A Rewarding Foray
Citation:   Obscura. "A Rewarding Foray: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp93580)". Erowid.org. Nov 11, 2011. erowid.org/exp/93580

300 ug sublingual 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
This was a bit of a spontaneous trip. After unexpectedly obtaining three 3oog blotter hits of 2C-C-NBOMe and carefully researching it, myself and a friend who will hereafter be referred to as D decided to trip one night at another friend's apartment. We had a tripsitter, since this was a new one for both of us. He will be referred to as B. The person who sold us it (whom I trust) instructed us to stick it between our gum and lip for 45 minutes before swallowing the blotter paper. He claimed the onset would be between 25-35 minutes. We showed up at the apartment at 1:15 AM, and immediately took the hits. I took one hit, and D took 2.

1:15 AM
We dose ourselves. I took 300g and D took 600g. We placed it between our lower lips and gums. We entered our friends flat and talked with him for a bit.

1:30 AM
Both D and I comment on a numbness in our mouths. The paper has an acrid, strongly metallic chemical taste. I also notice that my face seems to be growing tight, but I simply chalk it up to the numbness

2:00 AM
Both D and I can definitely feel it. I would describe it as a kind of faint electric buzzing feeling. My pulse seems a bit fast, however that could be anticipation. I realize now that the reason my face feels tight is because I am finding it very difficult to wipe this grin off my face. D decides to swallow the blotter paper. I decide to keep it in for a bit longer.

2:15 AM
The three of us (D, B, and I) are alternating between watching television and talking on the patio. D and I are smiling a lot. Our pupils are dilated. I have a strange feeling of at certain times being very aware of everything that my body is doing, and at other times losing track of my body's actions. I actually found my self think at one point 'Oh, that's right, I have a hand there.' My spatial awareness is also being affected. Lights seem a bit brighter than normal. I swallowed the blotter paper at this time.

4:45 AM
I'm seeing both closed and open eye visuals now. It starts as subtle things like walls or window blinds 'breathing.' Now I am looking at the spackled ceiling and seeing fractals and complex, infinite designs. I feel somewhat euphoric. I am not seeing any trails from lights, as one often sees with other hallucinogens. I am an artist at my dayjob and I began having ideas for visuals and concepts to use in my work, so I began making notes of these ideas on my phone as I listened to some music.

5:45 AM
I seem to have reached the plateau, nothing has changed since 4:45 AM. However, the effects seem to be wavering in intensity. I will have a conversation with B or D and the effects will seem to wain, however as soon as I stop and begin looking around the apartment they will seem to come back just as strong as before. For a few minutes I noticed a few things on the television that seemed to move slower than usual and leave trails, but it didn't last for long. Colours are definitely stronger. I'm noticing faces in the trees outside the apartment, not human faces. I realize they aren't real, but it's a bit unnerving.

7:30 AM
We watched the sun rise and were very impressed by the display of colours. However, both D and I realize that we are coming down, it doesn't feel bad though. We also realized that since we've arrived, despite staying hydrated, neither of us has used the bathroom. I look at my face in a mirror and think that my face looks very slightly swollen. I think this substance might be causing us to retain water. At any rate it's not causing a problem, so we don't worry about it.

We are only feeling after affects now. Visuals are gone, the body high has pretty much subsided. We decide to leave, B gives us a ride to D's place for us to wait out the rest of the come down. Neither of us feel like we can sleep, despite being tired. I also do not feel like I could eat. During the ride I start to develop a serious migraine. I get migraines occasionally, so I can't say if the drug precipitated it or not. I sat in the backseat and covered my eyes from the bright morning sun. I took a strong painkiller once we had reached our destination and laid down in a dark room for an hour. When I got up, I could no longer feel any effects of the substance.

Summary: It was an interesting trip. The body feeling wasn't as heavy as LSD and the visuals didn't seem as strong. I think I would possibly do it again sometime in the future. Especially, when you consider that 3 hits only cost $15.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93580
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Nov 11, 2011Views: 20,358
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25C-NBOMe (540) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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