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Doctor Of Crazyness
by ErowidLover
Citation:   ErowidLover. "Doctor Of Crazyness: An Experience with DOC & DOB (exp93874)". Apr 2, 2020.

    Vitamins / Supplements
  1.5 mg oral DOB
  3 mg oral DOC
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


My friend and I took respectively 3 mg of DOC & 1,5 mg of DOB, it was a 24 hours + trip. Being moderately experienced with LSD and Tryptamines myself for sometimes now, I figured I could handle this easily. Also, I have been taking Vitamins, Calcium, Mangnesium some hours before the trip.

My friend had never tripped on substitued amphetamines before, he's pretty new on RC. He takes tegratol, an anti-seizure mood/med stabilizier medication., which he'd never mixed with psychedelics before. Perhaps this was the random factor in making this the first BAD trip he ever had.

We each took 3mg of DOC mixed with 1,5 mg of DOB about 8 AM. I felt the effects twenty minutes later VERY very strong, fractal, colorful visuals, every poster on my wall was 3D and the walls and ceiling were breathing and turning colors. I was enjoying it. My friends began shaking all over immediately and became very disoriented and refused to be left alone. The visuals kept peaking and peaking. I sat on the porch alone smoking a cigarette and thinking about the situation, and in the dark, closed my eyes and saw bright, rainbow, almost flaming colored visuals even with my eyes closed, as if tendrils and wrought iron patterns were growing and spiraling. It was very nice, almost peaceful, but with an increasing edginess and uneasiness.

The trip kept peaking, and peaking. I might have enjoyed this if at a festival, in a large open space with NO CARS and lots of people and lots of people to help me calm down and come down.
I might have enjoyed this if at a festival, in a large open space with NO CARS and lots of people and lots of people to help me calm down and come down.
No such luck. Just my friends and I in his appartment. Both of us too fucked up to drive, and nowhere to go, and, by the time the psychosis hit, too early for any of our friends to come pick us up or come talk us down, or shove the many Xanax / Valium down our throats that we really should have taken.

Around 11 AM, the psychosis hit full-on. My friend initially was even worse than me, going into full-blown panic, making me even worse. I remember sitting in the dark in front of my computer, trying to type, and feeling like I was in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World, with leering corpses hanging out of the walls and ceiling, surrounding me. It was awful. I had to get outside. I felt like I was in a time loop. I remember it being 11:43 AM for hours. Also, my thoughts began looping and growing more and more irrational. I began yelling and repeating myself, just blurting out random numbers and garbage shit. (Is Lady Gaga going to come?). Then I began throwing things and breaking things, with the thought of, 'You didn't say the magic word!' All reason disappeared. Books, candles, went everywhere, one through my window. I went outside, and began throwing flower pots. Then, upon seeing passing cars, I would run up to them, wave them down, knock on their windows and begin hurling slurs or insults at the people inside. I then laid in the middle of the road, thinking, so what if I get hit?

Friends began freaking out. Help was nowhere to be found. He called police on his cell phone. Stupid? Perhaps. But, if he hadn't, I could have gotten run over or probably had the shit beat out of me by someone in one of these cars that I was flagging down and calling names.

Cops came. I walked up to the cop and asked him for a cigarette. He thought I was being aggressive so I just calmed down. My friend walked with a police officer into an ambulance car, he got to ride in the ambulance to the hospital, I joined him, where the ER staff strapped us down to a bed for 8 hours after pumping me and my friend with full of haldol and charcoal.

About 1 PM the next day, I woke up and we were released. I was still feeling the drug, and seeing the colors and pulsating light.

At around 5 PM I'm feeling a bit odd. I call it DOC for 'Doctor of Crazyness.' Needless to say, I'll never touch this stuff again MIXED with DOB for as long as I live. In fact, I'm not really in the mood to do any drugs combo anymore.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93874
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 2, 2020Views: 1,080
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