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Help for the Crushing Demands of School
Piracetam, Hydergine & Other Nootropics
Citation:   Russell M.. "Help for the Crushing Demands of School: An Experience with Piracetam, Hydergine & Other Nootropics (exp93869)". Jul 19, 2016.

10 mg oral Ergoloid mesylates
  3 g oral Piracetam
  700 mg oral DMAE
Hello my name is Russell. I'm 21 years of age. I weigh 150 lbs. Born in Santa Rosa, C.A. i moved to A.R. when I was fourteen, and because Arkansas's state curriculum is superior to that of California's, I had a hard time in school, being two grades behind! So I was forced to compound three years of high school education on three more. Let's just say I had to arm myself.

I'm experienced with what you could say a variety of different neuro-enhancing chemicals and herbs. I also have smoked Marijuana, which I read is lauded by scientists to be a potent brain antioxidant. Without all of which I would not be where I am. Of course that's not what started my habit with Mary Jane. But school, was tough, as it is for everyone, in A.R. teachers and principals are ensued the right to corporal punishment, by which I mean grown adults spank their students for misbehaving with a wooden paddle not quite unlike a domesticated dog. So as you can see in this conservative, austere and cold environment, you were either a brownnoser or your life was made a living hell.

A few nights after sneaking out to see my girl friend I was crowded by teachers punching me for oodles of pages of homework. As the years like a giant boulder of untouched papers and extracurricular text books barely budged by. I came into first contact with Piracetam. Then soon after starting a regimen I slowly but, surely started to see progress. I celebrated at Prom popping off champagne bottle tops, 17, feeling good I drink a lot feeling surer and actually a bit quicker also. My vocabulary consisted mainly of 'tits and ass', but then I started reading Nietzsche then Plato, Homer, Dante- yawn... but also remembering poetry I can count word for word to this day. In fact I even began writing myself at that point, often reveling on philosophical midday rhetoric to storming Ivory towers of prose. taking up 7 to 12 grams a day spaced evenly or by mood. Not to say that 'nootropics' are responsible at all for any of my inspiration, but they got me out of a tough statistically touting, smug in a glove school with at least a diploma. So how could I not be just a little thankful for the plentitude of nootropics I have taken.

I am very sensitive to any new chemical being administered into my body.

Piracetam: I'm not sure exactly how it works, but I know it does. Between doses of 3 grams up to 7- colors are more convincing of their colorfulness, surface planes take on a quality of their existence defined by relational measurement. Things just don't pop out of nowhere, but I can multi task my specificity on various different things in a given room. My thoughts on this seem so fluid that I can feel the reverberation of my thoughts making waves and I feel like at times I can be a silent watcher of the strange logical algorithms of my minds inner machinations usually quite unrecognizable to the average person, and I can at once tap in to improve the pattern. Speaking of piracetam's affinity with patternal behavior - Music is thoroughly invigorating and often leaves me with a zest for dancing. I listen nonstop to college lectures out of curiosity on this. Anything intellectual or even just anything that requires some contemplation in return of revelation no matter how brief becomes almost impulsive. I find words come easier and fall like rain. I love Piracetam I hate stopping it when I do, this is good for being in school and having lots of prep work.

This is hard to get, expensive, but well worth the waiting. I searched the entire internet until I found this vendor in britain. When I had finally received Hydergine - 5 mg. I took two and the first day my eyes were held wide open. I felt alive and very aware. I felt like I could see my own day dream visualizations make these tiny forms when I stared at something dark. The light became adventurous, I loved being in it. Night and day. Hydergine helped me temporarily gather my feelings very well, as I have ADHD. Hydergine gave me the power to become its polar opposite on free will, mental effort is still the same, but results gain further reaching territory into vast uncharted regions. Applying this to meditation revealed its unexpected profound mood enhancing potency while simultaneously positively enhancing the mind beyond just barely noticeable effects as a nootropic. There seems to be some psychic content to it. Reports seem to suggest a phenomena between piracetam and hydergine, and I noticed a little bit myself. from $30 and up, online

8mg. When awake on this my feelings seem pronounced, I like to walk on this stuff it makes all the hard fibers of my muscles languid and sinewy and I almost float on Galantamine really. It's relaxing. and yet it is not nicotine or anything weird. At night I have long memorable lucid dreams on this mostly. from $30. online

L dopa :
500 mg. Makes me feel naturally good, motivated, productive and thoughtful. online $20 - $30 online

L theanine:
200 mg to 400mg. Relaxing enough to helps me sleep, relaxing enough to ward off the chaos of sleep deprivation enough to stay up late and write this. Totally good for me.
$8 to $25 vitamin shops, online

10 mg. I find vinpocetine's benefits cumulative... I didn't say unnoticeable because I have random bursts of energy with it as it does build ATP which is some mother load payoff chemical to have in your system from time to time. So with stuff like this it doesn't hurt to go so far as to make a journal about daily aptitudes even, and just evaluate your own experiences too.

L Huperzine:
100mcg to 200mcg. I notice on L huperzine my thoughts do not appear to prematurely disconnect and I 'am moreso in the game just that many mcgs more that really make it count. $10 to $25 online, vitamin shop

Acetyl L Carnitine :
400mg to 1.2 grams. I notice I have more mental energy with it for sure. Good for workouts. $10 Stores, online etc.

L Carnosine :
500 mg to 1 g. Mental stamina. No mental fogginess! Less fatigue.
15$ to 25$. vitamin shop. online

DMAE: 100mg to 800mg. I take enough in conjunction with piracetam. 700 mg it can keep me awake if I'm not careful about what time I take it. so I take some early. of $4 to $10 vitamin shop, online

Phosphatedylserine : 100 mg to 500 mg. PS helps me coordinate my thoughts very gently without making it much of an urgency in my mind. I take it until I see results. vitamin shop, online

L Phenylalinine : (a precursor to Dopamine) 500 mg to 1 .5 g. helps you concentrate, improves mood, alleviates depression in some people i know who have taken and said they felt much better with it $7 to $20 vitamin shop, online

Okay these are my experience with these chemicals and nootropic consummate fanfare.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93869
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jul 19, 2016Views: 3,749
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Piracetam (95), Ergoloid mesylates (163), DMAE (151), Vinpocetine (162) : Combinations (3), Performance Enhancement (50), Retrospective / Summary (11), School (35)

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