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Stopped Procrastinating From Work for Hours
Gotu Kola
by shizzzzz
Citation:   shizzzzz. "Stopped Procrastinating From Work for Hours: An Experience with Gotu Kola (exp94858)". Feb 21, 2018.

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1 cig. smoked Gotu Kola (plant material)
  T+ 8:00 1 cig. smoked Gotu Kola (plant material)


A few days ago I had a 5000-word essay to finish off for uni. I was about 1500 words through it already, but was really suffering with procrastination. I'd recently read up about Gotu Kola. I managed to find some dried herb of it on ebay for 2 for 50g, so I bought the last two packs that the seller was selling.

It was my first time of trying it, after previously trying stuff like damiana, holy basil, catnip, valerian, kava kava, and others, for different reasons. I wanted something that would help me work predominantly because I do procrastinate a lot, so this gotu kola stuff sounded really good.

I made a spliff of just Gotu Kola at about 5pm. Within a few minutes I felt a looseness in my head, and it was like as if a big barrier had been lifted. Within half an hour, I was working at a really great speed and my time-keeping skills seemed to have improved somewhat. I looked at the time fairly regularly, and every time I looked at it I was happy at what the time was.
This continued for a few hours, until at least 8 or 9pm. Then I had a break from my work and made dinner.

I got back on it (the work) at about 11pm, and kept working until about 1am. By 1am I had completed 4000 words, which is amazingly well-going for me. I decided to reward myself with another spliff of Gotu Kola. It tastes fairly sweet (kind of like when I get a bud in a damiana spliff, but this taste runs throughout a gotu kola spliff), but is slightly harsh on the back of the throat. It is pleasant to smoke overall though.

I went to sleep at about 3am. I had to get up by midday really, to be safe for getting into uni in time. When my alarm went off, and I knew I had to get up, I was so so stoned. I could not move my body much, and my head had that incredibly heavy feeling when stoned. I managed to get up out of bed and to uni, but only out of sheer willpower.

I remained quite stoned for a few hours at uni (AFTER cycling stoned to uni...), and then after that wore off a bit I was pretty spacey still. Overall, a crazy first experience with this herb.

My next experience was with my friends at their house. I had a spliff of Gotu Kola at about 11.30pm, and almost immediately noticed how beautiful the music sounded. I could hear a higher frequency to the music, that normally I would not notice. It was like as if my brain had become more conscious of what was coming through my ears. I was quite hyperactive too, and was generally feeling quite light and happy.

At about 3.30am I had another spliff of Gotu Kola. This was a little while before I sat in the bed I was staying in to watch Being John Malkovich on my laptop. I became a part of the film. I was so very much engrossed in it, and did not acknowledge for the whole length of the film about my real-life surroundings. I went to sleep at about 6.30am.

When I was awoken by my alarm at 11am, I thought that it must have been about 3pm because I was so alert when I woke. I was shocked to find that it was 11am, so went back to sleep. My friends then woke me at 12.30pm, and I got out of bed really easily and quickly, and then I ran downstairs and hung out with my friends. I was full of energy, and the energy kept going like that for at least 2 hours. I was kind of hyper, but it was a good hyper where the energy levels were very constant rather than stop-and-start.

This second experience of Gotu Kola was almost the polar opposite to the first experience. It could have been because I had more time before sleeping this time (last time I slept a lot sooner after smoking), but maybe also because I was around friends, or because I was not having to concentrate on uni work and so did not feel at all stressed when I was experiencing it.

Final words: this herb is definitely the most potent of the relaxant herbs that I have tried so far. It also intrigues me because of its ability to be both a stimulant and a relaxant at the same time, and I did experience a mixture of effects on both occasions of having it. I think I might try it out as a dream herb sometime too, in a tea. I will definitely be thinking of using it next time I find myself struggling to do work without procrastinating.

[2 spliffs on first occasion about 8 hours gap, 2 spliffs on second occasion about 4 hours gap]

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94858
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Feb 21, 2018Views: 3,164
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