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Half as Good as It Could Have Been
by J
Citation:   J. "Half as Good as It Could Have Been: An Experience with AMT (exp9363)". Sep 11, 2001.

40 mg sublingual AMT (powder / crystals)


On friday, at about 3:30, my girlfriend, lets call her T, put some AMT powder on a cd case. She made 3 even piles, and Me, T and our friend M all licked our fingers and ate our piles. I was prepared for this trip, I researched the drug for 5 days, and I was in a fairly good mood, and I was slightly apprehensive.

T hated the taste of the shit, her ex boyfriend got her to snort it a week before, which I find slightly repulsive. I didnt mind the taste at all, although it wasnt anywhere near a taste i would describe as good. We were going to Lake George and an amusment park called great escape. We got to great escape around 4:45, and we were all feeling the effects at that point. I felt the feeling I get after taking 2 ephedrine's and working out, a general sense of happiness and power. Great Escape was close due to this home school day, and they wouldnt let us in even though we have season passes. Bullshit.

We drove to the village of Lake George, where they had this car show thing. At that point I felt like I had taken ecstacy and 1 hit of acid. We layed in the grass, I walked in the water and we walked around the village a little while. we went in a haunted house that we hadnt been in before and people jumped out at us. I found it entertaining, M was freaking out, which I thought was freaking pathetic. It was not a scary haunted house.
My vision was messed up, the walls were wiggling. It was interesting to me.

At around 9 o clock I was tripping very hard. I felt as though I had taken maybe 10 hits of acid and still 1 ecstacy. I was loving it. T was feeling sick so we went back to my car and sat there. I turned on music and it made T felt better. She gave me 'oral pleasure', and it felt amazing. At about 10 we headed back to our own area, which was about 45 minutes away. T kept feeling to cold then too hot, and I was OK.

T threw up violently and thought she was gunna die, and kept saying she had flashbacks of when she snorted that shit. I cant remember how M felt, but I drove us to my sisters apartment. After getting M the retard out of my car, we went inside. We got situated, and I took a bonghit, and at that point I felt dumber. I tried to relearn how to play magic the gathering and couldnt grasp it at all. I was dumb.

M kept going from room to room, unable to get comfortable. I thought she was freaking out and it basically made the best trip of my life about half as good as it could have been. T wanted to lay down in my sisters room so I layed with her. We ended up having sex, and it felt just about as amazing as it can get. I would never have come, but I didnt care because it felt INCREDIBLE.

At one point as we layed in the dark, T's face looked like the guy who gave us the haunted house tour, but I knew she wasnt so I looked closer and she turned back to normal. At about 2:30 I took M and T home, and then myself.
Me and T talked for a few hours, then I went to sleep.

In conclusion, I personally, even with one person having a bad trip, and one feeling like shit, had a good experience with this drug. I now know I can take as much acid as I want. Visually, this drug gave nice effects, similar to acid, with things being twisty, brigther, things seemed to breathe, strangers seemed ugly, I had some hallucinations but I could tell what was reality and what wasnt. I enjoyed music, but I didnt hear anything extra.

I had 2 realizations:

1. Drugs like this are bad, and this was a learning experience not to take drugs that can be harmful, like this.

2. I love my girlfriend more than anything in the whole world.

And a new one just came to me: My sister is there for me when I need her. Tara resolved that she wont do any drugs anymore except drinking and smoking pot. I got her to put it in writing. Yesterday she decided she would also do acid, but 2 hits at the most.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9363
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 11, 2001Views: 6,465
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AMT (7) : Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Health Problems (27), First Times (2), Various (28)

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