Bad Vendors Sold Lies w/ Most Experiences Here
Citation:   Inertco. "Bad Vendors Sold Lies w/ Most Experiences Here: An Experience with 6-APB (exp94549)". Jan 24, 2012.

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90 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
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First off, as my suggested title shows, it is totally clear that reading from most experience reports that unscrupulous vendors have been straight ripping people off for a long time with 6-APB. I followed the Bluelight thread on this for over a year, and it seems every person that got 6-APB was getting ripped off from at least mid-2010 to mid-2011. This experience report should tell you why.

My wife and one close mutual confidant have been in the 'RC' game and business as long as some people writing experience reports are likely to have been alive. (I hate the name research chemical, but will use it for the benefit of most folks here.) We were heading to warehouse electronica parties with 5-meo-dipt and 5-meo-dmt in tow back in 1997-98ish, long prior to Fed emergency scheduling... Suffice to say that it seems sort of useless to do that usual 'list of dopes I've tried' that people seem to place in these reports as some sort of badge of honor. I stopped counting and keeping track when the number hit 20 in my last year of high school, which was also in the mid-nineties.

Anyway, people don't realize that most of the vendors out there are, by nature of their willingness to build websites to sell drugs, sorry, to sell 'RC's for experiments of the strictly non-consumption-related type,' and the risks it inherently carries are also the type who are generally more concerned with making a quick buck, whether they end up partially responsible for getting 1 or more very promising chems 'burnt up' for everyone else, by way of contributing to the foolish behavior which is the only type reported publicly about RCs, bringing about sometimes dozens of emergency congressional scheduling acts.... (Think BATH SALTS as the most egregious and pernicious disregard to respectful behavior towards the community that has known about all the things they managed to get outlawed in under a year's time, for 10, 15, going on 20 years.) This totally callous disregard for actively working to keep the quality legal-gray-area chemicals in that legal gray area 'for everybody, for the forseeable future'--as was always the unspoken rule before Bath Salts arrived on the scene, and that behavior points to nothing short of immense greed. (In what I feel is a superb analogy, Think the Once-ler from Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax'----The Truffula Trees are the remaining quality chems out there that have yet to be hacked down and taken from the public domain for the good of a few.)

These are the same type of folks for the most part, but not always, that are happy to cut the hell out of your research chemicals, or lie about what they are supplying you. We have seen MANY instances of this recently with Methoxetamine in particular BTW, which even from the best wholesalers at the large bulk weight level is more costly than most others...And yet you have websites selling grams for 20 bucks. We've seen and tested some of these cheaper samples, and they have contained very little or no methoxetamine, and we feel this to be intensely dangerous. The justification for ripping people off may be 'Oh, but the drug in its pure form is much too powerful to be sold to the often moronic, 2C-overdosing, mephedrone-death-prone, general public....' But its precisely this practice that MAKES the public more likely to die. MXE from most vendors we've seen selling small quantity is total crap, and a few haven't been even quasi-pleasantly active until reaching the 100mgs plus stage (with the BXM and even methylone we've seen it cut with, notwithstanding...)

Now imagine we're two teenagers. We believe that what we have is 'the pure shit, dude!' and that, much like we're invincible, our sources also always know what they're talking about, and always hook us up with pure stuff? How do we know? 'It gets us fucked up, dude! Thats how!'... of course. Now we've gotten used to trying 100 mg + doses of MXE. Then a vendor actually sells me some stuff of higher purity, I assume total familiarity with pure MXE, remember, cuz I'm a stupid teenager. I bust out 100 mg rail, or 'Hell, I'm gonna really do it right this time' and I bust out 150 or 200 before heading to a party.... If not dead from overdose, I'd certainly end up the night in the ER and/or jail... Because cut garbage chems = false perceptions by the people least likely to use caution. ONCE-LER SUPPLIERS OF THE WORLD, DO YOU HEAR ME?

Anyways, I digress prolifically. Please forgive me. Back to 6-APB. I recently came into acquisition of a sample of 6-APB provided to me, and rest assured, this was the real deal. For you folks who do not know, 6-APB is identical to MDA save for an unsaturated carbon atom replacing the second oxygen atom from the methylenedioxy position. With the name being entirely different from MDA, most people would not assume such similarities, but its the nature of the structure itself, with that substitution of another carbon atom replacing the 'lower' oxygen that defines a benzofuran ring, rather then an amphetamine ring. So if you manage to get real 6-APB, just know that in a molecule where both MDA and 6APB are made up of 25 atoms each, basically a single extra Carbon atom in place of a single Oxygen atom is the only difference.

