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Trials & Tribulations of Cannabinoid Agonists
by somekidyouknow
Citation:   somekidyouknow. "Trials & Tribulations of Cannabinoid Agonists: An Experience with JWH-122 (exp93702)". Dec 27, 2012.

40 mg oral JWH-122
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  5 mg oral JWH-122


This report is basically going to be me stating how I feel about cannabinoids. First off I'd like to say that I feel pretty good about them. Some people don't like the fact that they do cause some anxiety. I completely understand why some people can't handle it. But I would also like to say that I don't have the anxiety issue that said people have. I apologize in advance for it being a little scatterbrained.

Now I started experimenting with cannabinoids a little over a year ago. That's when I first heard of this magical chemical called JWH-018. At first, I didn't get it. Was it really responsible for the 'Spice' trend? At the time I heard about this chemical, I was a cannabis enthusiast, no doubt about it. I was a daily cannabis smoker by the time I was 17 years old. As anyone who has had a habituation with cannabis will tell you I was tired of having a hard time obtaining said chemical. I was looking for anything that I could get no matter where I was. So I spent some time doing some research on cannabis alternatives. At first I ended up in the wonderful world of entheogens. Now I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with entheogens, I have enjoyed some Salvia divinorum and Amanita muscaria in my time. That being said, I don't really feel that entheogens are a cannabis substitute. If you've never dabbled with cannabis and are looking for something interesting, enthogens are probably a good place to start, but I was looking for something a little different.

The first time I really started to get the whole synthetic cannabinoid was probably before I even knew what it was. I had gone through a very popular online entheogen vendor to obtain some A. muscaria and other entheogen staples. When the package finally arrived, I opened it and inspected the inventory only to find a one-gram sample of K2. At the time K2 was also something I had never heard of. Without much thought, I looked over the sample that had been given to me and thought, it must be a smoking blend. I based this on the fact that it looked like ground up plant material. So again without much thought put toward it, I gave it a go. This should be considered my first experience with synthetic cannabinoids.

After smoking a bowl of K2, I began to notice that I was indeed stoned. At first I attributed this to wishful thinking (in the past I had tried herb blends with no effects). But after about 15 minutes of still being stoned I realized there was more to this. I began looking up on the internet how it was possible that this blend got me stoned to begin with. I went to the vendor's site from where I got the sample and reviewed the 'contents' of this blend. At this time I thought perhaps there was an herb in the blend that I had not yet given a whirl. To my dismay, there was nothing special listed in the ingredients. Some further research yielded some information about a mysterious JWH-018. I began looking more into this but nothing came of this research yet.

Even with my new found knowledge about this chemical, I did nothing about it. I had assumed that it would be irresponsible to try and obtain this chemical. I had assumed that it would be more legally dangerous than obtaining cannabis. However, eventually I became frustrated with a local cannabis 'dry spell' and looked more into obtaining the elusive JWH-018. Even though I did not know much about this chemical, I did more and more research before I actually obtained a sample of the pure chemical. I opted to obtain the pure chemical because I wanted to understand better the dosage required and verify that no herbs in the mixture I initially tried could have been or were responsible for the way I felt after smoking it.

During this period which was after my first encounter, but before my first encounter with the pure chemical, I read a lot about synthetic cannabinoids. I began to understand how to identify the chemcical structure of a cannabinoid and other drugs but that is another report entirely. So I read and read about routes of ingestion and based on what I had read vaporization was the most popular.

Now I apologize for the long introduction, but I think it's important that you understand why I'm writing this report. My main objective is to compare and contrast the effects of vaporizing versus oral ingestion.

When I did actually acquire my first sample of JWH-018, I acquired one gram of the chemical. I arrived within a few days of ordering and it appeared a brilliant white crystaline powder. This should be considered my second experience. As stated before I basically only vaporized this sample. I did try sublingual administration with about five milligrams. Yes, I have a scale and so should you! I simply placed 5 mg under my tongue and waited for it to dissolve. I waited about an hour and basically felt sober. Needless to say I was disappointed. I felt at this time that there was no real reason to take the chemical orally and continued to vaporize it.

Shortly after I became involved with cannabinoids, the government (in my state anyway) decided that they were going to outlaw JWH-018 and about four or five other cannabinoids. At first I tried going under the radar, looking for sources that would still ship my precious JWH-018 to my state. Eventually I began looking into alternative cannabinoids and started going to JWH-122 instead of JWH-018.

