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People Popping Out of the Bed
by MushieMania
Citation:   MushieMania. "People Popping Out of the Bed: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp93461)". Jul 17, 2017.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (cookie / food)
  T+ 0:05 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:30 1 hit oral LSD (cookie / food)
  T+ 0:55 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:55 1 hit smoked Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 1:45 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:30   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 3:00 1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 3:45 2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:45 3 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 8:50 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)


[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

This was my first time ever experiencing a ďcandyflipĒ as many people call it, but Iíve taken LSD over 50 times and rolled (either on MDMA by itself or in the form of ecstasy 20-25 times). I also have experience with mushrooms (over 100 different trips), some of the 2c-x chemicals (2c-b, 2c-i, 2c-e and 2c-t), LSA, mescaline, MXE, DXM, DMT, Nitrous, cocaine, amphetamines, benzos, many prescription pain killers, and of course good old marijuana which Iíve smoked daily for the last 5 years.

It was a sunny day but it had recently snowed so there was still a good six inches on the ground the day that I experienced this combo. I had taken a test earlier in the morning for my entomology class and I did pretty good on it so I figured it would be a good day to take a trip, so I got to looking through the different substances I had on hand at the time, which was 6 hits of LSD that I had yet to try, 24Ē of san pedro cactus, a quarter of mush, and about half a gram of DMT. So I decided I would make some mescaline tea out of the cacti and hopefully drink it by 7pm so I could hopefully be coming up by 9 or 930pm. So I spent the day making the tea and smoking weed with my roommates until they had to go to work, but they said they were coming back later and we were all going to go to a party, (a costume part as it was Halloween weekend). Now knowing that we were going to be attending a party later I decided I wouldnít take the mescaline because Iíve only done it two times before and didnít know what it would be like with a bunch of people around, so I decided I might just get drunk tonight and save the trip for tomorrow. About an hour after making the decision to not trip my roommate texted me and said they were getting a bunch of rolls for tonight, so somewhat disappointed that they didnít ask me if I wanted any I figured Iíd take a hit of acid, as I didnít really feel like getting drunk that night anyways.

7:30pm- I took one hit of acid on a fairly empty stomach to test the quality as I had recently acquired it and I had watched my guy put the drops onto the sour patch kids, which were really fat drops. After ingesting the acid I decided to smoke a bow of some pretty dank indica my buddy had recently grown.

7:50pm- I was feeling pretty stoned off the bowl of weed and was beginning to get the muscle twitch that I usually get on the come up of acid. I was feeling a little nervous because my right leg was literally shaking uncontrollably but I knew it was just the acid taking hold.

8:00pm- Definitely starting to feel the effects of the acid but they werenít too bad so I decided I would eat another hit so that I would be feeling pretty good once my roommates got back in about an hour and a half.

8:15pm- I am tripping, but nothing too bad, walls breathing, grains in the hardwood floor are moving, colors seem brighter and I keep thinking somebody is behind me, but every time I turn around nothing is happening.

8:25pm- Iím feeling a bit of nausea arise so I decide it was time to pack another bowl, this time I loaded some more of the indica but put some kief and earwax hash on top just for a little extra punch. After the first hit I was super stoned and didnít know how I was going to finish the rest, so I decided to go to my room and put on some music (Skrillex) which really started to trip me out, my CEVs were getting pretty good and I knew the second hit probably was probably just now starting to come on, so I knew I was in for a ride, but I was ready for it.

8:50pm- I finally finished the bowl of weed and am still just listening to music and watching the visualizer on itunes which was pretty fun. But dang time seems to be going so slow, every time I look at the clock itís only been 2 or 3 minutes but it seems more like 20 or 30.

8:55pm- My roommate J calls and tells me his buddy S is coming over to wait for him to get off work, so knowing that I go into the living room and start watching south park which was so funny to me at the time, waiting for him to show up.

9:15pm- I hear a knock at the door, not knowing if it was real or if my mind is just playing tricks on me I wait to see if it happens again, and sure enough it does, so I get up and look out the peephole to see who it is, and I saw a panda, forgetting it was Halloween weekend this really tripped me out, but then I remembered S was coming over and he had said he was dressing up as a panda. I let him and he tells me his feeling very nauseous and has already thrown up from one pill, so I ask him if he wants to blaze to see if that helps, at first he doesnít want to because he is already feeling pretty messed up but quickly changed his mind when he saw I had earwax.

9:35pm- My roommate and his girlfriend K should be home anytime, and me and S had finished the bowl, I was now really tripping, I couldnít keep a thought going for very long and I would analyze everything I was about to say and half way through I would realize that it didnít make any sense at all. At this S says he is starting to trip a little, so we decide to look up the pill to see if we can figure out what it can might be cut with. What we found out from the internet was the pill was about 70-75% MDMA, 15-20% 5-meo-dipt and 5-10% caffeine. So then we look up 5-meo- dipt and find out that it is a psychedelic and that is obviously the cause of him tripping.

