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On the Road with a Bad Crowd
6-APB & Alcohol
Citation:   Captain Tsoier. "On the Road with a Bad Crowd: An Experience with 6-APB & Alcohol (exp93868)". Nov 29, 2011.

150 mg oral 6-APB (pill / tablet)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
Following extensive research on this 'new' chemical, I understood that 6-APB was an MDA analogue, and so, as such suited to an all night party. Before I recount my experience, I think it would be proper to disclose my psychonautical pedigree. Although espousing most illegal drugs for reasons economic and moral, I have sampled, as far as my memory serves me, Alcohol, Caffeine, Tobacco, Ephedrine, DXM, Ketamine, Marujuana, Nutmeg, Temazepam, Codeine, Dihydrocodeine, Tramadol, Scopamaline (donít ask), Promethazine, Diphenhydramine and nitrous oxide.

Wary of receiving either a dud or a deathtrap, I visited a trusted vendor in a local headshop. The vendor assured me in vague terms that Benzo Fury pellets were extremely popular, although interestingly he refused to commit as to whether he believed they were relatively safe to use at recommended doses. The price, although high in comparison to OTC drugs such as DXM, codeine, dihydrocodeine and ephedrine, was nevertheless affordable for a one off purchase of 2 tablets at £8.50 each. The well packaged, official pouch placated my initial fears that I might be shortchanged with loose powder or 'home made' capsules that might not be official, or for that matter, safe.

Having never tried this chemical before, my first reaction was to cautiously ingest around 45mg (less than half a 100mg pellet) to ensure that I would not react dramatically to the substance. However, taken in a constrained setting, I noticed few objective effects besides a vague sense of a head buzz and extremely restless legs as I forced myself to conform to the meeting. Walking home I perceived my effort levels to be lower than would be expected at the end of a long day. Cars flashed by on the central A road, but even based on my own subjective interpretations of what rolling on MDA or MDMA would be like, this initial experiment achieved little more than to discount the chance I was completely intolerant to 6-APB, and to encourage me that a full dosage was worth persevering for the following evening.

Feeling completely back to baseline by the next day (although retrospectively sleeping was significantly more difficult even on that threshold dose), I persuaded my most trusted male friend (Rog) to join me in experimenting that evening. These are incredibly precise timings of the experience recorded on my chronometer:

T - 4.00: Had an incredibly light lunch prior to ingestion.

T -2.00: Drank 2.5 units of alcohol which, as I had expected, gave me a mild loosening effect as a result of my empty stomach.

T - 1.00: Arrived at party to find it already in a strange form of 'full swing'. Shortly after our arrival, one foolhardy girl had already got herself into a sufficiently drunk enough stage that she vomited in the host's garden. Increasingly clear that the party was becoming quite a partisan affair, with different cliques effectively self-excluding themselves from the minority of mingling party goers, I urged Rog, who had by this a self-proclaimed drinks count of around six beers to my two (he is a 6ft 6 specimen), to drop our pellets relatively soon.

T - 0.00: With considerable trepidation on Rog's part and nervous energy on mine, I dropped the ostensible amount of 100mg of 6-APB with a sip of beer, whilst my more drug naive partner insisted on ingesting no more than half a pill. The real time was 21.10.

T + 30.00, the faintest tinglings begin in my head and limbs, accentuated by the cold November air outside. Rog feels nothing.

t + 50.00, the effects of the drug now become significantly more noticeable, my sense of sounds becomes somewhat warped, although not in the same way as nitrous oxide or DXM. As we stand awkwardly in a bedroom playing a drinking game I begin to climb hard. I signal this to Rog, and we leave the room full of somewhat hostile egos.

T +1.00: I am now climbing hard, with some mild nausea and head rushes. Looking in at a mirror in a well lit room, Mydriasis has become evident. The euphoria is comparable to that of the initial effects of a recreational dosage of dihydrocodeine in solution. More subjectively, Rog declares that he is starting to feel 'brilliant'.

T+ 1.30 Standing in the garden, keeping a good friend company as he smokes a rolled cigarette, I notice firstly, that I have absolutely no desire to smoke this evening, but also find that conversation flows very smoothly. It is hard at this point to determine whether I am still coming up, but I suspect that I am since my connection with the world has changed in a clear yet subtle way; no other people comment on my appearance besides Rog who remarks on my marked mydriasis of both eyes. At this point he takes his other half.

T+ 1:40 now starting to feel considerably more stimulated, I take a ride into town with some friends in search of some supplies. Although they are closed, I realise that I have very little disappointment, as if the action of travelling at high speed in a car in the dark was reward enough. This is the first point at which I feel as if I am genuinely 'speeding'.

T+ 2.00 Some difficulty in sitting still and talking to those who are fully sober.

T+2.30 Take a walk with my friend in the dark outside. The physiological aspect of the drug experience is now abundantly clear; exertion is exceptionally low and my conversation extremely animated. Have what feels like an exceptionally profound discussion with him. We eventually return to the house.

T+3.00 Around this time the party seems to have reached a point at which many have already left, whilst others melt into the furniture and backrooms of the house.

T+3.30 Now past midnight and into the witching hour, Rog and I decide that we do not want to sleep at the house. Thinking ourselves extremely clever and witty, we tell the host, 127 hours style, that we have ordered a taxicab and are heading back to his house to sleep. Little did our dear, less enlightened friends realise we were about to walk home.

T+3.35 I decide, exhilarated by our audacity and the magnitude of our undertaking, to bomb the final 50mg. This is in the very spirit of reckless abandon that is at the heart of the night. Walking down the middle of a small, dormitory town we talk loudly on a range of subjects.

T+3.40 The placebo effect of the pill unconsciously kicks in, giving me greater energy and euphoria. I sense that both I and my fellow psychonaut are now greatly released from the almost overpowering emotion and complexity of the party in which our empathy was almost uncomfortable.

From this point timings are unknown.

T+4.00 We reach the exit from the town onto the main A road. There the sign displays a stern challenge Ė 6 miles to our roosting place. Like true 21st century hedonists we face our opponent by taking pictures of the sign and hit the road.

T+? At some point on the 6 mile journey through the English countryside I began peaking to a new level. The euphoria and physical stimulation were predominant in effects so that I experienced moderate bruxism (jaw clenching).

T+6 After what we calculate to be 9 miles, thereby outdoing the matheresque album, 8 Mile, Rog and I reach his home. The trip has in the relatively recent time period become somewhat more mellow and psychadelic with high definition and colour distortions giving the appearance of augmented reality. Our heart rates are still significantly above normal.

With difficulty we manage the bare minimum of hours of sleep. The next day I experience significant after glow effects, crashing relatively hard the following evening mainly though physical exhaustion.

All in all I would rate 6-APB, in itís pure form, to be a very interesting chemical indeed.

In a pretty subjective appraisal of my experience I would rank it out of 7 (the Kamting-Leung Scale) with 7 being high.

Duration: 6
Physiological effects: 6
Cognitive/Social effects: 5
Negative or neutral side effects: 4
Cost: 4

Grand total of 25/35

This substance should be given healthy respect, and a psychonaut may want to plan his expedition somewhat before embarking, neanmoins, I intend to do 6-APB again in the right circumstances.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93868
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Nov 29, 2011Views: 30,339
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6-APB (516), Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : First Times (2), Various (28)

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