seeing 'Did it feel like your eyes opened to a new dimension? Are you seeing everything in 3rd and is everything really fucking colorful and cartoonic?' and as soon as I said that I couldn't see into the darkness where the hole was supposed to be, so I quickly turned around freaking out, and A followed me.

We went to this park off of main street, and met up with M and D and smoked a blunt of K2 and smoked white widdow. M was on pee tests so he was smoking the blunt mainly but obviously we all took a couple hits. At this point I knew I had to go home soon, it was 9 and my mom told me I had to be home at 9:30-10 because A couldn't sleep over, my room was 'too fucking messy, and it's not fair to my friends if they have to sleep in that mess of mine' (exactly what my mom said.) at around ~9:40 A went to his friends house, leaving me with M and D. It sucked leaving my tripping buddy, the plans didn't work out at all as what we planned for. M and D walked me partially home, and as I walked home, I stared off into the stars, and into the sidewalk, watching all this extremely indescribable abstract flow past my vision. My legs still felt as if they were clouds, and I wasn't walking but floating. The acid gave me a huge euphoric rush at this point, and my vision continued to blur, as if fog was in front of me until I was about a block away from my house. I feel like it was my consciousness telling me to sober up a little bit as soon as I walked into my house, as my dad is in the living room which is where the front door is. I told him it was fucking freezing outside, and then went upstairs in awkwardness as he didn't respond.

I waited on my bed, at this point it was 10:15 I started tripping even harder and harder, my body started twitching more and more, and I felt like my vision would never stop waving, and the longer I kept my eyes open, the more abstract showed up, and if I looked into my skin, I could see the art flowing through my body as if it was written all over my skin. I looked into my wrist and saw a totally different world, where there was only trip, no reality, I can't even begin to explain it, everything was so unexplainable, it only lasted a minute and then I looked up thinking WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. I put on some dubstep and chilled out for a little talking to people on facebook, and just looking at the art all over my walls as it shimmered in epicness, with colorful waves flowing all over my walls, and my vision, body and hearing kept vibrating it was very uncomfortable at first, but eventually it got soothing.

I decided to turn off the music, and watch tv, and there were some funny ass movies on comedy central. I totally forget the names, but regardless they were funny as fuck, and made my night so much better, considering I would laugh at so much that was said. I stayed up watching tv until 5:30 or so, and everytime the commercials came on I turned away and stared off into my walls hoping to continue my trip without technology distracting me. At 5:00 I decided to try to go to bed, with the lights and tv off, which made me freak out a little, I couldn't stop having tremors but they felt oddly good. As it got to 5:20 I got up and turned on the lights, packed a bowl, smoked it, and passed out after around 30 minutes of trying to make myself stop thinking. I slept for around 2.5 hours and still felt good in the morning, I smoked another bowl as soon as I got up and felt automatically refreshed, as if I was a new person. Seeing and feeling things I thought I would of never seen or felt in my entire life. Regardless of being scared when the trip came on, it was a really fucking awesome experience, if you attempt doing acid and 2c-b at the same time, definitely be prepared for reality to vanish. This was my side of the trip. Thanks for reading! Happy tripping!

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93393
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Oct 13, 2019Views: 1,133
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LSD (2), 2C-B (52) : General (1), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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