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Ultra Clean Psychedelia
Citation:   dearpsychonaut. "Ultra Clean Psychedelia: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp94392)". Erowid.org. Jan 26, 2012. erowid.org/exp/94392

634 ug sublingual 25I-NBOMe (liquid)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  211 ug insufflated 25I-NBOMe (liquid)
A little background information is always necessary; I'm 20 years old and in good physical shape, 150 lbs give or take, and in a pretty dark place psychologically but completely functional. Moderately experienced with psychedelic drugs and have encountered the following: LSD, Psilocybin, 4-aco-dmt, LSA (from MG and HBWR), 2c-e, 2c-t-2, DMT, 4-MEC, DXM, MXE, amanita muscaria, syrian rue, and I'm sure I missed a few others.

So a while back a friend of mine had called me about some 'N-bomb' and said it was an analogue to LSD. I soon found out he was talking about the NBOMe chemicals...and that they had no chemical relation to LSD, but figured he had tried it and came the conclusion that the trip was pretty similar. This greatly sparked my interest. I soon ordered 250mg of 25i-NBOMe HCL and decided to give it a whirl.

I took the 250mg and dissolved it in a 1/2 cup of water. It dissolved pretty nicely with a bit of effort and I had a solution of 2.11mg/mL and I was ready to dose. Never realized how easy it would be to measure out microgram dosages!

I had been planning on tripping with a super good friend for a while now, we had our first and second psychedelic trips together (on psilocybin and 4-aco-dmt) and haven't tripped together on anything good since aside from a nasty trip with some contaminated hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. He lives half way across the country from me now because of schooling arrangements and I constantly miss him like crazy. He's one guy I can really connect with on a spiritual level and I truly feel at peace with him no matter how pissed off I get at him haha. He was eager to get his trip on, but was a little skeptical about synthetic drugs. After reading a few forum boards and seeing people have taken over 40mg of this substance without lethal effects he decided he would give it a whirl. It was his last day in town after all...and we had access to nothing natural.

Set and Setting:
In my apartment, a relatively comfortable place. Small, but cozy and it is home after all. My friend (I'll call him S) stayed here with me for a month this past summer and he felt as if it was another home of his as well. I was in a pretty good mindset, a little irritated that S was 2 hours late but I was expecting it to be honest, don't know why but I pick the slowest people in the world for friends. Lingering thoughts of if I'll have a negative reaction to this substance don't bother me to much...but they are there. Late at night, S shows up at about 11pm.

We take an oral syringe and measure out .3mL which should be about 634ug and put the liquid under our tongues. Its only a few drops, so it barely feels like anything is there until I taste it. The taste isn't bad, a bit bitter but nothing to whine about. We decide that holding it under our tongues for 20 minutes would be a good amount of time for the sublingual ROA.

After holding the liquid under our tongues without swallowing for 10 minutes or so our mouths are filling up with saliva pretty well, and we decide to go for a walk. During the walk I note that I feel a bit different, somewhat of a headspace and a light body feeling. S notes that he feels pretty normal. About half way during the walk our mouths are so full of spit we can barely talk and go silent for a bit. This is why I hate sublingual dosing, but I'm willing to do it with a good psychedelic. All my saliva tastes bitter and I'm pretty happy once we can swallow and smoke a cigarette to get the taste out of our mouths. There is a bit on numbing on the tongue noted, but not like MXE where it feels like a local anesthetic.

We get back to my apartment and once we walk in we notice the color of my blacklight is much more vibrant. Turning on the normal light shows us some brightly yellow tinted walls and a wash of euphoria, we giggle and laugh for a bit and listen to some Pink Floyd. Music is most definitely enhanced, Piper At The Gates of Dawn was an excellent choice. Me and S soon fell into silence and we lay on couches enjoying the music and the magic that Syd Barret created back in his musical days. Interstellar Overdrive was quite the experience, I remember feeling as if it was ripping my ears apart....but in such a humble way! At this point my ego was just as in tact as it had been before we dosed and I noticed little to no awareness robbing from this substance. Seemed extraordinarily clean on mind and body, a feeling of mental and visual clarity kicked into gear and ideas flowed quite well. S noted to same thing, we decided to go for a longer walk and explore on this seemingly wonderful substance.

