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I Love My Toads
Toad Venom
by RaVeY DaVeY GrAvY
Citation:   RaVeY DaVeY GrAvY. "I Love My Toads: An Experience with Toad Venom (exp93865)". Jun 19, 2018.

50 mg vaporized Toad Venom


I have been lucky enough to have adopted two bufo alvarius toads after their owner passed away. He was a genuine lover of reptiles and amphibians so they had been looked after very well. Although he didnt ever use the venom himself he told me that he had allowed somebody to milk them in the past but only on two occasions as he would never exploit these fine creatures for people to get high all the time. As I had known this man since my childhood he had taught me a lot about nature and how to care for pets. So when he died I was given the honour of adopting several of his creatures. As well as the toads I was given two African big eyed tree frogs and an african bullfrog.

I have always been interested in trying some or the more mind-expanding substances rather than using drugs just to take the edges off reality. I had used pretty much all common drugs in my teens and twenties but mainly Ecstasy and cannabis. Then by the age of 28 I realised I was using drugs not to expand my mind but to constrict. I had used cocaine heavily for a short time and moved into opiates for several years. After realising how far into it I had got I decided to stop constricting my mind. After several months I managed to get clean and stopped all drug use except occasional Hashish smoking.

It was during this time when I made my connection with these toads. I had been aware of them as he had owned them for 5 years before I adopted them. Although I hadnt had the opportunity to smoke the venom from them I kinda always knew that one day I would. Even after adopting them it was about 3 years before I actually decided it was time to smoke them. Since giving up heroin about 5 years previously my drug experiences were mostly done to feed my head. I had done ayahusca, mushrooms, 2cb and smoked DMT. So now it was time...

Amphibians are not really the type of pet you have much physical contact with but every time I cleaned them out I would handle them a bit so that they wouldnt get stressed when I did decide to milk them. I milked both toads and once it had dried out and been powdered up I had just over 300mg of toad venom. With what I had read the venom is between 10 and 20% 5 meo DMT so there was plenty of it.

I went into the attic of my house which is where I keep all my pets as well as having beanbags, pillows, a low table and all other things to make me comfortable. I also wanted to do it with the providers of this magic substance nearby as I always find that tripping makes me feel more mentally in tune with my pets. I had a small glass vapouriser pipe which is by far the best way to smoke this substance. I got myself comfortable on the beanbags, loaded up the pipe with 50mg and sparked the lighter... There was a lot more smoke than I thought would come off it but I managed to take most of it in one go. I laid the pipe down, held it in my lungs and waited for about 15secs...

In the first couple of seconds after exhaling all I felt was a very slight dizzy feeling but not too much. I begun to wonder if there was enough in the pipe. Then I felt as if I was being catapulted through the universe. It is hard to estimate time because time didnt exist anymore. It was the most intense feeling possible. I honestly felt like I was traveling at 1000mph through space and time. After a bit I could feel my heart pounding and could hear a ringing kind of noise in my ears. Had I done too much I started to think...

Once I finally realised that I wasnt actually going to die an amazing feeling of arriving in a kind of 'special place' is the only way I can describe it. The panicky feelings subsided and I was really able to just let it wash over me. I didnt really have strong visuals but felt like my mind was being filled with secret knowledge. Although I felt like I was being taught stuff I wasnt able to quite figure it out once it wore off but at the time it made complete sense.

As it started to wear down I got a feeling of peace and calm, an afterglow unlike any other substance. I looked over at bufo alvarius in their tank, one half buried in the substrate the other in the water pool and felt like it was these beautiful creatures who had brought me to this place. I decided there and then not to keep milking them I still had plenty venom but this wasnt a place I could go to very often.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 93865
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Jun 19, 2018Views: 3,416
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