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The More I Felt Poisoned by It
by Dave
Citation:   Dave. "The More I Felt Poisoned by It: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp94042)". Nov 21, 2016.

  insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
A Retrospective

During the start of my second year of university, a friend and I had heard about mxe and the somewhat elusive world of research chemicals, which if one is unguided in, can be difficult to get a grasp of with just trip reports and forums.

Being a chemistry undergraduate, and having studied the chemical structures of both ketamine and mxe objectively, I thought it would be interesting to test it over the term ahead, and with its use, perhaps discover something interesting about ourselves. I ordered it off an online supplier, a single gram, and it arrived promptly after that. We ended up taking it regularly, at first in dosages of 30mg and later progressing to 60mg or more and with cannabis, small quantities of MDMA, alcohol, and each time doing a different activity on it, namely going to a club, watching light shows in.

Having read a substantial quantity of literature regarding come up times and what to expect in the general sense, I felt as though I would be ready whatever came along. I do not claim, by any standards, to have a great deal of competence with substances, but I’m very comfortable with altering my state of mind, and if I’m honest there isn’t a great deal I wouldn’t considering doing. This point is tangential, but it illustrates that I’m not nervous with substances.

Our first experience was planned carefully, we used scales to measure out 30mg or so each, did the lines, and settled down for an evening by laying down in a dark room with Floyd playing (we thought we couldn’t go wrong with that). It takes an hour to reach full strength, and as many people say, I can confirm it creeps up very slowly. With my eyes closed, Dark side sat in the pit of brain, and I simply felt quite relaxed, but by half an hour later the singing was waaaay over there in the corner of the room, and then back in the centre of my head. Upon opening my eyes, the room appeared massive, almost like a cathedral (my room is tiny) and that this space was the only one that existed, it was only this room in the universe and nothing else. My perception of time slowed drastically, and what felt like 3 hours was 30 minutes. We lay in silence, and I found my thoughts being extremely introspective and rich in texture. This continued for 3 or so hours, and then on the comedown, I felt anesthetised, as if I had just come out of a general anaesthetic. When I went to bed, it took me a while to nod off, and only later on did it become clear as to why this is the case. In low doses, much like ketamine, mxe releases dopamine, which has a mild stimulating effect on the mind and the more we did it, the worse the effects of this became, until I got to the point where a 50mg line at 9pm meant no sleep until 4am.

What I really want to emphasise in this account is the longer term affects of mxe. Personally, I felt the more we did it, the more I felt poisoned by it
I felt the more we did it, the more I felt poisoned by it
. Mxe to me is a ‘dark’ drug in much the same way MDMA is a ‘light’ or ‘happy’ drug. If it were a person it would be sarcastic and unhelpful, but you’d still be friends with even though you weren’t sure why. The first trips I had were much better than the first, and I’d have to do more to get the same effect, but I did not grow tolerant to its physical effect, hence the feeling of being poisoned. So in retrospect, perhaps I would have done it less often.

As far as combinations are concerned, I found a small quantity of MDMA and mxe was a bad choice, as once the MDMA had worn off, I entered a pretty dark place and began to panic about why I did drugs as a whole, and I began to question my lifestyle choices very seriously. Weed and mxe is okay but they don’t quite complement each other in the way I’d expect. Alcohol and mxe was a very interesting experience. I was very drunk, did a line and proceeded to enter a rather transcendental state, which must have been a solid (+++) on the shulgin scale. The hangover wasn’t worth it though.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94042
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 21, 2016Views: 3,788
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