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25I-NBOMe & Cannabis
Citation:   cryptix420. "i-LoVE-NBOMe: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp93644)". Nov 26, 2011.

3.75 mg sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I have a fair amount of experience with other substances, including cannabis, LSD, magic mushrooms, salvia, DXM, MDMA, various 2c-x's, MDPV, DMT, and a few opiates. I'm a 21 year old guy and live a very healthy lifestyle, eating organically, and exercising a lot as I don't own a car so I walk/take the bus most places.

I received the blotters, I was told they had 500 micrograms each of the 25i. I first tested 750ug (1.5 blotters) and had a very enjoyable night. Good visuals, lots of energy, no anxiety, great body feel, mood lift, lasted about 10 hours total from start to sleep. This experience was nothing compared to the actual trip I had after that.

Well, knowing the compound was safe to ingest and seemed to be what it was supposed to be, I decided to take the plunge and ingest 3.75mg (7.5 blotters). [Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.] What I am about to attempt to describe was to be the most profound and intense psychedelic experience of my life. I ingested the 3.75mg at around 11:00pm.

T+0:00 - Blotters are placed under tongue. For the next 30 minutes I go from keeping it under my tongue or against my cheek or pressed against my gums, as the chemical supposedly does not work when taken orally. My blotters had already been complexed by 2-Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrindsad so they were ready for ingestion. After a few minutes I noticed a very strong bitter taste, and a mild numbing effect on my tongue. For the next hour or so, I could feel a body buzz starting, a general feeling of being filled with energy. It felt very good, and there was absolutely no anxiety to speak of….something uncommon for me on the come-up of any psych, even MDMA.

T+ 1:30 - This is when I could really start to notice things kicking in. A lot of generic 'activity' in my visual field, ie a snowy sort of look, like static on the tv. It gives me the feeling that everything is full of life & energy, from the carpet to the walls to the posters, all very very alive. It's a good feeling. I remember a very strong mood lift, still zero anxiety (I think it's worth mentioning I suffer from general anxiety very bad in my day to day life) just overall a very pleasant feeling in the mind and body. No nausea or anything.

T+ 2:30 - I remember my mind starting to be blown to bits at this point. The visuals started to resemble something I had only had on my very first and best LSD trip. Seeing lots of color, LOTS of color, very novel colors too. A sort of turquoise and maroon and yellow were the main themes. Everything happened very fast so I'll try to describe it best as I can, but I was extremely overwhelmed by the intensity and awesomeness of the visuals. Everything in the world started to…. b r e a k … d o w n …….Time dilation got very intense and I felt as if I could hear every single tick of energy coming out of my headphones in the form of music, every thought I had….I could feel it going from this neuron to that one, and on and on, I just began to understand the universe in a way it seems only God could. All of a sudden these 'ropes' started to appear. The entire room was full of them. What was once empty space, or just air, was replaced by these long, dangly, serpent looking threads that made up the entire world. I no longer just 'saw' anything, it was all coming at me, entering me, there was just nothing but pure energy all around me and I was able to sense it for the first time ever. Something VERY similar happened the first time I did LSD. I started to see the same rope like objects, and when it first happens they start coming out from all around you and slowly descend DIRECTLY onto your pupil, you can't escape it because it's everywhere.

Goddamn I wish I could describe this better. I remember thinking I was traveling through my own DNA the first time it happened on LSD, as the ropes have the same twisty, double helix sort of structure. Actually I think it looks most similar to a twizzler, except each little strand is a different color. It was just so incredible to realize that there really is no space in the entire universe, we just lack the ability to sense what is there normally. Kind of like the big mystery of Dark Matter. Also at this point the visuals were basically tangible. I could wave my hand in the air and felt as if I was playing with the energy surrounding me, it was absolute nirvana. I remember thinking to myself what a success the blotters had been, as I was laying in my bed in complete darkness staring at my hand, but having the best time of my life. A lot of the visuals consisted of infinite numbers of random shapes, all very reminiscent of the Matrix coding, just much more colorful and happy feeling. There were also massive amounts of trailing, I could wave my hand around in the air creating the most beautiful disturbances in the fields of energy all around me. It was like when you splash in the water and create all the ripples, except this was just air. Everything I would do in the world was just so beautiful, I thought to myself I couldn't believe I was surrounded by this beauty all day everyday, I just have to remind myself it's there even when I can't see it. I can't describe enough how interactive these visuals are, it's seriously unreal.

As for the closed eye visuals, they were equally as epic. Even 7g of strong lemon tek'd mushrooms didn't come close to producing this level of visuals. They were so incredibly complex! They felt very futuristic, I remember lots of warpy, organic, random shapes happening, with a level of color complexity I'd never seen before. The colors!! AH! I can't stop thinking about all the colors. When I would close my eyes I had the feeling that I, for the first time ever, could FEEL my entire being. Every thought process, every pump of blood, every firing of chemicals between neurons, I could feel it ALL. In this regard it feels extremely therapeutic, as you can identify a lot of interesting things in the way you think and process things in your mind. It was an unprecedented amount of fun as well, as 25i seems to present all these things to you in a nice, funky, mellow way. Funky, that's a word I would use to describe this drug, or maybe groovy. There wasn't a single negative moment in the whole trip, and every thought process manages to end up somewhere warm or funny or happy.

