I Need to Boil It
Citation:   Jallen. "I Need to Boil It: An Experience with Kratom (exp93908)". Erowid.org. May 18, 2022. erowid.org/exp/93908

3 - 5 g oral Kratom (tea)
Kratom was recommended to me by a friend, who also recommended Bali Kratom as the most pleasant strain of Kratom for those who seek a more sedating, but at the same time euphoric effect. The first time I tried Kratom was with the shredded leaf. I boiled some water, put it in a cup and put about 5 grams of shredded leaf in the water, together with some honey. I then let it sit for about 15 minutes, covering the cup with a small saucer. I drank it, put the leaf remains in a cup of yoghurt and ate it, then waited for it to kick in. After about 20 minutes I was starting to feel very relaxed and pleasant, but I decided I wanted a stronger effect. However, this time I dumped another 5 grams into my electric water boiler to save time and boiled the kratom in water twice. I added honey again and drank it, then instead of putting the remaining leaf in yoghurt I decided I'd just scoop it up and eat it. The honey really does help.

The kratom started to kick in and I felt more intensely relaxed than I ever have. Mind you my only psychoactive experiences before kratom have been with cannabis and alcohol. I was overwhelmed with an intense relaxation coupled with a very pleasant euphoria. I decided that kratom was the most enjoyable psychoactive I've ever taken so far.

Unfortunately, those 10 grams of Bali Kratom were all I had. I decided to look for a place to order more and discovered some more cost efficient places to order. I was recommended to get the powder instead of the shredded leaf, as it is only slightly more expensive, but a lot more economical. So I ordered about 175 grams of Bali powder. I boiled some water and put about a teaspoon of powder in, drank it and waited.

I was getting impatient so I decided to have some more. However, after a while I did feel very relaxed, but not as intensely, nor did I experience the euphoria I'd had the last time. I ended up taking about 5-7 teaspoons within a timeframe of about 1-2 hours, I got nauseous and my high was ruined. I was disappointed and decided to look around online for a more effective way to ingest kratom. I came across some recipes that included boiling, several times even, and I remembered that the first time I'd done kratom I'd actually boiled the leaf twice before taking my second cup of tea. I realised that boiling must be the key.

So here is a recipe for Kratom Tea that works well for me, I find that in order to properly experience the euphoria, I need to boil the kratom, boiling apparently does not destroy the alkaloids:

1. Take some Kratom (for Bali the measurements are Powder: 3-5 grams, Shredded leaf: 5-10 grams). For the powder, this means approximately one teaspoon. Yes, teaspoon, not tablespoon.
2. Pour about 1.5-2 cups of water into a pan, add the kratom and stir.
3. Turn on the heat and start boiling. Boil for about 10-15 minutes.
4. Pour the mixture into a cup, through a filter of some kind (coffee filter is best for the powder) and squeeze out the liquid from the remaining material.
5. Put the material back in the pan and add more water, repeat step 3 and 4.

Some suggest that you can throw away the plant remains after this second extraction, but I like to just put it in my tea and drink it to make sure. I like to add honey to my tea to make it a little less bitter, but in my opinion it doesn't taste that bad.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93908
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 18, 2022Views: 1,278
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