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First-time Caution with Dose Amounts
3-Fluoroamphetamine & Etizolam
by dibis60
Citation:   dibis60. "First-time Caution with Dose Amounts: An Experience with 3-Fluoroamphetamine & Etizolam (exp93436)". Sep 26, 2015.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral 3-Fluoroamphetamine
  T+ 0:00 .5 mg oral Etizolam
  T+ 2:00 .25 mg oral Etizolam
  T+ 2:30 35 mg oral 3-Fluoroamphetamine
  T+ 0:00   oral Caffeine
  T+ 7:00 45 mg oral 3-Fluoroamphetamine
  T+ 7:00 .5 mg oral Etizolam


Alright, hopefully this isn't too long and rambly; it's my first TR.
I received my sample of 3-fa from [vendor] a couple days ago and gave it a go yesterday. Report follows:

All administrations are oral. This is my first 3-fa experiment, so I was cautious with the dose amounts.
Etizolam was included in this experiment because I follow a twice-a-week routine of 60mg 4-fa + .5mg etizolam. I know these effects better than I do 4-fa alone, so I decided to simply substitute 3-fa in its place.

40mg 3-fa + .5mg etizolam @ 3:50 pm
+20m. mild physical warmth
+25. same, with slight unobtrusive headache
+50. feels like peak, mostly physical body softness and uplifted mood, nothing feels forced and no rush. doesn't seem to be going any further, similar feeling to 55mg 4-fa, appreciable but could use more
+70. noticed decrease in effects
+100. desire to redose, noticing slightly faster heart rate
+120. slight remnant effects, certainly residual stimulation. would redose but situation doesn't allow it, given still unknown effects. Take .25mg etizolam instead.

The first 1.75 hours above are spent sitting in a relatively comfortable chair in class, and I felt very content with staying there.

Situation has changed, so I continue..

35mg 3-fa @ 6:35 pm (~2.5hr after 1st dose)
+40. Just beginning to feel slight return to previous level, but still not quite at the preferred level. Definitely need higher initial dose, possibly 50mg.
+70. Still about the same peak level, pleasurable but the want for more gets in the way a little.
+80. Need to do some work, about to make coffee to see how it interacts, and going to listen to trance while working.
+90-120. Got caught up in many conversations with people around the suite and over the phone. I can only describe it as 'intensely focused on being unfocused.' (A feeling I love). Doing many small tasks, having fun getting involved, and then realizing my initial task. Decide it's time to actually start my work. I would redose, but I plan to wait till later as I have confirmed plans to go out.
+160. I have been sitting in a quiet room with headphones listening to trance and sipping coffee (now cold because of all the other little tasks that I got involved with after brewing). No work has gotten done, but that isn't an effect of anything I've administered, as I heavily procrastinate normally.
I typically drink coffee and listen to some sort of EDM, and the feeling is about the same right now, so I would assume the 3-fa has worn off to a point that caffeine overrides it.

Sometime in this time I realize I'm making grunt-ish noises with my throat, kind of like the way you scratch an itch inside your throat. I seem to be doing this in place of teeth grinding.

10:30pm (4hr after 2nd dose) - My friends went to grab some food so I accompanied them. I have no desire to eat much, but I grabbed an apple and had a few bites since I hadn't eaten much today. I am now ready to leave any minute and am waiting to redose, but my urge is no longer there. I still feel quite nice though.

45mg 3-fa + .5mg etizolam @ 10:45 pm
In the next 1.25hrs I head out and smoke (both kinds) and have some alcohol within this time. By 12:00am I sense the comedown due to a feeling of coldness, but feel nice otherwise.
I return home by 1:00am and feel residual stimulation, and watch TV till 4:00am when I decide to try and sleep. Sleeping never was accomplished. I wasn't restless and could lie comfortably, but my mind would just not rest. When I gave up and got up after laying for 5 hours, I felt pain in my stomach area. I don't know where certain organs are but I thought it might be my liver. It could also just be from not sleeping.


Notable coldness is felt on the comedowns, same as with 4-fa but a little more so. The comedown has no harsh physical effects, but it is mentally disappointing. There is no urgent need to redose, but it comes fast enough that I notice a significant decrease in contentness. Minimal amounts of food were eaten during the experiment, and it was started on a medium stomach. Interestingly I was still able to feel signs of psychological action in 15 minutes, and feelings of digestion disruption within 5 minutes.

I do not plan to test this chemical for another week most likely, due to the discomfort I felt in the morning and other plans for the next few days.
When I do, I would begin with 50-60mg. I do not like to be underwhelmed, but I also am not interested in using x-fa's for anything more than a smooth tranquil calmness.
It seems like this is something best used with as few redoses as possible. I believe the 3 administrations is what may have inhibited my ability to sleep.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93436
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 26, 2015Views: 15,063
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3-Fluoroamphetamine (680), Etizolam (568) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Various (28)

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