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Took Lower Doses of Each
by Pollus T.
Citation:   Pollus T.. "Took Lower Doses of Each: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp94670)". Jan 29, 2020.

T+ 0:00
  oral LSD
  T+ 3:45 0.5 tablets oral MDMA


First Time Candyflipping

I'll try to be a bit more technical, almost FAQ-like.

We decided to take LSD with MDMA and follow the suggestion of taking LSD first and then MDMA 4 hours later. We are a couple and we took the same LSD dose but different MDMA doses.
We are a couple and we took the same LSD dose but different MDMA doses.
We also took the chemicals with different timing.

She took a stronger MDMA dose with the LSD. Images became extremely sharp. Brand logos on the wall were so sharp they floated, almost like 3D cinema. Colors became very intense, regular dark red became vivid blood-like red. She described my face like a Japanese cartoon, with intense black hair, big eyes and sharp eyebrows. Any facial expression, like a smile, became cartoonish. Other peoples face (ate least 5m away from us) were blurred. She said her hand felt like it was gigantic. Trees started to shake strongly. Instead of waving or dancing, they were vibrating. Stars in the sky moved to one side and another in a quick and vibrating movement. That lasted about 30 minutes. After that the MDMA opened the 'talking gate' and she felt great and started to talk with a lot of love.

I took half of the MDMA dose with the LSD. Things became only slightly sharp. Colors were only mildly stronger, almost not noticeable. Trees were waving slowly from one side to another. Stars moved from one place to another in a slow dance movement. One particular star increased and decreased its intensity like someone where controlling its brightness. Her face did not became like a Japanese cartoon to me. After 30 minutes of this visual dance, the 'talking gate' opened and I also became very talkative with a lot of love to share.

When she felt the first visual effects, she was really scared. Later she told me she was afraid of dying. She did not feel 'death coming' but this feeling was so new to her that she was afraid of heading to hospital. After the first intense wave, the love feeling of the MDMA came and she was relieved, thinking 'wow, this feels so good'. She only used a low dose of MDMA in the past and was about 4 years before this experience, enough to became a virgin again.

I had more recent experiences with both LSD and MDMA alone. When I felt the strong wave, I was not afraid of dying, but was afraid of staying too long like this, without the possibility of going safely home. After the wave passed, the MDMA love feeling came in and there was no fear anymore.

Now that we both know we were in a very safe dose, far from danger, we can make a new trip and enjoy the 'weird' part of candyflipping.

I took the LSD and the MDMA from the same batch to test drive them isolated before the candyflipping. It was at home so I had a quiet environment to feel any effects. At home, the LSD gave me neon colors, image sharpness and music became really detailed. I did not saw breathing walls or dancing trees. Took about 2h to start feeling 'trippy' and 4h to start the visuals. It lasted about 10hrs total and I believe the dose was something between 25-50 micrograms.

The ecstasy pill took about 30m to start its effects. I felt talkative, and with a lot of love to share. Skin touch became strong and music, although not detailed like LSD, became louder and I felt like dancing. It lasted about 3h total. I believe the pill only contained MDMA and I don't know how to precise the dose, but I can tell it was low dose. I had stronger pills before that lasted longer and gave stronger feelings.

We took the LSD tab at 'time zero'. We did not feel any effects until 3h30m later when we felt 'something different' while drinking water. At 3h30m she decided to eat a whole pill of ecstasy and 15m later I decided to take half of a pill.

4h after the LSD and 30m after the MDMA she felt the strong visual effects. 10m later I also felt the visuals. At 4h30m the strong visuals and the fear were gone for both of us and the MDMA love feeling came strong. At 5h30m the love feeling started to wear off for both of us. At 6h00m we only felt a mild 'trippy' feeling and by 7h00m after the 'time zero' any effects were gone.

Before the strong wave there was no physical noticeable difference. When the strong wave came, I started sweating, but she did not. After the strong wave passed, I kept sweating every 30 minutes. It came in 'sweating waves'.
After the strong wave passed, I kept sweating every 30 minutes. It came in 'sweating waves'.
We monitored our heartbeat (below the neck). Before the strong wave there was no difference. But when the strong wave came our heartbeat increased (like going up in a stair) for about 10-15m. Then it came back to normal slow pace. We were not dancing or jumping during the strong wave. We both felt a little stomach discomfort a few minutes before the strong wave came in. We felt no hunger at all.

