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A Euphoric Intensity
by LilChopster
Citation:   LilChopster. "A Euphoric Intensity: An Experience with DMT (exp93626)". May 26, 2021.

1 hit vaporized DMT


Having always read about DMT online, I was extremely curious. I have always wanted to try it, as people kept saying it is an excellent experience. Living in a small suburb, it was hard to get a hold of it. Upon receiving a call from my dealer, telling me he had obtained DMT, I was extremely excited.

Not knowing too much about it, I purchased 15 dollars worth. I didn’t know how much I needed to trip and how much was TOO much. I had to wait until the next Friday, I wasn’t able to get a good time to use it. When the time came, I was extremely excited. He just told me to empty the whole sack into my pipe, so that’s what I did. I was a little nervous at the time, but I was confident, considering I have had previous experience with other hallucinogens.

When the time came to spark, I was set on it. The time was 4:05 PM.

When you smoke DMT, it’s not like smoking cannabis, or anything like it. The substance is destroyed with intense heat, so I had to tap the lighter a little bit away from the powder. After about 5 seconds of slowly inhaling, the powder started to melt. That is when I would have to clear it. It started bubbling, then I blasted it with my lighter and inhaled as much as I possibly could. The DMT smoke is very different from cannabis smoke. It tasted like melted plastic, and was like taking a shot of whiskey. It was hotter in my lungs, which surprised me a little. Once I had felt that my lungs, I held my breath as long as I could. It felt like forever. The smoke was singing my lungs and wanting to get out. But it felt so right holding it in, as it started to kick in already. I closed my eyes to help, and I could only visualize little bumps in my vision, which is weird because all I was seeing was black…

Once I could not physically hold it in any longer, I opened my eyes and slowly blew out the smoke. I was astonished at how much I had taken in. Once all the smoke had exited my lungs, I felt extremely light headed. I hadn’t really looked around until I attempted to stand up, and that’s when the trip began…

All at once everything happened. The walls were constantly changing textures. It looked like broth when you stir it around. There were little waves, and when I touched the wall it would make a ripple effect. I was so astounded. Thinking it couldn’t get much better than this already, I looked at the ground. There were little words formed out of lines on my friend’s carpet. The ones I remember were “Beauty”, “Love”, “Anger”, and “Peace.” It blew my mind at the time, and I motioned my friend over to come look. He was packing himself a bowl of DMT as well, but he came over to take a look. He told me I was fried and that nothing was there at all. I was astonished that he would say something like that; it looked so real. I did not believe it, so I reached down to feel it. It felt like an elephants hide. I was so shocked that it didn’t feel like a carpet that I was lead to believe that it was not a carpet, but a rough textured ball of flesh. As I looked up from the ground, the clock read 4:06. It had barely been a minute, yet it had felt like a solid 5.

I got up to walk over to my friend who was about to spark some DMT himself. Everything felt unreal. It felt like severe headrush, but it felt good. I walked and all of the colors were distorted. I swear I could see each individual stitch on his quilt. Every separate color was speaking to me. The colors I saw had also created the effect in my head that paired it up with a sound. When I saw his bedspread, which is an argyle blue, yet it looked like blue and black orbs. I felt like I could talk to the colors, they were registering not as colors but individual units of life. I was so entertained that I threw myself onto his quilt. It felt simply orgasmic. Every single bed stitch was in contact with my skin and I felt them all separately, bud I got mad at myself for this. I felt as if everything was one with each other and that I should not separate things. Everything is unified, and I felt one with the bed. Everything was falling into place. Looking back, around 4, things started to get hectic. I was extremely nervous about everything, but once I realized that I smoked DMT, I felt like I was the king of the world. I loved everything, I could see things differently than everyone else. I picked my head up and looked at his Grateful Dead poster. It had the skeleton with roses in her hair, and they were blowing in the breeze. The water in the background had extremely high definition waves crashing on the shore. It was beautiful. The birds were flapping their wings. My friend had just finished his bowl of DMT, and came and laid down on the floor, just looking at the ceiling. My guess is that he felt the exact same as I did when I saw the wall for the first time.

I put on some tunes. My first song was “Sugar Magnolia” by the Dead (inspired by the poster). I honestly thought I felt every single sound wave hitting my eardrum. It felt amazing. The sound was resonating inside my head and it felt like pure bliss. By this time it was 4:10. It had only been 5 minutes tripping, and it felt like 20. Me and my friend had started to sing along to the song once he had settled down. The look on his face represented extreme pleasure. After the song ended, I suggested going outside to go on an adventure. He instantly agreed, but it was extremely hard to get off his comfortable bed.

Walking down the stairs was one of the hardest things I had ever attempted, but it was so much fun. I walked into his kitchen and opened the fridge just to see how everything would look, and everything looked pretty much the same by now, except all the colors were still distorted. His cabinets were different colors but made of the same material. At 4:13 we walked out his door. The breeze on my face felt incredible. I got on my long board and cruised down the smooth street, feeling every bump and vibration but taking to interest. I looked at the Autumn trees, with no leaves and realized how beautiful everything was. I had developed the greatest respect for mother earth. It was only 50 degrees but it felt like a nice, midsummer day.

By now the peak was done. I was no longer hallucinating, but I was definitely not sober. I was still appreciating the high, I felt good. Me and my friend decided to go to the beach and smoke some weed. On the way over there, we had sobered up pretty much entirely. The high only lasted about 20 minutes. I looked at my watch when we were only a couple blocks away from his house, and it read 4:16.

There is not much left to tell. There is no way I could explain any of this in words fully. It was an amazing experience.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93626
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: May 26, 2021Views: 329
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DMT (18) : Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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