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Eyes Fluttering Non-Stop
6-APB & 2C-B
by Pistol Pete
Citation:   Pistol Pete . "Eyes Fluttering Non-Stop: An Experience with 6-APB & 2C-B (exp94633)". Sep 3, 2017.

T+ 0:00
70 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:00 150 mg oral 6-APB (capsule)
  T+ 11:00   smoked Cannabis - Hash  
  T+ 12:30 10 mg oral 2C-B  
  T+ 12:30 6 mg insufflated 2C-B  
  T+ 13:30 20 mg oral 2C-B  


I received my package with 6 white tablets, each containing 50mg of 6-apb. Each tablet was stamped with '777'.
I am a 270 lbs adult male, assuming my tolerance would be high because of my body weight, but decided to test the waters with a 50mg dose.

The 50mg dose didn't do a whole lot, mild stimulation a little euphoria when smoking bud. A nice experience but nothing I would call a roll

A little background : I'm more of a psycedillic guy. LSD,mushrooms,mescaline,2c-b--2c-x ect.,mxe,dxm,nn-dmt, dpt, but had a several year stage with stimulants, I would take MDMA and MDA weekly along with aderall vyvanse or any other stimulants I could get my hands on when psychedelics werent available. Because of getting a little out if control swim decided to stop rolling all together, and that hiatus lasted two and half years.

I started out with the 50mg test dose, the next day took between 80-100mg of crystal MDMA, then dosed the 6-apb two days later.

This trip report Is a combination of vyavanse, 6-apb, 2cb, cannabis, hash, alcohol.

Dose: (70mg)- vyivanse- took one pill, its a amphetamine stimulant similar to adderal. not actually dextroamphetamine tho. I took this at 2 o clock, stay high all through work from 3 to 10, still moderately whacked when I got home.

Dose: (150mg)- 6-apb - I crush up 3 tablets and fits them into two gel caps,I have eaten nothing the entire day due to the stimulant I took. 10:15 I take both gel caps.

T: 0 .15 min - I have read that this drug usually takes a full 2 hours to set in but I definitely am starting to come up

T: 0.30 min- Coming up hard, already starting to rush. Hallucinations are starting lightly, vibrations, illuminated colors, little tracers

T: 0.45 min- Definitely caught by surprise, hallucinations getting stronger, starting to wonder if something must be wrong if I'm coming up this fast. It's very unusual.

T: 1.00 hr- Just rolling my ass of now, the hallucinations are are getting crazy, just insane trails, I looks at the tv then when I look away the images follow in a blur of colorful trails, all the walls are breathing , my plants are moving and seeming to come to life. Eyes are starting to flutter just a little bit.

T: 1.30 min- stronger and stronger, just keeps coming up and up, the visuals get more intense the euphoria is amazing. Feels so much like MDA, just more visual which is awesome. The visuals are like mda's but with the intensity and feel of 2cb which is right at home for me. At this point still a little freaked out that it came on this fast, now googling 6-apb adderal combination reports frantically.

T: 2:00 hr - Now at peak for the most part, the visuals are as crazy as can be, eyes are fluttering non stop now, no controlling them, I can make them stop for maybe two seconds then the start to shake a million miles an hour again, I am also clenching his teeth like crazy. I go into the bathroom and look in the mirror, my beard is growing and eyes look huge, my face expands and condenses back and forth, I am really tripping. I feel just rushes and shudders of euphoric tingles up his spine. Feels just covered in a blanket of positive energy of just sheer joy

T:3:00 Girlfriend just got home so she pack a bowl and I pack some hash on top, after that bowl every thing kicks into hyper drive, I am practically shaking and my eyes are just going crazy spinning out of control it's pretty impossible to concentrate on anything. I stays at this level for the next hour or so.

T: 4.30 mint 5 hr - starting to level out, now in the normal roll stage, not rushing just in my plateau for the rest of the night. I decide it's time to dose. I have a 16 mg and 20mg gel cap of 2cb ready to go

Dose(2cb)- roughly 10 mg orally and 6 mg snorted- I take the 16 mg pill dumps out roughly 5mg' takes the 10 and snorts the 6. With in roughly 10 minutes I can feel the come up from snorted dose.

When I'm already intoxicated I have trouble determining when to take doses, within another hour swim takes the second 2cb pill

Dose (2cb) - 20mg orally

T:7:00 This is where the 2cb seriously kicked in, my roll has hardly decreased at all, my eyes stopped fluttering and I'm not quite as fidgety but still really going hard, the euphoria from the 2cb blends perfectly with the 6ap, 2cb has such a great high on it own but in this combination its like it reaches it's full potential. The visuals are getting very strong again, so similar to before is almost like I just started to come up again, but still different. Same intensity but a more psychedelic feel. It's like the strength of the high didn't change t all it just converted into psychedelic mode.

T: 8:00 Still coming up staring at the ceiling and walls, breathing moving, all basic 2cb stuff but seeming to be a little more fast paced. It's hard to tell which drug the euphoria is coming from this point all swim knows is that it still feels amazing.

T: 9:00- a this point I am in full on psychedelic mode, all train of thought has gone into just watching his visuals and listening to music. I start to listen to skrillex, and am using my xbox YouTube app to look up videos. I put on a video of skrillex, is a picture of an illustrated t Rex, the image is expanding, the stroke thickening and changing shape, the t Rex mouth is opening and moving, the colors in the background are shifting from bright green to orange than purple, the highlights on the image are also shifting colors, illuminated more to different part of the music,. I wonder to myself if it's animated or if I'm just tripping. I determines its obviously a animation. Investigating the next day proves it was a completely stationary not animated image haha.

T: 12 I is at somewhat of a baseline, still tripping pretty good on the 2cb but after 12 hours of this I'm pretty used to it, I lay down next to my girlfriend and surprisingly am able to fall asleep even though I'm still tripping

This was a great experience. Very MDMA like but most compatible to mda. To be honest better in my opinion, it's comes on hard, tour rush lasts twice as long and the total duration is twice as long, it's more psychedelic which is good for me. And since it's such a gradual come down its much easier than MDMA. With MDMA I have such a strong urge to re dose but not on this. No hang over or depression the next day. Overall I see this as a great chemical that I look forward to continuing to experiment with.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94633
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Sep 3, 2017Views: 1,978
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6-APB (516), 2C-B (52) : General (1), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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