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My Heart Felt Like Bursting
Codeine, Cannabis & St. John's Wort
Citation:   eviljeweller123. "My Heart Felt Like Bursting: An Experience with Codeine, Cannabis & St. John's Wort (exp9358)". Jul 5, 2005.

96 mg oral Codeine  
  1 cup oral Cannabis (tea)
  1 cup oral St. John's Wort (tea)
I'd heard St. John's Wart and marijuana made for better codeine highs. So I eagerly measured out a small dose of codeine (not wanting to over do it), a averagely strong cup of marijuana tea and a very strong cup of St. Johnís Wart (two bags dipped multiple times). I drank each one about 5 minutes from each other. The St. John's first then the codeine followed by the marijuana cup. I sat down and watched TV and felt very little. I then was at the computer (I don't know how I got there) and playing max payne. I felt calm but still not much, I then went on to play Independence War 2 with music playing, I found myself singing to the songs and then I felt like if there was a perfect human being I was it. I felt as if I was the champion of the world. I felt powerful not in a strong or PCP kind of way but like I was just such god that I could do anything. Itís a hard feeling to describe but it was but far greater than anything I have experienced. I then got up and started dancing around my house, in memory I know I looked like an idiot but at the time that was small thought in the back of my head and just wanted to keep on going. A crack like buzz over my entire body I danced to different styles and only stopped when I had gone too far from the music to hear as well as I wanted to hear it. I think if I danced any longer I would have died as my heart felt like bursting when I started having real feeling in my body again.

I would recommend this to anyone. It was the best time of my life. Its changed my life in ways I just can't explain but I feel different. I would warn about the addiction potential of this. I would do this again even if I had to die for it, I will die before I rehab off this. That is how addictive it is. Also the dancing I mentioned I attempted things that were fairly dangerous to someone of my little skill i.e. I tried to run up a wall, push off and land on my feet. I also think the lack of feeling led to me hitting my head. If your doing a combo like this be safe have a sober babysitter (though an overly warning/talkative one could wreck some of the experience) or at least remember your not thinking right to avoid injury. I also do not know if my reactions were usual though I read something that vaguely said something like this would happen.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9358
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 5, 2005Views: 35,349
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St. John's Wort (142), Cannabis (1), Codeine (14) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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