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A Delirious Reaction
25C-NBOMe & Cannabis
by Atrollappears
Citation:   Atrollappears. "A Delirious Reaction: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp94675)". Feb 6, 2012.

T+ 0:00
400 ug insufflated 25C-NBOMe (liquid)
  T+ 2:15 4 hits smoked Cannabis  


About 3:45 PM on a Friday afternoon, my two friends, M and R, and I decided to take 25C-NBOMe. R and I had previous experience with psychedelics; M, his girlfriend, did not. R is a very level-headed person, who is not affected strongly by cannabis nor psychedelics. We agreed on a dose of 400 ug for each of us, reasoning that if the dose were too high for M, the trip could be easily aborted with a 5-HT2A antagonist we had on-hand.

(T+0:00) I measure out 400 ug in solution for each of us and we administer it nasally. The characteristic tingling sensation is felt.

(T+0:05) The effects of the drug rapidly begin to take hold. R and I find entertainment in the different visual layers of the carpet. M is awestruck.

(T+0:15) We decide to go on a walk around a nearby pond and wooded area. We all agree that the effects of this drug are especially pleasant, though it is at times overwhelming for M. We carefully inspect the plant life; our senses are greatly heightened and we notice patterns in various natural objects. This perceptual increase makes the field before the pond seem open, wide, and sprawling. When examined for long enough, patterns in nature begin to warp and breathe. The strange, rolling elevation of the land plays tricks on our minds.

(T+1:15) We return from our walk. We spend the next hour in coherent, lucid, though tangential conversation, on such subjects as that chairlifts are safe even though they appear dangerous, since people very rarely fall forward out of chairs.

(T+2:15) R smokes cannabis, M and I do not. We then go to dinner.

(T+3:15) As we are getting ready to return from dinner, R suddenly walks off without us. When I realized that he had left, I followed and caught up to him. I asked if he was okay, and he replied in a strange voice that he just felt funny and wanted to lie down. We resume walking back, and M catches up to us, asking why he left without her. R explains that he saw M in a conversation and didn't see anything weird about leaving. Later, M figures out that R was in a state of total mental confusion, and had no idea who anyone at the table was, including M. He simply talked to whoever initiated a conversation with him. Even when we returned, R was still very confused, and would ask M strange questions such as 'How do you know my dad?'

After this point the 25C peak dropped quickly into a period of slow leveling off, as it characteristically does. So, there was nothing more remarkable about the trip to note. I enjoyed reading my copy of PiHKAL (and was pleasantly surprised when I realized Nichols wrote the forward to the book) while R recovered from his state of confusion.

All in all, 25C-NBOMe is a very euphoric, low-anxiety, clear-headed drug. I was very surprised by how easy it was to think and speak clearly, considering the level of visual distortion and mental psychedelia. Having also tried mushrooms, LSD, and 2C-I, I would probably recommend this drug over all of those. However, it was frightening to see someone as level-headed and intelligent as R descend into a state of delirium from two drugs that separately would leave him completely lucid. It is well known that either psychedelics or marijuana can trigger psychosis in susceptible individuals, but what is remarkable in this instance is that R bears none of the traits of a personality predisposed to psychosis or any sort of mental imbalance; in fact, I consider R to be the least likely of any person I know to develop some sort of mental illness. For that reason I would advise that everyone take extreme caution when combining 25C and cannabis.

Here is R's account of what happened:

This is R from the above account. I agree with everything said by the person above, who I will refer to as 'J.' The drug had very pleasant effects and I felt that this was the proper dose for us to take, but that M, being a first time user, might have been a little more comfortable with a slightly smaller dose. Everything was going well, until I saw some of my friends smoking cannabis and decided to join them. J, having more experience and knowledge than I do with regard to psychedelics, informed me that in all likelihood smoking would intensify the sensations I was experiencing.

I decided to try it, and at first, did not notice any significant changes. However, about 20 minutes later, when we were at dinner, my visual distortions were greatly intensified, and I became very confused. I did not know who I was friends with at our table, or even that the girl sitting across from me was my girlfriend. I tried to remain calm and I excused myself to go lie down, after informing J that I felt funny. To my surprise, M followed me into my room, which I then found out was our room, and began talking to me. It became clear that I did not know who she was, and when she mentioned something my dad had told her, I became frightened because I had no recollection of M ever meeting my dad. Understandably, she was scared and somewhat upset.

She began talking to me about generic things, such as my favorite foods and other such topics. This kept us occupied and somewhat distracted. About 30 minutes after we began talking, I started to remember what was going on, and became 'normal' again. I have had no residual confusion since, although it has only been a few days. Overall, I was in this confused state for about an hour and 15 minutes, which began 20 minutes after smoking a rather substantial amount. I want to emphasize that this was a completely novel, emergent experience, which is not characteristic of my responses to either drug individually. I greatly enjoy both drugs, but advise people to use caution when combining the two, and to be aware of the possible risks associated with it.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94675
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 6, 2012Views: 9,134
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25C-NBOMe (540), Cannabis (1) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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