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Shortcut to Happiness
25C-NBOMe & Cannabis
Citation:   Techlos. "Shortcut to Happiness: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp93462)". Nov 1, 2011.

750 ug buccal 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
A bit of background first:
I'm a 22 year old female Aussie. I was having severe issues with depression and anxiety, mostly due to childhood abuse. I had just started my degree, and I made some friends that I could just simply relax with. They were stoners, and I gradually realized weed wasn't so bad - they were all doing well academically, and were nicer than anyone else I knew. After joining their smoking circle for a while, one of my friends brought over a 10 strip of acid. Having accepted that I could be wrong about drugs, I accepted the tab i was offered. The experience was the most important moment of my life, the moment my depression ended.

A year ago, my girlfriend was hospitalized after a manic psychosis, and i found out she's bipolar. This, combined with living with a complete psychopath for a year, put a serious strain on me, and my depression slowly started creeping back in. Eventually, I found the time to go see a friend, and plan a trip - I figured if it worked last time, it'll work again. Not having any contacts for LSD, but having good googling skills, I got my hands on 5mg 25c-nbome, 25mg 25i-nbome, and 1mg 25d-nbome. My friend hadn't tripped before, so I figured 25c-nbome would be the best, reading reports of it's light, forgiving nature.

I get to her house, and we start setting up to trip. I rolled a couple of spliffs, she put on some music, and i tried to explain to her what to expect.

We each dose 375ug 25c-nbome. I had layed the dose on blotter, and we put them between our upper lip and gum. A numbing sensation was apparent, and I felt slightly anxious - I kept thinking how would it compare to LSD, was this too high a dose, what if I have a bad trip (something I've never experienced). The music playlist had reached Rage Against the Machine, so we turned it off and pulled out a guitar. The time is 2:00, which makes it easy for me to remember when things happen compared to when we dosed.

First effects are noticed. Most noticeably, the anxiety I was experiencing was completely replaced with a warm, comfortable sensation. There was also that feeling, the electric tingle of something happening. I wasn't tripping yet, but I was positive I was about to. My friend had begun to zone out a little, just strumming away on the guitar. I saw how bright the sky was, felt how perfect the day was, and thought to myself 'this is the perfect time in the perfect place'.

Colours are becoming more prominent and colourful. A warm glow had washed over me, and i rolled another spliff for us to smoke. I asked my friend if she felt it yet, she replied 'yeah, I'm pretty fucked up'. I had a grin on my face that I just couldn't wipe away, everything was so beautiful. We decided to go inside, fire up the Xbox, and play skate 2. But I couldn't concentrate on the actual game play, the scenery in the game kept distracting me - no matter where i looked, I saw the beauty and wonder in what I saw.

My body starts feeling light and floaty. We get sick of the skate game, and decide to go for a walk. I asked my friend if there was somewhere we could smoke spliffs outside (I smoke heavily on trips, it just feels right), and we started walking off to a park.

We see a grocery store, and decide to go in for snacks. Textures are becoming more apparent, lights start to look impossibly bright, but otherwise not much visually is happening - mostly I'm feeling a strange, but pleasant floating sensation, and experiencing a headspace I'd never felt before. I felt full of love and happiness, like nothing in the world could bring me down. I knew felt that i knew exactly what I was capable of, there were no indecision - I saw a tall fence, and immediately knew I could jump it.

we keep walking, not realizing how far we'd already walked. We drank some cola and ate some peanuts, and my friend started cracking up. To her the concept of eating peanuts while walking along the road was positively hilarious. We had a long conversation about the importance of peanuts, and how they were such an underrated snack food. I started to notice a small but important difference between 25c-nbome and LSD - I was in complete control of my headspace. With acid, it's always an emotional roller-coaster, with my mind being bent in various ways... But this time, I felt lucid in a strange kind of way. I could function completely normally, while still experiencing all the psychedelic wonders it had to show. There was no worry at all in my mind of the trip going bad anymore, I knew that this chemical and my brain were a perfect match. Sorry LSD, but you're not my favorite anymore!

I realize we just walked around the same block 4 times. I pointed this out, and my friend laughed and thanked me - then she asked me where I was leading her! I had never been here before, and I realized we went walking for an hour with both of us thinking the other was leading. Naturally, we cracked up laughing at this. This is what I was hoping for, the accidental mind loops. I know a lot of people don't like them, but to me there's such an amazing feeling when I break out of the loop, like i bested my own mind. I told her she was leading to the place we were going to smoke spliffs, and we started our way there. It was a large park, with a huge mound of boulders in the middle of it. However, there were kids and parents everywhere - not only was it a bad time to have a spliff here, it would be extremely rude. We didn't really have the right to impose our counter-culture selves on this social gathering. My friend lead us to another spot, under a bridge. We sat down by the water, and finally we had the privacy to smoke again. What a journey!

we spend a while just sitting down, talking, and smoking. I'm feeling entranced by the water - I was aware of every single ripple at once, noticing how the whole world around me was in constant motion - the only exception were the concrete and iron structures we build for ourselves. Somehow, I felt this underlined where humanity had gone wrong. We were becoming ridged and unmoving, trying to force our will on others. this may make us strong, but without movement there is no change. How can we hope to overcome poverty and war if we can't overcome ourselves?

Meanwhile, my friend was noticing some slight visuals, seeing the waves start to look like lips. I'm starting to get moderate tracers, and I'm noticing these glowing colours along any strongly contrasted edges. By now we were halfway through a quarter ounce of decent weed, I notice that I go through it really fast on this.

it's starting to get a little chilly, so we decide to head back to her house. Realizing that we were over an hours walk away, we decide to catch the train. Somehow, doing this takes us a little over half an hour. We just keep on getting into loops, walking in circles, and making wrong turns until we finally reach the station.

We get back to her place, and start to watch The Men who Stare at Goats. To me, this is the perfect movie to watch when you're tripping. We do this, eating the last of our snacks and just chilling. I'm noticing that I'm coming down a little, with a slow gentle ride back to baseline. There is a weird effect in my vision however... it was like everything in the movie could be isolated and made more prominent, even the tiniest speck of sand flying in the background. I amused myself watching things I'd never notice before.

Movie ends, and we decide to go back to playing the Xbox. We play borderlands for a while, before settling on some fable 2. The comedown is not unpleasant, a lot gentler than LSD. I feel like i could sleep by about midnight tonight, whereas with LSD I'd be awake until 4am.

I decide to head home. I leave my friend two more tabs for future use, and catch a train and bus back home. I reflect on how amazing the day had been, and realized that without needing an epiphany or amazing realization, my depression was gone again. I didn't need to realize anything, I just needed to remember how beautiful the world truly is. With this peaceful thought in mind, I drift off easily to sleep

To me, this compound is magical. It's not the most intense experience, but it has a magic to it that makes the world truly shine. I proceeded with a follow up dose a week later with 500ug, and noticed a lot more visual activity - but the clear headspace remained. I managed to go into the middle of Sydney on a busy Friday afternoon, without worrying about freaking out or being obviously high - I was still in control of my actions. It ranks amongst the likes of mescaline, lsd and psilocybin to me.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93462
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Nov 1, 2011Views: 26,236
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Cannabis (1), 25C-NBOMe (540) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Depression (15), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), General (1)

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