Dynamic Range, Psychic Awakening
by m
Citation:   m. "Dynamic Range, Psychic Awakening: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp93870)". Erowid.org. Nov 29, 2011. erowid.org/exp/93870

1.5 mg buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Set: I've been feeling really bound up psychologically, very self-constrained, and I thought a psychedelic experience would do me good - a little WD-40 for the soul.

Setting: My flat during the autumn.

Previous experience: a just-over-threshold dose of LSD many, many years ago (Yup, that's it - not even weed). While fun, really didn't take me anywhere, but made for an amazing shower the next morning.

What follows verges on intimate, but I've tried to keep it clear and professional, so skip it if you've got a vivid imagination.

Overarching theme: Fantastic.

00:00 - Applied both blotters buccally after brushing teeth and gums (per some online advice). Not sure 2 in the afternoon is the best time to do this, but what the hell - I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Also, I'm quite excited to do this.

00:15 - Not used to this process, and the related avoidance of swallowing saliva. So I'm sitting here with my cat and a mouthful of saliva, while trying to bulk up my music library for a couple hours from now when I'll want something to listen to. It occurs to me that I don't know what 'first alerts' are, but I presume I'll notice.

00:30 - Definitely feeling *something*, but not sure what to call it. (+) These blotters are complexed with HPBCD, which is supposed to 'increase its bioavailability' (possibly because this stuff is apparently kind of hydrophobic). It feels a bit like when Adderall comes on, some kind of *acuteness* or *focus*. Just noticed I'm a little concerned that I'll be too busy doing something (good ol' overfocused ADD) to notice the trip, but I'm sure that won't at all be possible.

00:45 - *cough* *cough* Oops, accidentally swallowed a little saliva and it went down the wrong tube. Did notice a slightly sweet aroma to it. I'm probably holding this saliva far beyond any point, so I'll just go ahead and swish and swallow, but keep the blotter there for now. Not noticing any OEV yet, but totally feeling something heady and Ambien-like. (+) Pupils *maybe* a tiny bit dilated. Pulse normal.

00:55-01:05 - Spat out the blotter. Repeat comment about Ambien-like feeling. *Very* heady and swirly right now. (+) Can't tell if I'm perceiving a subtle tremor, or actually having one (pretty sure it's the tiniest bit of both, but holding my fingers near a steady object and not actually seeing anything seems to indicate I'm just sensing it). Noticing that I'm feeling a little disconnected from my hands. A few minutes later, I'm really coming up, and being new to this, am just a tiny bit anxious. Man, I just want to lie down. It's that nearly-too-much feeling and I kind of want to puke or do something (note: I never do, nor really need to). I just popped outside and it's lovely - a crisp autumn day. I think it's a little too hot inside.

01:10 - The *second* I step inside, I can *feel* the house really engulfing me, I can *feel* it above and below and in front and behind and to my sides. Being outside felt open and airy. Being inside feels enclosed or crowded (I have a tiny place and too much stuff), but not claustrophobic, as though I can sense the intention of the structure. (+)

01:30 - Feeling pretty WOW. Going to lie down for a touch, and just open up turntable.fm (yes, I got lazy with my music playlists). The CEV are fractal and nice. (++)

01:45 - OEV. (++) Hard to describe, but seems to be fractal depth to the carpet, like staring down at a tiny forest, for instance. Pretty rad. Strong tracers are evident, making typing a little hard (the cursor and letter progression are tracing over one another). The anxiety over the somewhat overwhelming rush of coming up that I was feeling a little earlier has mostly dissipated, as evidenced by the perma-grin. The coldness that some people mention during come-up was a little bit like sliding down a glacier and seeing all that white and blue stretching out to either side of you; felt a little barren and a touch noisy and seemed like it took a while. I could also describe it as stepping in from a cold snowy day and hearing the door scuff shut behind you - it's cold right up until the door is closed all the way.

02:00 - CEV strong, really strong. Abrupt changes in ambient lighting cause rapid strobing. Strong erotic component to music, something in it and the feel of the rug and the sensation was really pushing me close to ecstasy a minute ago. (+++/++) This music is amazing. 'Graffiti on a Tuesday night' by Neat Beats.

02:10 - Wavering right on the edge of +++/++, back and forth as the songs play. Music appreciation is ridiculous, and by 'appreciation', I mean I 'appreciate' sex and other intimate contact. Impressive. (+++/++) '4 Better or 4 Worse (DJ Nu-Mark remix instrumental)' by The Pharcyde. 'Lying Peacefully' by Pepe Deluxe

2:40 - Waiting for turntable.fm to do something after it stalled, I went outside, and it's really interesting how clear you can think when you feel the urge to. (++) This is like a really loud party next door that you just have to yell over.

