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A Trip A Day
Citation:   lightcode. "A Trip A Day: An Experience with Gabapentin (exp94444)". Dec 6, 2013.

3.2 g oral Pharms - Gabapentin (daily)
  4.1 g oral Pharms - Gabapentin (pill / tablet)
I do this every day, so it should be noted I have established blood plasma levels. I take 1.6g orally twice per day morning and evening. I was prescribed this drug to be taken as needed for anxiety/irritability. I was tapering off of Seroquel. I can't tell if it's effective really, but I do notice significant visual disturbances on a daily basis. On the label it says 'May cause blurred vision'...yeah, more like hallucinations.

I was unaware that this was used recreationally until about 45 minutes ago. I read that a common recreational dose that people had taken was below what I take each day. This was quite surprising and explained what I had thought may have just been low blood sugar or something.

Occasionally I am forgetful and/or careless, but other times I'm curious. This report will focus on my most recent experience with gabapentin, today.

In order to achieve the affects which make this drug recreational, I take my dose all at once instead of spread out. At about an hour into 4.1g I'm feeling very cozy. Over the next hour I usually gradually fade into a sleep-like state I suppose. I feel warm. My eyes get heavy, I feel more and more disconnected from my body. It's like I'm sitting in a compartment in my head and watching my life. I've done a good portion of other drugs, pharmaceutical/street drugs to reference this with and it does not fit well with any of them. The closest I can say would be to some sort of opium derivative. The sense of well-being is almost entirely absent though. I still have a clear mind and my speech is not slowed. My eyes get very, very, very, bloodshot. This is the effect that made me realize I may have overdosed the first time I did it. I looked high as hell, but I totally blew everyone's mind when I was completely functional throughout my day of school and work. The hallucinations are dose-dependent for sure, but when I was on a lower dose a few months back (around 900mg) I do still recall having blurred vision and strange globular movement when I concentrated on a specific area in my field of view. No sedation at that dose though, I would say this dose is pretty sedating from a typical standpoint, but only because I can't think of a better word. Feels almost like an antihistamine. Anyways.

I do tend to talk more often, I think in a more linear way if that makes sense. There is no noise, per se, of intruding thoughts.

My perception of time has been that it goes by slower and slower as more of it enters my blood stream. I feel like things are going quickly because of what I'm doing, but when I glance at the time it is not the case.

Open and closed-eye visuals. My favorite are the closed-eye visuals. I don't actually fall asleep when I close my eyes either, I can still manage to stay awake observing them completely content. I usually fall asleep whenever that happens on other drugs. They are seemingly random spinning and pulsing objects which are stuck together and affect one another. They look sticky almost. Hah, actually it looked like a pinwheel. The most strikingly different aspect of these hallucinations compared to any others than I've done (lsd, psilocybin, dmt, etc) is the feeling of depth and strain. The depth is constantly changing so it feels like I'm looking at a group of many things moving towards and away from me independently. They are very much bound by physical reality and they feel real, like I'm moving with them. I feel that what I'm seeing is something which is affecting my body somehow so it's almost nauseating, but not really, I just need to make new objects probably.

Open eyed visuals consist of some strangely complex peripherals which kind of pop and explode occasionally. In my immediate field of view, when I look at anything, patterns immediately jump out and are outlined, moving around slightly and generally sinking. Borders on objects are accentuated. Whew, very strange. Larger objects such as a door or a bed are almost disorienting. They seem to move upward as the rest of the room wiggles around. Makes me feel like I'm moving downward.

Hm, 1:20 minutes in. This report is not the best, I'm sorry about that, but I'm going to experience this it's really pretty interesting. Especially since this is barely even twice what I take per day. The 4.1g total includes what I've taken today, but at time zero for this event I took 3.2g in the form of 4 800mg pills. Everything is moving at this point. The more I look at things the less stable they become. Perhaps it's just harder to focus? Something interesting is happening here, so hopefully this report does at least help in some way. I have done doses like this every 3 or 4 days for like a month now with no noticeable changes in intensity; the recreational effects do not diminish (for me at least). At my normal daily dosage hallucinations are present, so this is not new to me and I understand how I will behave at this point at specific dosages.

I don't recommend that anyone else try this. I haven't talked to my doctor about it yet (appointment is at the end of the week) so I'm probably doing some weird things to my body. For the sake of science, take my experiences and share them. One last thing, the highest dose I've taken (I kind of slept, but not really) was 6.4g. I had a slight headache and was hungry. After a while I was more tired and felt kind of weak so I just closed my eyes and rested for 2 hours and then came back. Overall, I don't remember it being too much different than usual other than that the hallucination stage was much much longer. It lasted the entire day.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94444
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Dec 6, 2013Views: 13,716
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