We started down the sidewalk and I noted that the clarity of this relatively warm (about 45 degrees F, quite warm for january in wisconsin) winter day. My vision was absolutely perfect, everything had a shimmering quality to it and was absolutely beautiful. I began discussing with S my plans for a collective of free thinkers to change to world, and inspire hope. My ideas were flowing so smoothly I couldn't help but to burst out into laughter and the euphoria was at its peak. S mentioned extreme interest in this collective that I was planning on starting and we spoke a bit about the objectives of it. I felt a strong desire to inspire hope and beauty within this world through advancement of consciousness, and realized that we are the ultimate technology of nature. It was time to advance ourselves rather than to waste our time on such things as money and earthly technology. I had never experienced such clarity in life, it was so blissful!

We smoked a few cigs on the way back and decided that we'd take a nasal dose to up the experience a bit, perhaps to enjoy some ego softening and some more noticeable visuals. We got back and I took a .1mL (211ug) nasal shot from the oral syringe, upping my dosage to 845ug total. I feel as if the original dose was peaking and I just kicked it into overdrive with the next dose. As it shot up my nose I noticed I let a small drip escape to the back of my throat, I was a bit bummed, but then the visual aspect kicked in and I noticed some ego dampening and I was satisfied. S took .2mL nasally after me, and noted the same effects although I'm sure they were a bit more intense, and mentioned the beautiful visuals. I couldn't help but agree.

Typically on psychedelic journeys I try to not put too much merit into visuals...they can be distracting from revaluations, and life changing spiritual experiences. On this drug however, I couldn't ignore them. They were absolutely stunning. Very geometric in nature and the typical phenethylamine pinks, greens, and blues. During this time I was gazing at the visuals I noticed a bit of emotional instability. I felt a deep desire to finally get my ass in gear and stop my life that was built around so much bull shit and so many lies to myself and others. It wasn't anything very earth shattering or anything more than skin deep..but it was an awakening and I needed to get out of the mess I created for myself. I even picked up my bass guitar and felt ashamed....I love playing but I have kidded myself that I was a musician at heart and that I could base my life around it. I know that isn't who I am at heart, I'd love to do it...but I have other aspirations in life that I find more important to develop happiness.

Eventually this bit of emotional weakness went away to a point where I could speak to S again, we spoke about my breakthrough DMT trip, and a high dose trip (50mg) of 4-aco-dmt freebase. We came to the realization that the 'DMT space' or whatever 'it' is...simply is. I explained that I came to a place where there was absolutely no separation and I was the experience...and that some ancient knowledge was getting programmed into my physical being by a sort of light entity that was a part of me..a part of everything. I told S, 'Whatever the experience was...whatever anything is...there is one thing to be certain. We are all interconnected and part of it...and 'it'...IS.' I'm not sure how...but I could sense that he knew exactly what I was talking about. He has never done DMT, but after that conversation I think he'll have a bit of useful knowledge on how to prepare, but who am I kidding? NOTHING can compare you for such an experience. This drug seems to boost communication skills, I was able to put things into words that I could have never imagined. Either that, or we had a sort of bond in consciousness in which feelings flowed easier, its probably more likely that this is the case!

Slowly but surely the effects faded out, the utterly beautiful phenethylamine fractals started to become less and less apparent, and we were coming down and decided to get to bed. This was the only bad part of the trip. We took some melatonin to help us get to sleep because the effects were still lingering and we have always found it hard to fall asleep when a trip is still barely going. It didn't help at all...I lay in bed for hours paranoid as hell hearing sounds like every 2 or 3 seconds. At one point I was convinced someone broke into my apartment, even weirder later I thought I heard a flying saucer outside my window. I convinced myself that the melatonin was working something weird inside my head with the 25i-NBOMe and that I was dreaming this whole time. I bit my tongue as hard as I could but I didn't wake up. Basically, I laid in bed for 3 hours scared of thieves and aliens, ha!

The next day I had a very pleasant afterglow effect, with some lingering trippy thoughts and feelings. Nothing that interfered with work or responsibilities.

All in all, it was an amazing trip, and I loved nearly every part of it. It is INSANELY CLEAN on mind and body, even what seemed like higher doses. I think it'd be a great semi-social drug, but I wouldn't condone the use of any psychedelic in a party setting, unless it was a rave of some sort, in which case this drug would be perfect. To sum up the trip, it was like LSD's phenethylamine cousin. Great stuff and I hope to revisit the realm of 25i-NBOMe again in the future! Happy Tripping.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94392
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jan 26, 2012Views: 23,925
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25I-NBOMe (542) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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