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A Fascinating Compound
Citation:   MrMoran. "A Fascinating Compound: An Experience with 6-APB (exp94834)". Mar 1, 2012.

1 oral 6-APB (pill / tablet)
I had obtained 6 of these 6-APB pills from a reputable vendor on the internet. In their package, they have '777' printed on them, and were evidently pressed by a hand-press, but pressed very well.

Having heard many good things about these, and how they're slightly psychedelic and trippy, and furthermore, that they're still LEGAL, and that no one knew about them, I figured I might as well be one of the first to try it out and let everyone know how it is.

0 - 1:00 : I take the pill and I wait. The come up was very slow. Only minor tingling throughout my body. So far, it just feels like I took a little bit of a regular amphetamine.

1:00 - This is the point where things really start to set in. My friend comes in and asks me if I am feeling it while I am blasting techno music playing Audiosurf. I tell him yes, and he is feeling the same. Overall, this is coming on pretty strong, but it still hadn't fully set in by this point.

1:15 - I go down and have lunch with friends. Conversation was fluid, and my sentences were very structured and organized. By this point, it is a definite ++, and I felt like I could ignore the effects if I wanted to, but I just didn't want to. Lunch was especially delicious, but yet, I wasn't hungry. I owe this to the fact that is has the amphetamine structure in it.

1:30 - I played more audiosurf and this is the point where it really starts to set in. The music becomes overwhelming at times and every color becomes highly defined. It was very much a strong ++/

+++ at this point. It could not be ignored. The world appears a lot brighter, and more colorful, but there is a lack of tracers or anything of that nature at this dosage level. Strong, though. And fun. I cannot believe I felt anywhere anxious about this; THIS IS FUN. My short-term memory is completely shot at this point.

2:00 - Peak - I decide to go hang out in my friend's room and chow down on some of his red vines. They, too, were very delicious. We talked about microbiology, and how to culture anerobic microbial cultures, and he showed me a microbial culture he was cultivating underneath his space heater. I remember seeing the patterns of how it might have been inoculated. I proceed to show him what I have been working on as well, and the specific points of inoculation. +++

2:30 - After talking for a while (what really only felt like 5 minutes), I decide to head down to the gym with my other buddy and we decide to play racketball, as my friend with the microbial culture had a class to attend. As we were walking there, I noticed the color enhancement on certain buildings around my college, such as the red bricks on the dormitories seemed to pop out and contrast the steel grey, snowy sky a lot more than normal. It was very pretty. The gym's bricks were orange, and I noticed how well they worked with the yellow-green of the dying pine trees aside them. There were no color distortions or changes, just enhancements. +++

As I play racketball, it immediately becomes apparent to me that my hand-eye coordination is akin to being slightly past mildly-buzzed on a drunkeness scale, and the ball was not moving in any fluid motion, but rather a jerky and jagged motion (almost as if a strobe light had been cast on it). Furthermore, while I CERTAINLY had the energy to physical stuff like play racketball, I quickly found that prolonged physical activity was ill-advised because of a mild hyperthermia risk. I had to stop and take a good drink of water every 15 minutes or so, while my buddy only needed to take one break for water. Furthermore, my skin was very bright pink (even my buddy noticed it) and it was before we even started playing. While we were mostly just messing around, it was certainly a daunting task to stay focused and try to show that I am actually trying.

I made the assessment that while I could drive under this condition, I would certainly have to keep my space from other cars, and constantly monitor my speed. Basic motor skills still existed, and there were times where my timing on hitting the ball was impecable, but other times it was just a second too soon, or a second too late, or inches above me.

3:15 - I feel like I am starting to come down from it all. A lot of fun, this compound was. It really does have a lot to offer like another user said. Also, very mellow. I could find very little wrong with this compound. When I have an afternoon of time to kill, this will be a great way to kill the time.

3:30 - at maybe a +/++ by this point. The drop off is very steep, but I don't feel depressed or anything like that. I should probably take some 5-HTP to prevent any depression from arising. Still feel awake, though almost all the principle psychedelic effects are gone. FASCINATING compound, this is.

4:00-8:00: Stimulant effects slowly wear away.

Overall comments:


Sensory Enhancement
Laughs come easily, conversation comes easily. Very much a social sort of thing.
I empathize easily.
Concentration and short-term memory are COMPLETELY shot, though, lending to some minor psychedelic effects.
Openness is a much-noted side-effect, similar to MDMA.
Another interesting thing to note is that it all felt very clear-headed.


Rise in body temperature, making physical activity unadvised.
Rise in heart rate, again making physical activity unadvised.
Possible bruxism (jaw-clenching; I had the urge at one point, but decided against it), but I haven't faced this personally (though I normally do with amphetamine).
Significant rise in stamina...I played racketball for 45 minutes without feeling the least bit tired or worn down, that's something I cannot normaly do.
Slight decrease in motor coordination, but nothing too significant. I could drive a car if I really needed to, but there's a difference between NEED and WANT. I don't want to drive a car.

Possible Uses:

As the lack of attention span projects a particular problem with any sort of work environment, I wouldn't show up or attempt any sort of mental or physical tasks while
under the influence of this compound. They CAN be done, but it would be counter-productive, as it slows down the flow of my work. However, at a lower dosage on a time-release, this could be circumvented.

I could use it highly effectively as an anti-depressant, or for post traumatic stress, and it feels like it has MDMA-like properties to it, but a bit more speedy than anything else. It would also help my social anxiety.

Should society ever accept the use of recreational drugs, this would be one of those that really stands out as a drug meant for recreational purposes (so far, we only really have tobacco and alcohol, which are far worse than this). It eases my social interactions elevates my mood, and pretty much guarantees that I will have a good time.

Head: 7/10 - Definitely there. Colors were enhanced, mood was clearly affected, music was fun, and things felt more trippy than usual.

Body: 3/10 - I was a bit lethargic and not wanting to move at times, which combatted the immense amount of energy I felt was at my disposal. I had absolutely no problems with standing for prolong periods of time. Body was very tingly.

Mood: 9/10 - Next to impossible to have a bad time on this unless I really tried to have a bad time.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94834
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Mar 1, 2012Views: 22,301
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6-APB (516) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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