Tinnitus That Became Louder and Longer Lasting
Citation:   Nick E. "Tinnitus That Became Louder and Longer Lasting: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp94097)". Erowid.org. Sep 11, 2016. erowid.org/exp/94097

  repeated insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
I am a UK male, thirty seven years old, about six foot two inches in height and in average physical condition. I have experience of a wide range of drugs over the course of the last twenty years including pharmacuticals as well as illegal drugs and have taken what would seem to some to be unwise doses of psychedelics and have always come through unscathed (although sometimes in a slightly shaky state). I have had many out of body experinces during these sessions, most often through N,N-DMT usage but also once from a very high dosage of psylocybin\psilocin.

When I first tried methoxetamine I had only taken ketamine ten or so times and rarely in large quantities. Initially I found the effects, via insufflation of the drug, to be simply 'weird'. The dissassociative feelings were not unpleasant, but I felt disconected to my exterior environment. I certainly felt stimulated but also both emotionally and physically numbed.

After several initial smallish doses I started buying larger amounts. After taking multiple lines (I don't have a milligram balance so dosages are estimates) of about 70mg over the course of several hours I (in a somewhat unsafe move) took a much larger line and it was this that made the psychedelic potential of this substance clear.

I found the trips I got from taking this drug made LSD look like skittles. I would have hugely involved experiences such as the time I was contacted by a machine intelligence that had achieved omnipotence and wanted to share knowledge of the universe, and the time that I was utterly sure that I was dead and I would spend eternity in insane recursive hell composed of thirty seconds of Countdown (for non-UK readers Countdown is a television quiz programme dealing largely with word puzzles. It features a large clock which counts down a thirty second interval) which was quite terrifying despite its mundane description. I found I was readily able to recall these experiences unlike DMT, where I was often only vaguely aware of my hallucinations after the comedown, which was a definite plus.

Although a small number of trips were horrific, some were absolutely ecstatic and my overall feeling towards this drug was that it was worthwhile but to be treated with some caution. Trip sitters should be considered although I was, to my knowledge, never mobile during the peak.

After some six months of regular weekend usage I started to notice that during tripping the hearing in my left ear became incredibly sensitive
the hearing in my left ear became incredibly sensitive
. I could hear every tiny sound in the house and I found this to be quite amusing at first and would turn off all sources of noise I could and sit for hours simple listening to the world go by.

I continued to use the drug and after perhaps another four weekends of use found that I was starting to hear a high pitched continuous whine in my left ear. This was short lived at first and easy to dismiss, but as my usage continued it became louder and longer lasting, being noticeable even after I felt completely back to baseline.

Some may think me stupid for not quitting, and frankly I would tend to agree. I have been taking it for as long as it has been widely available in the UK (about one year I think) and in quite large quantities so my case may be unusual however it is worth thinking about if you intend to start experimenting with this chemical. The whine now lasts for many days after my last dose and can be very distracting, although recently I have become so used to it that it rarely bothers me. What does concern me though it that the cause of my tinnitus was actual physical damage to my brain. I was also interested to note that when I took a different NMDA antagonist (3-MeO-PCP in this case) that the tinnitus was also noticeable, however if it were caused by every other arylcyclohexylamine drug I would have expected to have been able to find similar stories, but so far have not.

This drug is very new and no long term studies exist on its effects on the body. For all I know I could have huge Olney's legions in my brain, although I think this unlikely.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94097
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Sep 11, 2016Views: 2,030
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