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Close your Eyes and Open your Mind
DMT on Cannabis
by Sharkattack
Citation:   Sharkattack. "Close your Eyes and Open your Mind: An Experience with DMT on Cannabis (exp93470)". Apr 16, 2018.

40 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  


- Never taken any psychedelics before
- Was not currently on any other drugs (recreational or prescription)
- Mentally stable person
- Would describe myself as: Introverted, logical, spontaneous
- No medical issues

I had gotten back to a friend's house after a late night out. It was around 5 in the morning, and I wasn't feeling tired at all. We were at a rave previously, so I guess I was still pretty pumped up from that. Everyone else either had some form of MDA/MDMA still in their system. I had passed for whatever reason, but when I heard DMT my ears perked up. Sure enough one of my friends pulled out a bag of light yellow powder, DMT. He was quite experienced with DMT and was willing to help each of us with our trip. For whatever reason, I feel like referring to him as Doc.

So Doc took ~40mg of DMT and sandwiched it between two layers of weed in his pipe. This was done because if a flame were to directly touch the DMT, it would burn up quickly and waste much of it. In addition the layer at the bottom helped prevent the DMT from melting or falling through the pipe bottom. So Doc sat me down and put a pair of headphones around my neck. I could still hear the music from there. I was not familiar with it, but I would describe it as tribal voices combined with lots of percussion in addition to some synthesizers effects. Doc told me that with each breath, I would have to hold my breath in my lungs for as long as possible.

Breaking Through:
Doc held the pipe for me as I took each breath. I had remembered that the person who went before had the best reaction by keeping his eyes closed completely, so I decided to do the same. While going through the first two tokes, I didn't feel much, but I remained still and kept my eyes shut. Doc told me to pull the third toke out longer. As I did this I began to feel a numbness enter my arms. They felt as though they were no longer connected to me. My eyes began to wriggle. I was still there though. I was aware I was sitting on a bench at 5am with my friends in almost freezing temperatures. I told myself, 'If I want to achieve a full trance, I need to let go of those realities, and let myself be taken.' So on the next three breaths I did just that. On that last sixth breath my mind was completely blank. As soon as I started to hold it, I felt my eyelids go into a complete spasm. I never remembered exhaling that last breath.

The Trip:
Right away I felt as if my head was swaying back and forth gently to the music. I wasn't aware of it, but Doc had the headphones over my ears right after I broke through. The music as a whole was no longer just an external noise, but was part of me. I couldn't distinguish what was music, and what was my thoughts; they blended together.
I couldn't distinguish what was music, and what was my thoughts; they blended together.
Shortly after, the visuals stated. They were not the kind of hallucinations that simply warp your current reality. Instead, my entire reality was shattered, and was substituted with a completely new one. This new reality shocked me, but I wasn't afraid of it. I started out by seeing a beach of yellow sand. This sand would slowly flow though my fingers as I picked up handfuls of it. As I looked up from the sand I saw a still body of water, one that I could see the end of. I then saw a dolphin-like creature jump out of the water. It had only a tail-fin, and it's nose was actually a perfect geometric cylinder taking up the entire width of its body. I saw a similar smaller orange dolphin jump out of the first dolphin's mouth.

I became aware of a song change. It did not break my trip by any means, but I was aware that something had changed my thoughts. My visuals immediately changed. The next vision was that of a Mardi Gras festival. I had never been to one in my life, but it seemed to match the description of it. I saw visually identical women dancing in yellow, green, and purple outfits. They had elaborate headdresses made of feathers. They all had a dark tan and black hair. They began to dance simultaneously to the music. They were arraigned perfectly in a line, and all danced with identical moves. The beach from my first visual was still the setting in this strange Mardi Gras experience, as I remember still standing in the sand and feeling it on my feet. During this second vision I felt myself draw a wide grin. I became ecstatic, and continued this feeling and grin throughout. My mindset changed from one of shock and paranoia of what was going to happen next, to one of acceptance and a true content.

I think the song changed again, as the Mardi Gras dancers vanished. I looked across the beach that remained and saw a brownish colored cave. The cave was not deep at all, and I could easily see the end of it. It was not longer than a few body lengths, and was completely open and lit. Inside the cave was a small tide pool, just big enough for a a sewer grate to cover. Despite not being able to see the bottom of it, the water was clear and bright blue. I jumped feet first into it. I sunk at very fast rate. I felt the water rush around me as I flew though the infinite tide pool. I was still falling feet first so I was able to look down and watch all the water fly past me in various shades of blue and purple. I could see some people finding the idea of falling infinitely through water as a frightening experience. Despite not being a huge fan of deep water myself, I was still as happy as could be and enjoying every minute of it. I wasn't worried about where it led or if it was going to end, I just wanted to keep falling. I noticed my left leg was feeling a warm numbing sensation. It ran from my hip all the way down to my ankle only on one side. I wasn't sure if this was part of the tide pool or real life. I became aware of myself again. I was worried that I had possibly wet my pants, as heard some laughing over my music. This in combination with the warm feeling 'running' across my leg made me decided to check myself out. I opened my eyes for the first time. I looked down and saw my pants were completely dry (phew). I looked up and saw Doc as he said 'welcome back'.

Come Down+Afterwards:
I didn't speak for about a minute. But my friends began to ask me questions. One question I found interesting was when Doc asked me how much time I thought had passed. I cheated with my answer. I knew that since I went through about three songs, that no more than 15 minutes could have gone by. In all honestly it felt like a few hours.
I knew that since I went through about three songs, that no more than 15 minutes could have gone by. In all honestly it felt like a few hours.
Sure enough, I found out that I was gone for about ten minutes. I discussed some more about what I saw before I got a chance to be still again. No one else had been out for as long as I was, so I had no idea I could re-enter a trance. Just for kicks I closed my eyes again. To my surprise I began to see visuals again and feel my eyelids flicker. It was nowhere as deep as before, but I found it amazing how I was able to reenter simply by closing my eyes. On the ride home, I found I was able to visualize slightly with my eyes open if I fixed my eyesight on a single non-moving object. I slept very well when I got back, no memorable dreams.

After Thoughts:
Looking back at the experience, I would say there was one all-important action in addition to the right mindset that truly allowed my trip to happen. It was by closing my eyes, that allowed me to erase my thoughts and open my mind to a new reality. As for what I got out of it, the biggest concept would be that of death. I am no longer feel afraid of it. I plan on living it out to its fullest, and by no means would wish it upon myself. However, when my time comes, I know I will be able to accept it. Throughout my trip, I didn't once think about breathing. After that last intake I took, not once do I recall taking a breath. I wouldn't say I had experienced death though DMT, but I would say that I now know what taking a last breath is like.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93470
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 16, 2018Views: 1,472
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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