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Dose Effect Comparison
Citation:   Squirt. "Dose Effect Comparison: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp93759)". Aug 12, 2015.

  insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
I've now had quite a few experiences with this substance, and feel I have learnt enough about it to produce some kind of report. I obtained the substance through a trusted vendor who was able to guarantee is purity at 99%.

None of my dosages have been measured accurately (which is never recommended) and so I am unable to provide specific measurements, however I have taken light, moderate and heavy dosages of this substance and have had different experiences at different dosages. Therefore I have laid this out into three separate sections reporting my experiences at each type of dosage.

I have noticed a few of other reporters comparing MXE to Ketamine on the basis that the two are very similar it makes sense that it is often referred to as MKET – I (strangely enough) have never tried Ketamine and therefore can’t really make any comparisons between the two.

I have frequently used this substance to start an evening out and feel that it combines well with alcohol when used in small dosages. A light dose gives a light head-buzz within 20mins of insuffication similar to that of being drunk but leaves spacial awareness intact. I always find that at these light dosages any anxiety I have before are completely removed – so I feel much more relaxed in that sense.

There are no auditory hallucinations at this point and my speech is still very much coherent. I will warn however that even at a light dosage there is an increased sensitivity to alcohol, continual consumption of alcohol turns the light headed buzz into mild confusion and slight loss of motor skills, much like being drunk but the sense of confusion onsets a lot quicker. The substance seems to peak and then drop quite rapidly in light doses and so seems safe to continue a night out afterwards.

Moderate doses I have only done while in the comfort of my home. The peak after insuffication still seems to come on at about +20mins to +30 mins and lasts longer than a lighter dose. The come up is extremely comfortable although I choose to have a drink to hand as I find myself feeling dehydrated every time I ingest any of this substance, it also helps to relieve the chemical taste that builds at the back of my throat.

After taking a moderate dose effects are much more noticeable, listening to music becomes much more pleasant. I've noticed that frequently my vision will go slightly blurry even at these moderate dosages – there is also now a greater sense of dissociation compared to a light dosage, conversations can become a great deal harder to follow especially if the subject is being changed frequently. Moderate dosages also tend to make my body temperature fluctuate not to the point of having cold sweats but it is harder to find a comfortable temperate to settle in. At a moderate dose my legs always seem to become heavier, and my hands and feet are numbed slightly. Again any significant auditory hallucinations are non-existent at these kinds of dosages. It is still possible to hold a conversation, however, much like being drunk I find myself bringing up topics of conversation that I wouldn’t normally whilst in a sober state.

Again with the few times I have dosed MXE heavily I have been in the comfort of my own home. The onset remains completely unchanged as with other dosages and the come up is somewhat comfortable. The peak at a heavy dose is much more intense however and I have found it to bring much more confusion as opposed to sedation. There is also a much greater loss of motor skills, it now becomes far harder to walk in a straight line and it’s a conscientious effort to stand up for anything more than a few mins. Past the confusion (which for me only comes about when people try to talk to me or I find myself in an unfamiliar place or situation) is actually quite a comforting state of mind. Laying on my bed is like sheer bliss – my body feels as though it is slowly sinking downward and the covers encase me in a reassuring way. I have always had Closed eye visuals when dosing more heavily on MXE, these can tend to unfold like a dream but in an awakened state of mind (Not to compare it to lucid dreaming however). I should note that the CEV’s are nothing like those experienced after Stimulant usage – they are less of the “thought loop” kind but instead unfold however you see fit. It is more than possible to go to sleep after taking MXE. The only exception to this may be if I ingest moderate amounts of caffeine whilst taking MXE – which I don’t recommend due to the counteracting physical effects of each chemical. I should also note that at a heavy dosage conversation is next to impossible – I am still able to think of what I’m going to say but it comes out too slurred to comprehend.

I find it important to stay hydrated while taking the substance at higher dosages more so than at lighter ones – I drink much more water than I normally would whilst sober during my experience on MXE.
Heavy dosages have left me feeling slight “hangover” effects, usually a bit more clumsy the next day and lacking energy, these hangover effects seem to “stack” if using MXE multiple nights in a row. Again I always try to keep hydrated and drink a lot of water the next day just to try and prevent the unwanted hangover effects.

Since taking MXE for the first time I haven’t noticed any change in my tolerance towards it, I’m still ingesting similar amounts to what I was when first trying it and getting the same effects – I should also mention that I feel my health has been unaffected since using this drug (though nobody can safely assume the long term safety of it).

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93759
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Aug 12, 2015Views: 2,648
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