It was approximately 11 PM, and I was frustrated because I couldn't seem to find a 6-APB experience report on Bluelight or even here on Erowid that could be trusted. I had to make a few personal calls to folks, and finally decided on 90 mgs. I weighed out 90 mgs of the substance on my milligram scale, and parachuted it while the wife sat by. She was happy to let me guinea pig it.

I must say, I have done MDA many times, but only once was it 99.99+% utterly, and entirely certain to be pure MDA that we got with no distance between the creators and us. It was beautiful stuff. We actually had chunks about the shape and size of a die (as in dice, but only 1) and they were completely translucent but with the look of frosted glass, and were a subtle shade of pink, but once crushed (or, as we did, once you shaved off a pile of powder it became snow white with no hint of pink.) This 6--APB looked like that. Very fine like flour, and snow white, BTW....

90 mg was down the hatch by about 11:30 PM for me. I'm not terribly good at doing the whole time tracking T+ thing, so let me summarize in its entirety, this experience for you.

It was, dare I say, indistinguishable from MDA to a degree that I was totally surprised by. I was FLOORED, by an intensely MDMA-like jaw clenching, nystagamus-riddled experiencing, with the actual tendency to want to flood empathy over all I saw being the only noticable difference... Just like MDA. Same experience, more intense, a bit less empathy.

Here's where the difference was most noted, but I suppose its highly possible the dosage was responsible and not inherent to the experience.... I was still feeling pretty well Serotonin-Flooded, and my Receptor sites still seemed pretty well substituted with 6-APB, six full hours later. I made a corny joke the next day about that being what the 6 stood for, but I must admit, I was tiring of the experience itself at 6 AM, and had to take a klonopin and a few shots to get to sleep....And that was after several days of being very, very sleep deprived as it were.

The hangover was CLEARLY the least enjoyable part of this experience, though I cannot say for certain that it wasn't at least as much caffeine and fluid deprivation from the prior few days of rather unhealthy low-sleep evenings that I'd spent.... Both lack of caffeine and dehydration give me a headache, ALONG with my normal intensely unpleasant come-down from empathogens.

It had been probably since I was in my mid-twenties, IF EVER, that a single dose of a single empathogen had wreaked this much havoc on me though. I fell asleep around 7 AM after chugging a Vitamin Water and hoping it was enough liquid to save me... I woke up at 5 PM the next evening, as it was getting dark again, and I was afflicted with the worst serotonin depletion headache, hangover, and feeling of sheer misery I'd ever gotten. I was only feeling mildly better after 5 hours, 2 aspirin, food, caffeine pills, and about a quart of water. I'm telling you this was bad.

But because the experience was so intense, and so surprising, I may have to try it once more while I'm better rested, and better hydrated, with some 5HTP ready for afterwards, to see if the experience, for me personally can be duplicated, without the experienced misery afterwards. I don't want to scare anybody away. After 17 years of semi-regular empathogen use, of which the first few years during a period which was nothing shy of an orgy of pure MDMA for me, I don't do well coming down from any good empathogenic experience. I was in terrible condition, physically and sleep-wise to try this, and these certainly contributed to my misery. But if you are like me and don't do well, and you're feeling pretty run down, I think 60-75 mgs would probably be JUST fine. 90 was definitely a bit more intense then I'd been expecting.

I hope this lengthy and sometimes totally off topic report has touched on enough things of importance to warrant publishing. Kids: Please take heed to what I said at the beginning. Don't trust anyone on the internet you don't have a multi-year relationship of working with, and take no suppliers who sell retail-size amounts of RCs at their word. Always assume you're trying something new when its from a new vendor. Be willing to listen and learn and do your research for God's sake.

And for humanity's sake, donate to and to They represent the nation's two most important non-profit organizations, and are a grassroots way of expanding consciousness, discourse, intelligence, and research which improves public opinion of the chemicals which are actually a boon to mankind, and not a scourge. This is important, as only an enlightened population can turn back the tide of deceit in our ruling class nowadays, and psychedelics are one of the few things that can QUICKLY cut through the bullshit and help people really see again. Donate to them. You'll feel better once you have.

Your Friends @ Inertco

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