9:45pm- My roommate and his girlfriend K are still not back but S got in contact with J and he said that he was feeling about the same as S was and they would be back in a few minutes. At this point S asked me if I wanted one of his pills because there was no way he was going to be able to take them all based on how he was feeling at the time, so I said sure, he still didnít know I had already dosed, but Iím sure he had a clue that I was on something because our conversations were getting strange and my body was twitching.

10:00pm- My roommate and his girlfriend K show up along with Kís roommate E, who I had no idea was coming, but it didnít matter to me, just more people to party with. They informed they had all taken one pill and K had thrown up and J and E were both feeling a bit of nausea, so I asked if they wanted to burn down before we left and as we all are stoners besides E the answer of course was yes. I offered to make E some ginger root tea to help with her nausea but she said she would be alright.

10:20pm- We finished the session and I was feeling real strange at this point, like I didnít know how to put my shoes on, and there was a blue tinge to everything, I knew it was the acid so I just went with it. They all were ready to leave so I went and took a leak and looked at myself in the mirror for the first time and saw my pupils were like dinner plates already.

10:30pm- We finally get in the car to leave and K says she is good to drive, so I trust her as we are only going a few blocks, at this point E asks if I have taken my pill yet and I said no as I had totally forgotten about it when we smoked, so I threw it in my mouth and chewed it up (terribly bitter)

10:35pm- We get to the spot where weíre going to park and there is a campus police officer driving around, so I started freaking out a little and everybody asks me if Iím alright and I say yes and tell them that I had already taken a couple hits of acid earlier and was feeling that. They all laughed and said we were fine, that the cop didnít know anything was up. This is also the last time I looked at the clock for a while so things might not be exact times but Iíll try my best. So we get out of the car and start the walk to the house, at this point it seems real hard for me to walk, like I am moving in slow motion.

10:40pm We get to the house finally and J, S, K and E all decide they want to smoke a cigarette, and as I donít smoke I figured Iíd just hang with them for now since I didnít really know what was going on. They finally finished their cigarettes and we all started talking about how we felt and they all kept asking me if I felt the caffeine buzz yet as they all said it was the worst part, and I told them I have no idea all I feel right now is the acid and they all just laughed.

10:45pm- E asks if I want to dance and as she is an attractive one my answer of course was yes, so we go into the bar/dance room of the house which was packed and find a spot and started dancing but the music would get changed every few seconds it seemed like so it was hard to keep a beat going, so we ended up just talking and being in the way of other people trying to dance until we decided to go find everybody else.

11:00pm- E and I finally find J, S, and k again and they all want another smoke so we go outside again, at this point the cops showed up and people were just piling out the backdoors, and as it was snowy and icy many people fell which was so funny to me at the time but I have no idea why.

11:15pm- We all decide to go find Jís twin brother Ja who is really good friends with the owners of the house and finally find him in a room with a bunch of people smoking and taking shots. We decided we would get a little high again and smoked a couple bowls, but the whole time I kept thinking there were cops in the house looking for me specifically, but E helped calm me down by cracking jokes about this girl who was dressed up as a tree or something and the way her boobs looked in her shirt.

11:20pm- We were all still just chilling in Aís room and this really short girl just popped up next to me out of nowhere, and at this point I thought I was really tripping hard if I was just seeing people pop up next to me, but E and K informed me that she had just come out of the bathroom which was right behind me and we all had a good laugh about what just happened.

11:30pm- J, S, K and E all want another cigarette so we head back outside and at this point a lot of people are showing back up after the cops had already come and most of them seemed to be pretty drunk. I was just watching people go in and out of the house just amazed at some of them for what they were wearing. After they finished their cigarette they all decided to eat another half a pill and E asked if I wanted her other half, but as I wasnít sure if I was feeling the first one yet I declined (which was probably a good idea) because things got real weird a little later.

11:50pm- We had just been chilling talking about random stuff in the living room watching all the people, and this one girl had her face painted all white and had a red wig on which was really tripping me out for some reason, like I kept seeing her as some kind of demon. Thankfully they all had had enough of this party and were ready to go back to the house to listen to music and chill.

12:00am- We left the house and K drove back, and again I trusted her and she did a great job, but in the car ride home is when things started getting real weird. We were listening to some song that I had never heard of and all I heard was a baby like voice saying some weird stuff, some of which I could remember, and asked if it was real and they said we were listening to a song with no words.

12:10am- We get back to the house and E is again feeling very nauseous and gets sick a little in the yard, and I begin to worry that she might not be alright because my mind was so gone, but she was better in a few minutes and that was a major relief for me for some reason. I then tried to get the door unlocked but could not figure out to use my key, so J finally lent some assistance and got it open.