03:00 - Alternating between relief and a little worry that I took this while I was in a safe environment (e.g. home) and DOING IT IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT (e.g. home where flatmates live and may return). A minor inconvenience. (++)

03:05 - Back into the music, and I'm really losing track of time - this hits in waves. (++/+++) (more ++ than +++)

03:20 - Feeling a little negative, and I think it's brought on by the fact that I'm not sure I want my flatmates to catch me tripping without any A: supervision, or B: forewarning. I'm a little caught by the fact that I kind of don't want to tell M I'm tripping without her babysitting (which is a little irresponsible). While this anxiety might be cyclical - the anxiousness I was feeling earlier was a lot like this - I think it's more likely the whole not being responsible and making sure I'm taken care of bit.

04:00 - Caved in earlier and called M (Sorry to interrupt your time with R). Need a little babysitting away from my place to keep the trip upbeat.

05:00-09:00 - The effects seem to come in waves - not just in the 'wave after wave' sense; strong surges that build rapidly but smoothly, peak, and then wash down and fade. M reports that my pupils are normal when I report feeling the effects, and more dilated when I say I'm not. Interesting. OEV still visible if I'm looking for it - another mottled, noisy carpet seemed 'deep', colors (especially red) seem to pop. The 'depth perception' effect grows steadily more subdued. At some point I notice some color warping on my phone's screen, where the keys were normally grey, there was a wash of faint rainbow. M is testing my apparently widening psychic abilities, which is REALLY INTERESTING considering I think of myself as just some schmoe with astoundingly good intuition, but M has always thought I was psychic and just logic'd/rationalized it away. Without a vocabulary, it's hard to explain what I'm seeing, but since she's heavily psychic, she understands perfectly and says 'Welcome to my world.' Also, this Organic India brand 'Tulsi Tea' Chai Masala with lots of honey was delicious. Really introspective, had a little bit of a cry and felt better. (most all of this is ++)

10:00 - Very little OEV. M and I get intimate. I have to stress that I am/was never a strong believer in psychic abilities one way or the other, but I can't explain this in any other way. (++) I seem to be picking up on her sensations, and I'm getting massive sensory… um… climaxes? as she peaks (she's not on anything, BTW). I am so busy getting my mind blown that I can't really vouch for her little experiment with just touching herself, but she said that she would toy with the tempo and pace, and I was right along with her, my eyes closed the whole time. Psychic skeptic in me: 0; Psychic in me: 1 (Music: 'LTLP 5A' by Edit)

11:30 - Mostly baseline now, going back through this to clean it up a little and expand a touch. What a great experience. What really struck me were 4 things:

* RED - whether or not this was precipitated by reading reports online, I don't really know or care. While red was redder, several other things were noticeably 'more' of what they were, like *feeling* the house enclose me and how open the outdoors felt, or how very *wet* water felt. For anyone in photography or audio, it's like having a suddenly increased dynamic range;

* Music appreciation - some songs and segments brought me to non-physical climax, while others just brought on a vaguely negative (or annoyingly neutral) vibe that only really caused me to switch stations for a minute;

* How clearly I could think - there seemed to be no real interference with me talking to people or coping with the outside world (admittedly, I was probably well past the major peaks when I had to do so);

* Psychic awakening - I'm kind of aggressively agnostic when it comes to beliefs, and psychic powers go in the bin with Gods, Dragons, and Telekinesis (if I believe in one, they're all valid, if I don't believe in one, none can be valid) Well, lots of these have a basis, and I think I just stumbled on the basis for psychic abilities. Really not sure where to go from there, but mighty, mighty interesting.

Postscript -
I thought of a really good way to describe what I was seeing earlier at home: *Some kind* of depth had afforded a purchase on a flat rug, and could best be seen from an angle. This didn't run, or bleed, or shift. It also seemed spatially fixed, so that angle and perspective stayed correct if I moved about and the effect only broke down from directly above, or low, oblique angles. I described the appearance like so: If you took, say, 10-15 cross sections of a whole forest, and then printed those on clear acetate, then stacked them so they totaled about 5-6cm high, you'd see no discernible difference from straight down, but as angle of viewing changed, this 'depth' became more perceptible. Once you got low enough, you'd be seeing the acetate from the side, and the effect would again disappear.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93870
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Nov 29, 2011Views: 39,424
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Various (28), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2)

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