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Not Exactly What I Was Expecting
Citation:   Ppirc. "Not Exactly What I Was Expecting: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp94887)". Erowid.org. Feb 24, 2012. erowid.org/exp/94887

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35 mg sublingual Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:10 35 mg sublingual Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)

I am well versed in psychoactives as my life in my early twenties was spent experimenting with everything under the sun. There is no need to list it all here, however. I have submitted reports and photos to Erowid over the years though this is my first report submitted in over seven years. About that long ago I had basically stopped using any and all drugs, whether legal or illegal. Not because I think they are bad, however, but because I felt like I had done enough experimenting.

I had essentially told myself that unless something new comes around and is easily obtainable that I would refrain from partaking. Well I had just recently heard about the flood of new research chemicals that had come about in the last year or two and started to do some research. None of them really intrigued me except for MXE. Because it is legal, easily obtainable, and really cheap I decided I'd give it a shot.


I feel it's worth noting my brief history with dissociatives before going any further. I had experimented with DXM, both mid-range and high doses, approximately 4-6 times. I didn't really care for the experience and recall being extremely annoyed at how it affected my vision. My only other dissociative experience, ketamine, I had only used one time and I don't recall any of the experience. I had taken a sealed bottle and turned it into powder and proceeded to insufflate a good amount and immediately lay down on my bed. I awoke an hour or so later feeling really floaty and a little out of it without any other memories and felt back at baseline a short period after that. Obviously, I did too much, and unfortunately lost what I had of the rest of it before I could try a smaller dose.

MXE really intrigued me because the little I could remember after 'waking up' from my ketamine experience was enjoyable and all my friends had always ranted and raved at how pleasant it was.


Let me be clear up front and point out that this entire report is written exactly 24 hours after I had first dosed and I did not take any notes during the experience. So this report, of course, is my recollection of events.

I obtained one gram of MXE in the late afternoon. I got my scale out and weighed out 35mg of the powder which I then placed under my tongue. It tasted a little bit like cocaine and it also had a mild numbing effect, though this was in itself nothing compared to cocaine's numbing effects.

I immediately went to take a shower, aware that it supposedly doesn't take effect for about an hour. It seemed like lights and colors were a little more pronounced and with a warm appeal, I noticed, but this could have just been my anticipation. After the shower and about 45 minutes after my initial dose, I was slowly starting to become dissociated.

15 Minutes later, or 1 hour after dosing, I was definitely on a strong dissociative I could tell as I felt very much similar to how I would on DXM. I felt a fairly mild sensation of euphoria, like I was on the verge of having some amazing thoughts come into my head. I allowed this to go on for about 10 minutes before taking further action.

I began to think that this was probably as strong as it would get and how if I dosed again that I would probably enter a 'hole' like what some others have experienced on MXE and compared to ketamine. I was enjoying my experience though felt that it just wasn't enough and I wanted to experience more. I proceeded to weigh out another 35mg and take it under my tongue as I had done with the first dose. This whole process was very strange and odd feeling as, being in the dissociated state I was, it felt as though I wasn't really controlling my body movements.

Upon taking my second 35mg dose I proceeded to lay back in my recliner and watch some tv. Over the next two hours it was all sort of a blur but I do recall some things. Whatever I did, I felt so disconnected from my body as if it wasn't even mine. I felt like nothingness and although I had control of my body it felt as though someone else did. It was a weird sort of DXM & drunk type feeling that's hard to explain. I was generally in good spirits and found that whatever I was watching on tv seemed really messed up, sort of funny at times, but as a whole nothing made sense. It was so hard to follow what was going on, and I would keep getting caught up trying to make sense of everything.

After those two hours of being completely zoned out, it all started to fade away and I felt like I was only experiencing the effects at around 50%. I had no urge to redose but rather was quite happy that it was wearing off as those two hours were very intense and hard to rationalize. I was hungry so I prepared a little dinner despite my robot-like movements and still fairly strong dissociated state. Eating the food was strange and didn't really taste that good. About 30 minutes later I started to experience everything pretty hard again.

I again zoned out just about as hard as last time but only for about 45 minutes before deciding that I wanted to wrap up the day and night by going to bed. I followed my normal bedtime routine despite doing everything slow as I was still very much under the influence of MXE. I fell asleep fairly easilly about 20 minutes after laying down and slept like a log and only waking up twice to go to the bathroom.

In the morning I had an extremely bad headache which I quickly took tylenol and advil for. So far today, after waking up some 8 hours ago and being at work, I feel a little bit spacey but overall in a pretty good mood.


I had read a lot about the day after taking MXE being very productive and enjoyable. While I don't feel depressed or in a bad mood, I don't quite feel as good as I expected. Yes I am in good spirits, yes I had a productive day at work, and no I do not regret taking MXE last night, but I can't say today I feel a lot better than I would have had I not taken MXE. I suppose it's still good that I don't feel like crap but in my experience the next day is really nothing especially worth noting.

I do not feel the need to experiment with MXE again at all. It wasn't a bad time, no, but it wasn't amazingly good either. It reminded me so much of DXM, which in itself I never cared for or really enjoyed, that I have decided that I don't really care to explore it any further.

I would conclude that anyone who really enjoys DXM will really enjoy MXE. MXE is definitely stronger than DXM, doesn't quite mess with your vision as much as DXM does, and is more psychedelic (in the mental sense) than DXM. Although I don't really care for DXM or MXE, I would have more interest in using MXE again for sure, no question about it.

Overall I was really expecting a bit more out of MXE. Yet still, no regrets...

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94887
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Feb 24, 2012Views: 50,147
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Methoxetamine (527) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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