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Sweet Flag - Wrong Flag
Citation:   K-nasty. "Sweet Flag - Wrong Flag: An Experience with Calamus (exp9471)". Jul 5, 2005.

4 oral Calamus (roots)
Well, I do not really like chemicals at all, but I am into natural high, psychotropics. So, I'm a horticulture technician at the zoo I work at, and a buddy of mine, who is a botanist, is into the same shit. He was always telling me about all the plants that grow on the side of the road that could get us high. And I was like well hook it up, so he showed me this plant that grew next to the monkey cage he called sweet flag. I was like, 'Sweet, let's dig it up.' He told me his account of it, how he tripped like he was on P. cubensis, and it was really cool. Well I went home and took about 3-4 large clumps of the root ball. I had no idea what it would do.

Well for me there were no visuals, only the feeling of being on shrooms, Which was ok. I pulled into an IGA to buy something, but I really don't think I needed to. But while being in the store, I would turn a corner and be startled by a display of cans or something. Obviously, the plant had kicked in. I ended up being to freaked to buy anything or I realized that I was just walking around the IGA like Dr. Thompson being weird, and people were staring at me.

When I began to drive home, I had trouble operating it. I did make it home, and this is where it gets bad. My girlfriend was there, and supposedly I had invited her earlier. That bothered me that she was just there. I began interrogating her, and sat in the back of the room. Later when everyone left and it was just her and me, I got paranoid and decided her and her girlfriend were after my stuff. I actually offered to beat her with a golf club if it was ok with her.

It was a short high and I came down off of it upset. I did not go to work the next day. When I did go back to work, my friend heard about my experience and apologized. Too much of a dose will cause severe paranoia and some sort of slight schizophrenia. For an historical reference, the natives of my state used it for an aphrodisiac, in small doses. Overall I do not recommend this plant. Anyway I'll never do it again. Peace.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9471
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 5, 2005Views: 20,780
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Calamus (106) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Various (28)

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