T+ 4:00 - I know I experienced a lot of synesthesia around this point in the trip, I would wave my hand about in the air and it would cause a 'WAH WAH WAH WAH' sound….very weird. Synesthesia is a really hard thing to describe, but those that have gone through it probably know what I mean. I remember reading a long time ago that phenethylamines are supposed to help you relate to things in a more wordily, personal way; rather than the more cosmic feeling offered by LSD or DMT. I have to agree with this. 25i made me think mainly about the relationships I had with various people in my life, how I interacted with those people, how I felt about those people, just a lot of stuff about people. I welcome this as I've got a lot of social anxiety, yet I know bringing other people into your life is the only way to real happiness. The feeling I had was so incredible, I was filled with genuine sadness thinking about the lack of a relationship I have with a mother. It's hard for me to be honest with myself, but I do miss her and want to make more of an effort to get to know her. I began to cry thinking of the quote 'you only know what you have when it's gone' wanting to not be one of those people, and instead seize the day and appreciate the people that I have in my life. I get so stuck in picking out things I don't like about people/judging people, that nobody ends up being 'good enough' for me. This trip inspired me to reach out to many people in my life and strengthen the bonds that make life worth living.

T+ 6:00 - The visuals have calmed down quite a bit now, and I'm left in the most incredibly warm afterglow. My eyes are still fully dilated and there's still a lot of visual activity, but nothing like the universe splitting I'd seen a few hours ago. Still tons of beautiful color speckled throughout my vision, a general vibe of rainbowgasm. It's nice, because when I take LSD, on the comedown looking at the floor in the bathroom and the like can be quite disgusting, but not so with this one. Everything retains a positive, warm, colorful feel for the entirety of the trip, all the way up to 12+ hours. My girlfriend is waking up around this time and getting ready to go to work. I was still very full of energy and happiness so I made a nice oatmeal and yerba mate breakfast. That's another great thing about this compound, absolutely zero effects on appetite. I snacked on nuts throughout the whole trip, and ate quite a lot during the morning despite still being at a ++ until around t+ 12:00. I smoked a bit of weed at this point and it combined VERY, VERY well with the trip. I'm talking like PB&J, black & white, starchy & hutch, john lennon & yoko ono, milk & cookies, green eggs & ham, macaroni & cheese good here. This combo just feels RIGHT. All the visual came rushing back in a more mellow, groovy way if you will. It also made them brighter in a way, and it just FELT more intense. The weed doesn't last nearly as long though so I have to smoke a lot more. I remember reading somewhere that 25i has affinity for opioid receptors…this would make a lot of sense, as it is VERY easy to lay in one position for a long period of time, something that's IMPOSSIBLE for me on LSD. Could also be why it's so good with weed. The body is very vey comfy the entire time for me when I take this.

T+ 8:00 - I walked with my girlfriend to the bus stop so she could go to work. That was the most beautiful walk I'd been on in my life, and I'd never been in such a fantastic mood. I was pretty damn down in the dumps for the few days before this I might add. There was SO much color in absolutely everything! The black asphalt on the road might as well have been made of skittles, and the clouds and sky had the beautiful wispy trippy look, very very like LSD. I felt like I had download 100 new colors in to my brain. Where did all this color come from?! It was great though. My girlfriend remarked how lively I was. I live up on a hill by the ocean so it was awesome you can imagine, nice ocean breeze, you can see the ocean in the distance, perfect weather, I felt like I'd been born again. And not because of jesus lol. Unless you wanna consider 25i jesus, I might be down with that. Anyway the walk to the bus stop is pretty far, takes about 40 mins just one way, so it was surprising I still had all the energy to make the walk after tripping balls all night. I might also add I had taken MDMA for the first time in 6 months 2 days prior to this experience, so take that for what you will. I thought about adding MDMA to this experience but I just didn't feel it was necessary. Hell I usually smoke weed everytime I trip, and not just once, like the whole time. I just love weed. This is the first psychedelic I've done where I waited over 6 hours to smoke. On the walk home I started to notice the only troubling side effect, which was some vasoconstriction. Or at least that's what I imagine it feels like. I used to smoke cigarettes so I'm familiar with the hand/foot vasoconstriction there. With this chem though it's all over the body, it got a bit painful in my feet when I was walking home, but other than that it wasn't too bad.

T+ 10:00 - Back home, I smoked some more weed and had a bit of a tincture made of hash/olive oil. Felt reeaaalll niiicee :) I think I ate quite a bit of food and then laid now and surfed the web for a bit. It took me an hour or two (perhaps once the edible kicked in) to finally fall asleep, then I slept for about 6 hours and woke up feeling fantastic, vasoconstriction was gone as well. A bit tired, a tad bit moody, but fantastic otherwise :) This is the experience I've been looking for since I started using psychedelics about 2 years ago. Every time I've taken LSD something like this is what I'd hoped for…….so fantastic. It's going to take a while to integrate this one.

New favorite psychedelic hands down!

Oh, one more thing..shortly after taking the blotters, I broke my last cigarette in half and have not looked back since. Fuck that habit.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93644
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Nov 26, 2011Views: 85,778
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