Like a Bad LSD Trip
Down to Earth Spice
Citation:   Charlie. "Like a Bad LSD Trip: An Experience with Down to Earth Spice (exp94461)". Oct 26, 2017.

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So just a little background... I have bought/smoked around 10 grams of spice in the past year and a half. I was pretty well versed in the field of 'Spice' e.g. how to make it, ingredients, etc. I've used many of drugs prior including Marijuana, Adderall, Xanax, and Oxycodone.

I had gotten to work around 10am that day and was not excited to go through the whole day, as I was irritable and tired as I had stayed up till 4:40am the night before. My coworker had this new spice called Down to Earth he said was extremely potent and to go easy on it. Being an experienced drug user and pot smoker I was pretty strong minded that I could handle what was about to happen.

My coworker packs a bowl for me and leaves it in his car as we trade places at the front desk to go smoke. I walk out to his car and sit inside finding the tightly packed bowl laying in the center console. I barely, BARELY hold the flame up to it as I incinerate the smallest hit humanly possible. Setting the bowl down and walking back inside is when it all hit me.

I sit back at the front desk looking at my coworker and just feel rushed by laughter and giggling. Normal marijuana-like symptoms for about 5 minutes than it started to drop down hill.

I feel like I have to keep yelling at myself in my mind to keep control and to remember that I was actually there and just having a trip. Its like I literally had to keep snapping myself bag to reality. I sit at the front desk having heavy hallucinations for several minutes until my coworker said 'you need to go lay in the back'. So I did.
I sit at the front desk having heavy hallucinations for several minutes until my coworker said 'you need to go lay in the back'. So I did.

I'm laying on a cushioned surface with a trash can next to me fearing that I'm going to throw up. I'm having extreme stomach pains, I have no connection with reality at all, and have terrible shakes I can feel my bones rattling inside me. My leg is tapping the ground uncontrollably and I honest felt like I was going to die. I wasn't able to just pass out or black out due to the extreme hallucinations whenever I closed my eyes which tracked on still when I opened them.

I'm trying to call for help but my body just wont let me speak. I'm screaming inside my head to call an ambulance, that I was dying. I throw up several times, a vile green/yellow/brown mixture. I had not eat anything of such color prior.

I am trying to sit up from my laying position and everything goes 2D, the walls are as flat as the floor and ceiling. I felt as if I tried to stand I would immediately fall over.

I eventually am able to fall asleep for about an hour.

I wake up with extreme stomach pain and my leg is still thumping. My head is still cloudy with a mild migraine set in. I think to myself how horrible the trip was having flashbacks and throwing up in my mouth several times until I am able to get on my feet and walk back to the front desk.

I am writing this experience with my legs still shaking violently and still having stomach pains.

Conclusion: I extremely suggest to stay away from smoking spice. When you go to the store to buy it you never know how strong it is, some brands take 3 bowls worth while others, such as the one I had smoked, take barely anything at all. Even if my bad trip was a one in a million chance of happening I would never take the risk. I felt like if there was an actually hell, this would put it to shame. Also, the product is extremely expensive (20$ a gram) and just is not worth it. If you are smoking it to pass a drug test (my reason) I would suggest to just wait, no matter how long it is. You could not pay me a million dollars to go through that experience again.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94461
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Oct 26, 2017Views: 3,714
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