12:15am- I have a major desire to smoke some weed, so I load a bowl and pass it around and S gets a call from some of his friends to see if they can come over and we all decide its fine as they just wanted to blaze and seeing that were doing that right now whatís the harm.

12:30am- S friends finally showed up and we smoked a few bowls and I could tell that they were uncomfortable because none of them were on anything other than weed and all of us were pretty gone. So after a few bowls they decided to take off and S went with them, so now it was only me J, k, and E. We decided we wanted to listen to some music so we put on the ipod, at this point I know I was feeling the pill because I felt a sense of peace that I knew was the MDMA and my visuals were taking a little different direction from just acid.

12:45am- E asks me if I want to dance again so obviously I do as Iím not about to turn down that opportunity , and we danced for a while and I was definitely peaking on acid now because my mind was not on this world. We danced for probably close to an hour because J and K had gone downstairs and now they had come back.

1:50am- I know it was this time because I looked at the clock, J was searching the house for some vicks and finally found some in the back of a drawer, and started rubbing it on himself and K. This was the first time I had heard anything about vicks and rolling so I was a bit skeptical but E didnít care and started rubbing it on my neck and chin, which was awesome because her hands felt amazing.

2:00am- Iím lost, the pill must be peaking right now along with the acid because I literally donít know who, what, or where I am. I am sitting on the couch and everybody else is up and dancing trying to get me to join, but I feel like I canít even stand let alone dance, so they let me be knowing that Iím tripping pretty good right now.

2-3am- I looked at the clock at 2:04am and the next time I remember seeing it was at 3:07am so between this hour was the most intense part of the whole experience. I had thoughts about what I had done in my past both good and bad and why I needed to get my priorities right and thoughts that we the human race is headed down hill if we canít figure things out. Also during this time I was having some pretty good CEVs and one that I remember in detail was me lying on a hospital bed and being wheeled down a dark hallway that had a bright light at one end but every time I would get close to the light I would open my eyes in fear until I eventually built up enough courage to see what laid beyond the light, so I closed my eyes and yet again I was having the same visual and I went with it all the way to the light and when I reached it I felt like I died (ya I know itís dumb since a lot of people say that when theyíre near death they see a bright light) and a sudden wave of energy went through my body and I opened my eyes and for a few seconds I felt completely sober. After that experience I didnít really know what to think but I knew everything was going to be alright (most likely the MDMA).

3:00am- I feel like I am finally starting to come down a bit from the acid but I am still rolling pretty good, and everybody asks if I want to go on an adventure to Kings Soopers to get some glow sticks as they all feel like it would be something fun to do. At first I had no desire to even get off the couch let alone go to the grocery store, but they finally convinced me and we once again go for a drive, with K driving again. We got to the store and I am feeling pretty paranoid about going in and decide to stay in the car with K while J and E go in. They were gone for what seemed like forever but was probably more like 2 minutes and I was so glad to see them.

3:10am- Get back to the house and E wants to rub more vicks on me as she doesnít think she put enough on the last time, so I let her because I absolutely loved the way her hands felt. Then she wanted to put a show on for me with the glow sticks and as I had no complaints to it she started. The tracers were awesome, there was one green glow stick and one blue glow stick and when she would cross them it was like seeing a rainbow right in front of me. This must have gone on for a good 20-30 minutes until she gave them up to J to let him try.

3:30am- I want to take a shower and E asks if she can join me so without hesitation I say of course and we both ventured in to the bathroom. When she got undressed I was in a state of pure bliss because I couldnít believe what was actually happening but I loved every minute of it. The shower was probably the best part of the night without a doubt because we were both still rolling pretty good and my sense of touch was through the roof not only did she feel amazing but the hot water pouring down on us was awesome.

4:05am- Got out of shower and went back into living room and was definitely coming down along with everyone else, and K decided she needed to go back to her house because she had work at 11 and needed a change of clothes, so I told them to drive safe and it was a fun night and they left, but I was still in a good mood because it was such a great night and almost 4:20.

4:20am- I had rolled a blunt for myself after everybody had left and sparked it up at 4:20 with the company of my dog. It took a good 20 minutes for me to burn the whole thing and man was I blitzed when I finished it. So I figured I could probably get some sleep and headed off to bed but I was wrong and ended up sitting in my bed watching Fear and Loathing until I finally fell asleep between 6:30 and 7

All in all this experience was amazing, I couldnít have wished for a better time. I definitely will try candy flipping again but next time I do it I think I will do just MDMA instead of a pill because the combination of the 5-meo-dipt and acid got a little weird at times, but nothing I couldnít handle, also I think taking the LSD first helped because by the time I was peaking the effects of the pill were also pretty strong which made for an awesome experience. The day after was not that bad, I wasnít as fried as I normally am after an acid trip and I normally only get a little headache after rolling and that is easily taken care of with a few bowls of some fine chronic, which is about the only thing I did anyways.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93461
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jul 17, 2017Views: 1,938
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