We did not saw flying objects. We did not saw melting forms. Neither people nor objects were transformed into other things, like people described 'my friend had a cat face'. Usually people describe this with stronger LSD doses. Environment, despite been sharp, was not pixelated like people described with DMT or stronger LSD doses. Touch was different but floor or walls did not became fluffy. We did not acted weirdly and did not call any attention towards us. Neither of us felt like calling friends or family. Our behavior was very stable. We had no difficulty talking to each other, even during the strong wave. Unlike our first fears, we were able to safely go home 8h after the first dose was ingested. We did not feel any urge to do it again (like people have reported with heroin or crack). We did feel we could repeat the experience, without any rush, at home in a quieter environment.

We were both decided to candyflip, we had accomplished all of our duties a week prior to the event and we were very much in trust of each other, so our mind was pretty clear by the time we took. We were basically happy. She was 27 and I was 30 at the time, living together and no kids. We had no psychological trauma. We were both in good physical health but we haven't done any exercise in months (we used to go to gym in the past). We took the chemicals on a music festival held both indoor and outdoor at night. There was about 15.000 people and the place was crowded inside but with good space outside. I was a very hot summer night with clear sky.

She had dinner 15m prior to taking the LSD and ate nothing after for the whole night. I had an empty stomach when I took the LSD and had a chocolate 15m before the MDMA. We did not take any supplements or medication prior to the event.

When the strong wave came, we decided to go outside and lay on the ground, describing the effects to each other. Later, after the strong wave passed, we decided to go back inside and dance.

Prior to the event, I tested LSD at home, in a quiet environment. The colors and the sound detail were fantastic, great to listen to music and watch videos. However, at the festival, everything was already strong: Many lasers, blinking lights, extremely loud speakers, fully crowded. Even a simple chocolate ad had glowing neon back light. Because of this I could not notice the LSD effects I felt when at home. The festival was already oversaturated. I could only see and feel the strong wave, with the obvious waving trees and stars.

We have never candyflipped and she only used a mild dose of MDMA 4 years before. I had recent experience with LSD and MDMA alone, but not candflipping. I researched a lot but most reports I read just said 'it was great' without further technical notes.

However, I took one important piece of advice: take lower doses of each one and use the MDMA between 3h30m and 4h after the LSD dose.

The following day after the festival (and after a 6h sleep) we felt physically tired but mentally happy. Imagine yourself tired after a big concert, but really glad you could see your favorite artist in a rare occasion. Two days later I was physically recovered, but felt really bored, not in the mood of doing anything productive.
Two days later I was physically recovered, but felt really bored, not in the mood of doing anything productive.
Maybe it was the 'Tuesday Blues' released by the serotonin depletion. Three days later I woke up with recovered mood. I was so great that I felt happy and energetic because of it.

She, however, felt no blues whatsoever. Her MDMA dose was stronger than mine and she had a stronger visual and scarier effect than me, but no blues. It was the first time I felt the blues, and I have never felt it before, even with high doses of MDMA on the weekend. This 'blues' is really mild comparing to the physical and mental effects of high alcohol consumption on the following day.

MDMA and LSD together push each other to a stronger, almost new drug. I'd say it's at least 3 times stronger than each alone.

During the strong wave, we did not enjoy the music festival and missed a few artists. We were in a mix of scare and wonder for at least 30 minutes and even when the strong wave passed we decided to stay away from music and people for at least 1h, just to monitor ourselves. We will surely do it again, and now, we will be able to enjoy it without fear, since we know we were far from any physical harm. We will also enjoy LSD and MDMA separated, as candyflip looks like a different drug.

We also will keep enjoying them in different environments: at home alone or at a concert, with or without friends, at day or night. Every setting generates a different trip. We both are studious people and this helps a lot to enjoy new experiences without myths. The more we learn (about anything) and the more we get in touch with new people (and their ideas), the less we perpetuate myths.

Some people seem to enjoy the strong wave. If I do not want to be scared by the effects of the strong wave, I would divide the LSD in two parts, taking one first and the other 45 minutes later. Than, after 4 hours, I would take half of the MDMA and wait 30 minutes to take the other half of the pill. Plus, I would test each drug separately at home from the same batch weeks prior to the candyflip. It helped me to know the base effects and how strong is the dose.

Age: 27 (female) and 30 (male)
Drugs: LSD and MDMA (candyflip)
Environment: Hot summer night, music festival, fully crowded.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94670
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jan 29, 2020Views: 1,294
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