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A Digital Mess
Citation:   Blackehartededitor. "A Digital Mess: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp94045)". Jan 24, 2012.

  oral Alcohol
I'm copying verbatim here an email I wrote to a friend about my last night's experience with this compound: 25-i-NBome. I'm not what you'd call a psychedelic voyager by any means, although I have tried numerous substances in the research chemical group of psychoactives. Normally I am very careful, do my research, tread carefully, etc.

I'm not sure what happened to me last night. I had been drinking somewhat during the day, had an evening alone for the first time in months, and just decided to go for a true psychedelic experience of the kind I have read so many reports about but have never had for myself. My original intention was to dose the next morning, but for some reason I got home last night and took my tabs immediately. My email to my friend:

'So, me being the brilliant person that I am decided that when I got home last night at whatever time it was would be the best time to take my little adventure, because I was worried that waiting until this morning when I was properly rested, not half-hangover, and had given myself some time to meditate and get into the proper mindset for a spiritual vision quest was somehow not a better idea since we had dinner reservations.

I had five 750 microgram tabs of this stuff, 25i-Nbome if you want to look it up at all today. The seller had recommended taking 2-3. I was like, fuck it, I want to see god, so I put all five in my mouth on my gums.

What I expected to happen: I go from being half-tired to fully alert....the room starts changing, etc. and I spend all evening in amazement wandering the house and yard and listening to Dark Side of the Moon etc. while having miraculous insights into the true nature of the universe.

What actually happened: I took the tabs, got into the shower, and within five minutes the walls started shifting and things started getting weird. Me: 'this is happening really fast. better get these fuckers out of my mouth. NOW.' I did not wake up ostensibly, rather I felt more and more groggy and incapacitated as the world around me slowly began to unravel. I've never wanted to sleep more in my life but it was obvious I wouldn't be able to because the stimulus of everything around me turning into this weird digital noise of insanity was just too much for my brain to comprehend or ignore enough to sleep. I tried really hard to keep my shit together but it was everything I could to do dry off, stumble into the kitchen, get a glass of water, and then collapse in the living room on the couch.

My body felt like shit. I wasn't sure if I was going to shit or puke myself all over the couch or wherever I was. Actually, I should probably go in there and check. In the meantime I could barely move, I felt like I had drank an entire bottle of vodka. But everything around me had gone to absolute crazy town. I mean, I completely lost sanity. There was no coherent theme, there was nothing to keep track of, everything just went absolutely fucking haywire bananas, there was no reality, just crazy morphing walls and images popping into and out of vision a bazillion times a second. It all felt very digital at first, which is hard to explain but there was also this digital feedback noise, sort of Max Headroom-ish is the best I can explain it.

When I would pull myself together enough to look at the room it was overwhelming how much the walls were shifting, moving, flowing, dripping, whatever. But nothing was fluid, it all changed from one second to the next. Then I would forget who I was, where I was, how many people I was, etc. I was having trouble keeping a grasp on myself and keeping myself from panicking but I was somehow able in the very back of my brain to keep reminding myself that I was just on drugs, and pull myself together enough to stumble into the bathroom and slam down 2 mg of Xanax in the hopes that would pull some sort of a ripcord. Thank god for that. I mean, I barely made it in there and found the stuff and managed to take it. I'm not at all sure how. Then I sat on the toilet for god knows how long because I lost myself in there mentally. I would have called you to help bail me out but I was beyond knowing where my phone was, who I was, who you were or how to even begin using it.

I can't emphasize enough just how. fucking. tired. I was all the goddamned time. This stuff didn't wake me up, it just turned me into an incoherent mess. I just wanted to sleep. And my body felt like ass. So before I peaked (! I was maybe on 20 mins in at this point and knew it was only going to get crazier) I decided the best thing to do was to try and lay down in bed, hope the Xannys would kick in and I could sleep it off. I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not.

The room was pitch black so that just sent the hallucinations overboard. I couldn't tell if I was in the blankets or out of the blankets, I didn't know if I was cold or hot but I was shaking violently. I think I went into a half-sleep, half-hallucinating stupor but I completely lost myself. From moment to moment I would be in all different kinds of realities, sometimes living as a poor migrant farmworker, sometimes an English aristocrat, for a while I thought I was you, I spent a lot of the time in this completely bizarre universe a la Sargeant Peppers where everything was just random and nothing made sense.

I remember laughing uproariously at how just fucking weird everything was. I was sitting on a hot dog in front of a broken tv or something and everything was absurd and random from second to second. Then the next second I would be in some completely other reality, be some other person. But it was all so disjointed, there was no flow to the evening, it was just a digital mess. In a way it was like the days when we'd used to try and find a picture in the scrambled porn on TV...sometimes things would come very slightly into focus but the next instant everything would scramble again. I do remember trying really hard to remember who I actually was at one point and it being very difficult.

Finally I think the Xanax must have kicked in completely. At around 2:30 in the morning, still feeling weak, I managed to get up and move around the house a little, and it was much more manageable and cool. I knew who I was, I was still tired as hell, but the world looked really really amazing, shimmering and cool, like a colorized version of an old 20s black and white film. My living room looked like the smoking room of some early 20th century hunters club. It looked very regal. I went outside and wandered around a bit. I even took some pictures of Magnolia street with no cars on it because I thought it was so wild that in such a busy city there was no one on the road at that hour. That lasted for a while, but I still felt overwhelming tired and it was very difficult to do much of anything so I popped some Valium and came back into the bedroom and finally passed out.

I had to write this all while it was as fresh in my memory as I could muster. But it was really really really really fucking weird. There is far too much that is just a blur. Everything was just changing so fast and was so intense there was nothing to keep track of. Truly insane.'

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94045
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Jan 24, 2012Views: 38,044
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