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Bad Trip or Just Unexpected..
by annonymous
Citation:   annonymous. "Bad Trip or Just Unexpected..: An Experience with AMT (exp93894)". Dec 28, 2020.

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20 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 20 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)


It was my first time trying a hallucinogenic and to be honest I didnít know what to expect, I imagined I would see things but I did not know quite what. I researched the drug and found out all about it, the good and bad effects and decided I would try it.
I took 20mg in a bomb at 6.30pm at a park near me with my friends, many of which taking the same substance. I then redosed with another 20mg at about 7.30pm I waited for the effects and after about an hour I felt slightly tipsy and in a good mood but not enough to say I was Ďhití by the drug I realised this must have just been a slow come up.

The first onset I experienced was change in body temperature I suddenly became boiling and had to go home and take of what I was wearing to cool down, I then went back out again by about 8.30 still feeling tipsy in looser cooler clothing packing a blanket and dressing gown for my friendís apartment. I then took a walk to my friendís house feeling hardly any effect other than lifted mood. As I neared the house I saw flash lights of cars nearing me and they looked brighter than I had ever seen lights before, I could see all the colours of the spectrum casting out of the headlights and it was beautiful.

I arrived at my friends house when I began to feel in a much better mood at about 9.15pm, at this point I started to feel uncomfortable and wanted my home comforts so I asked my friends if I could go home and take a nap, foolishly. I sat on the step outside my friends to cool down, still boiling but feeling ice cold to the touch. I started to stare at the gravel which began to move, it was like the stones were growing and shrinking and pulsating. I realised I couldnít seem to look away and this was very interesting to me. I then looked around as we were in dark and everything looked to me like we were in the set of a Tim Burton movie. All colours then seemed dull and things appeared no different to the eye but where somewhat scary.

I walked with 3 friends back to my house where nobody was home and I got into my bed as my friends left I reached my peak around 10pm. I looked around and everything appeared to be moving. My radiator looked like it was melting and then normal again. I could see faces bulging out of the floral pattern of my curtains and it scared me somewhat. I closed my eyes and again saw some quite intense visuals, these included kaleidoscopic and geometric shapes at first but then I saw some strange multi coloured hallucinations with my eyes shut. First I saw the statue of liberty spinning a giant multicoloured basketball on her finger, followed by dolphins jumping into water and turning into bananas. These were amusing and I soon realised the trip was most pleasant with my eyes closed. But then with my eyes closed things also seemed dark, I saw scary trees and blood and scary owls transforming into each other. I was boiling at this point and had to get out of bed. This was when I looked in the mirror and it really didnít look like me, I could not associate the reflection to actually being me. At this point I was in my bathroom which had a patterned floor. The pattern on the floor became really bold and then pure white in front of my eyes and it was hard to grasp it was like the pattern was fading in front of my eyes. I had this same experience when looking a pen on a page, the pen vanished till I could see a blank page and then slowly bit by bit came back as if I was watching it be drawn before my very own eyes. At this point it was reaching 10.30pm and I was getting negative thoughts, very elaborate, I got it into my head that the soft toys in my room where evil and were planning to attack me, I then considered hurting myself as I was convinced it was the right thing to do in order to stop my soft toys from attacking me. I texted my friends telling them I wanted to come back out as I couldnít handle this trip on my own. Whilst waiting for the arrival I looked through images on my phone which also turned very dark and scary, I looked at an image of my friend and his skin turned grey, his eyes red and strings came out of his hands as if he was a puppet, this scared me alot and I was just waiting till I wasnít alone any more.

I left my house by 11pm and from then everything was great, I saw a multicoloured streak of light on a wall that I called cyber worm and it amused me for a long while. I realised that if I laughed things of then the trip was enjoyable rather than scary. I was feeling effects for nearly 24 hours including the slow comedown where you cannot sleep and still see closed eye visuals.

Overall I feel that the drug didn't work for me because I was not prepared mentally for the visuals. Everyone else that took the drug loved the experience whereas I freaked out on it placing myself into a bad trip, once I learnt I could control how I felt I enjoyed the rest of the experience. I now know what to expect when taking hallucinogenic drugs and I will most likely enjoy my further experiences. I would also like to add that I felt very low and upset unexplainably for 4-5 days after taking the drug as being back in reality was a major shock to me. This makes me pose the question, was it a bad trip? Or was it just unexpected?

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93894
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Dec 28, 2020Views: 703
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