Now when I first got a hold of JWH-122 I was still only vaporizing the chemical. A short while after I received the chemical, I researched it and found out that one reporter claimed that taking 40 mg orally lasted between six and eight hours. I thought this was too good to be true. So I read further and found that it was not simply enough to take a small amount of the chemical orally, it was necessary to mix it with a medium containing a lot of fatty acids. Further reading revealed that the 'carrier' that was described in the report was not a very good one (olive oil) and according to research butter was better for this purpose. Now the reason given that butter was better as a carrier has to do with what type of fatty acids it contains. So I began reading about the types of fatty acids. There are three different types, long, medium, and short-chain fatty acids. Short-chain fatty acids are metabolized much more quickly than long-chain. This is why when using olive oil, reporters say it takes a long time for effects to build.

Okay, I thought. I'm educated on how to take this chemical, maybe I should give oral administration another go. I did omit a warning that the dose I was about to take was rather big. Now a lot of people say that they heat the carrier they are using up on a stove top until it's warm enough to dissolve the chemical. This makes good sense because synthetic cannabinoids are not water soluble and will not dissolve in the carrier itself. So basically by heating the carrier up and dissolving the chemical inside the carrier you are tricking your own body. When the carrier is metabolized the chemical dissolved therein makes it into your blood and eventually your brain which is where I wanted it to go. Even though all of this is well and good, I didn't really want to do it via stovetop. So I simply got a cup from the cupboard added a pat of butter and a splash of milk and microwaved it until the butter was melted and the mixture was warm bordering on hot to the touch. This didn't take very long, about 40 seconds or so. Now if you do it this way, the butter will float to the top of the milk and you can add your chemical. In my case I added 40 mg of JWH-122. Please do not take this much. Even though I wanted to get very stoned from this, 40 mg was over-the-top. Later research would show that 5-10 mg is plenty.

So I mixed in my cannabinoid added a splash of chocolate syrup for taste and drank it all down. Within 40 minutes I felt very euphoric as though I had just smoked some very good cannabis. Now vaporizing cannabinoids can also induce a heavy euphoria much like what I was experiencing but the initial euphoria usually fades away rather quickly. This is especially true with synthetic cannabinoids, even though when I did vaporize them instead of take them orally, I enjoyed them. I enjoyed the fact that they gave me an almost instant cannabis-like release. However I did not enjoy how short they lasted. Generally after about 40 minutes I had returned to the dreaded baseline. After 40 minutes of coming up on orally dosed cannabinoids I still felt a very heavy-headed euphoria. I went to inspect myself in a mirror only to find that I looked very high. My eyes were hardly open, they were also very glazed and red. My whole face was warm and red and I had a grin from ear-to-ear.

Now I know what you're thinking. 'This guy says don't take 40 mg, but it sounds like he had a great time.' That's only partially true. I will agree that initially I had a great time, but after a while (about 5 or so hours) I just wanted to not feel extremely stoned anymore. Communicating with the outside world became a chore and several people had commented that I looked and seemed very stoned. Again, at first I felt great, I was very pleased that taking the chemical orally had felt exactly like I just vaporized a lot of it. But after a while that anxiety began to creep up on me. Again I know what you're thinking. 'This guy said earlier he didn't have anxiety problems.' And I still say that I don't, but after being very heavily stoned for several hours I began to wonder how long exactly this would last. I wouldn't count this as a bad time but toward the end of the experience I just wanted to sleep and wake up sober. Eventually I did, but I woke up with a chemical hangover instead of the sobriety I desperately desired.

After my first real oral experience I realized that I had taken far too much so about a week later I tried oral administration again only this time with 15 mg. Again I came up within about 40 minutes and initially felt quite stoned. This experience was somewhat more mild, but I still wanted to try a little less. In another weeks time I tried once more with 10 mg. 10 mg is fairly comfortable, it makes me feel pretty stoned but not too much. I did try once more with 5 mg and while I certainly felt it, I didn't really look stoned and communicating with the outside world wasn't so difficult. I could have probably gone to work and no one would have noticed.

Okay, time to conclude this train-wreck of a trip report. Again, sorry for the long introduction, but I really think to understand why I did things the way I did them you would have to understand my situation in life at that time. So, final thoughts: Vaporizing the chemical is okay, it does indeed make one feel as though they have smoked cannabis. Downsides? Duration, and if you don't have a scale many people say they have taken too much too quickly. It is my understanding that this can cause an extreme amount of anxiety in some subjects. Oral administration is quite nice. Downsides? It takes longer to build up, it lasts a very long time, generally I take some in the afternoon and don't feel sober until I wake up the next morning. Another downside to oral administration is that it lasts for such a long time people who do have anxiety issues might have a hard time dealing with them because of the duration. Although my final verdict is that oral administration is superior to vaporization. I honestly wish I knew that oral administration required a carrier when I first started taking the chemical. I would have probably only taken it that way because of the duration. And finally, thanks for sticking with my rambling thoughts.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 93702
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Dec 27, 2012Views: 9,584
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