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Busted in West Vancouver
Cannabis & Cops
by Drugstore Cowboy
Citation:   Drugstore Cowboy. "Busted in West Vancouver: An Experience with Cannabis & Cops (exp9415)". Sep 13, 2001.

    Cannabis (flowers)


It was on one of my regular visits to Vancouver where I had my first run in with the police.

My friend Ted and I drove up to the British Properties in West Van to have a session and take in the fantastic view of Vancouver.

We boxed his car and then each had a Marlboro. While we were smoking, a cop drove along the suburban street past us, only to turn around and hit us with the lights. He came up and took ted's id and gave me a hard time for not having any (I went out to get high, not drive). Soon there were two more in an unmarked car. For the first time in hundreds of sessions, and numerous cop encounters we were going to be made an example of.

The first cop told us he could smell weed and was going to search us and the car. A rush of relief washed over me as my mind slowly realized that for the first time in several hundred visits to Van, I had neither pipe or weed. I was happily searched and my wallet plundered. Then one cop stepped up and asked me 'what's in the flap?' He held a flap with bitter crystals and small specks of purple in it. I laughed and told them that it was Wellbutrin, as I had been snorting it for an extra kick when partying. None of the cops had heard of it, so I began to ramble on in detail giving the officers an uneasiness that was quite apparent. Since i had no id they were unable to verify that I had no record.

They were no more successful with ted. He had barely a bowl left in what he bought with us and his pipe. The car was immaculate.

Nevertheless they issued ted a 24 hour suspension on the spot for being ripped, but they were denied their precious drug seizure. We were a disappointing haul.

While his car was being towed away we were able to wangle a ride back into north van, a sizeable distance and not a trek that any mortal or chronic would dare attempt with less than 2 g. of good buds. And never under these circumstances.

In another fortunate turn he let us off 2 blocks from ted's house and not far from my own. But first I had to stop in at ted's, for there was weed and we needed it to smoke. Not only because we were stressed from the incident, but as much to remind ourselves that we had beaten that rap many times, and this would not hold us back from demanding that extra something that makes life so much more fun.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 9415
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 13, 2001Views: 21,610
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Police / Customs (60), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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