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Rushing in Untouched Corners of My Perception
2C-D, GHB, GBL and Cannabis
by Plinth
Citation:   Plinth. "Rushing in Untouched Corners of My Perception: An Experience with 2C-D, GHB, GBL and Cannabis (exp93439)". Jun 13, 2013.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral 2C-D
  T+ 1:00   oral GBL
  T+ 1:00   oral GHB
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis


Just for you to gauge my reaction and relate to this experience; substances I have taken: cannabis (long periods of heavy use), 4-ho-mipt (1g gave me 20-30 doses some at very high doses), long periods of taking mephedrone (but had only taken a few times before the experience I am going to talk about), spaced out periods of K-Holing, 2ce, 2ci, mushrooms, salvia, methylone, NO, Xanax, phenazepam, Valium, DXM, MDPV (not too much and smoked it too), also I have downed a wineglass of vodka a few times. This is not a full list but a list of the all I have taken wholly singly or mixed but these I feel like I know the effects.

I will try to place the order in memory as best I can.

Eating 100mg 2C-D (first time with this)

+1hr (or slightly more)

I get to friends house

No effects from 2C-D maybe slight uneasiness in the come up as with any tryptamine or phenethylamine.

I drink large dose of blue GHB and a large dose of clear GBL in a berry squash.

Smoking 1 large bong (Not as a bowl but as a shottie when the burning matter drops through the pipe; this is ordinary in the UK). Eventually I am sunk into my friends couch, our friends are friendly when anyone drifts away, and we can tell they are having an experience.

I canít stop laughing and my body is over come with depressant. I am heavy. My friends help me outside for a cigarette. I am treated as an old man enough to feel like an old man and carried back to my chair. A loving couple in our friend group laugh at me. It is me and them in the living room, they make me laugh, I sink further in, I am slowly being overcome, I am on the verge of laughing constantly, at mid-laugh constantly.

I feel great. My whole body is evermore consumed by a tender high like the feeling at the tip of a penis after an orgasm. My spine is rushing thousands and thousands of times more than in any other experience. The world is flashing between reality then with a cartoonised 2ce/4-ho-mipt version. Then with an abyss, my mind is clear with these things that are happening. I am worrying more and more about how intense it is becoming but all the time feeling greater than ever, maybe a guilty high but I am always laughing, this non-stop pinnacle of laughing lasts for 2 hours throughout the peak of this experience.

I canít talk as my jaw is at mid-laugh and all that comes out of a delighted open mouth is squeaks and squeals. I have eager and dim but present eyes, all while my mind is clear and the wholeness of my sensations are very tangible in my mind.

The couple is entertaining me and enjoying me laughing all the time. The boy will shout odd phrases in voices and accents then laugh with me. These friends arenít strangers we know each other from summers and winters of stoned silence in bushes in a quiet suburban village. I trust them as far as a could ever imagine them. They then act as cats on all fours, meow and chase each other, my mind sees these flashes and feels their act, I see them as humans and lovers not with prowess and elegance but playful and innocent. They are jumping around and each other whilst meowing.

I am being overcome. My breathing is heavy. My golden high becomes darker and blue, I am feeling more intense than ever. I can feel my heart beating. I am fighting to keep my head above the water. The rushes are thousand fold more than any euphoric stimulant I have done. My heart slows and slows my breathing deeper and deeper. I feel oxygen hitting my lungs like packets of energy smashing into and being absorbed by a gloopy wall with a tough surface when impacted. The blackness creeps around me at exhale and dissipating with inhale. Something I could relate this to afterward was attempting to sleep with an active mind and a completely exhausted body from a severe mephedrone/dancing binge. Fighting to breathe, in these cases I was unsure that if I was to lose that fight; would I die?

I come back from that sinister period to be externally aware with the golden creeping back in and I knew the peak was over, I am still laughing throughout. As an old man I lumber back to the bench outside to smoke with a friend, now playing words with friend G. There is a short wall around his front garden and the door to the bench is in a trench even lower. I could hear the voices of chavy/townie teenage girls with gruntish adolescent spotty boys. Gypsies, G said, millions of them. The sound of millions of gypsies charging could be heard coming down the street along that wall; I laughed with delight.

A while later an older half-stranger came who is a joker and nonsensical artist showing no inhibitions. He's short, skinny and has a evil-rascal farmer-boy face. He knows G and Gís brother really well. Drunk, rocking around and laughing with nonsense phrases, I am shocked to see how visually defined this mischievous character was. Against Gís well known face and appearance, he looks completely alien. This drunken man took over the social a little and I was laughing at him all the same. He finds out I am intoxicated and becomes playful with me but also uneasy with what I am doing, but laughter proves me harmless.

Cigarettes aid me back to sobriety, I feel like I should take some GHB (the GBL I took earlier was the first and only amount I had). I take a swig of blue GHB but it doesnít take me away like before.

My friends were drinking alcohol throughout some of this and I had a sneaky little bit. I press the idea to people that mixing depressants is a no-no but I doubt this sip did much.

This was the best I had ever felt from drugs, including euphoric stimulants, feeling thousands of times as golden and grand as ever. I didnít feel pure, wired and clear like stimulants but wholesome and joyous. It was so intensely pleasurable; causing a guiltiness and uneasiness for being at the mercy of such sweet sensations. I have not repeated, and have not felt urged. The want to re-experience is negligible compared to Mephedrone.

I find mixing drugs is a great and almost a necessary tool to explore all the the tangents of sensations, visual, thought and content, as well as mystical and spiritual that arise from intoxication. I had already delved into the 2C family before with and without benzo aid, but 2C-D, from what I have experienced and heard, sharpens and enhances the other psychedelic's qualities. I had never had any proper GBL or GHB experience before that, and the whole night felt like a different set of variables were in play, that initial bong surely helped along the way.

I left the following day with no noticeable hangover/comedown, only an achy jaw from all the laughing.

I have done GBL fully since and it did not take me in any fashion anywhere near the place I got with this cocktail.

If one was to try and repeat what I had; high dose of 2C-D, also a high dose each of GBL and/or GHB with the bong of weed, good setting to drift in and out of.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 93439
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jun 13, 2013Views: 16,651
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Cannabis (1), GHB (25), GBL (89), 2C-D (103) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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