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Brillant Hole Turns Sour
Citation:   Sharkattack. "Brillant Hole Turns Sour: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp94933)". Mar 22, 2012.

T+ 0:00
20 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 40 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:35 40 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
Past Experiences: MXE, MDMA, Cannabis, 4-AcO-DMT, N,N-DMT, LSD, DXM, MDA.

Previous use: I had two previous experiences with MXE at much lower doses. This third experience was particularly profound, and decided this would be the most interesting of the three to write about.

Set Up: It was around 10:00pm in my room when I decided to weigh out my first line of Methoxetamine to 20mg. I insufflated it, and the drip from it was not particularly uncomfortable. I continued to work on my laptop waiting for the MXE to kick in.

+00:30 My head begins to feel light and slightly displaced as if my head was at a different height than it usually is sitting on my neck.

+1:00 I begin to get the expected heaviness and slowness I have come to expect from MXE. My limbs feel heavy and it takes more effort than usual to remain focused on my work. Reading is becoming very difficult and I am having trouble concentrating on my typing.

+2:30 I decide I wanted to hole and really separate myself from my environment as I had done in my second experience briefly. I weighed out 40mg and railed it as before bringing my total does to 60mg, a good amount more than my previous times.

+2:40 I feel my booster kick in relatively fast. I try talking and my speech is slow and slurred. My voice has become coarse, was a little surprised by this and I laughed as I listened to myself impersonate various characters. I was grinning from the increased fog I was now under that made me feel carefree and positive.

+3:30 I was disappointed I had not dozed off and fallen into a hole yet. My eyes were surprisingly awake and open as opposed to the heavy and drowsy feeling that the rest of my body was under. This is where the bad decision came in.

Looking back I feel as if I just plopped myself in bed and actually tried to hole I would have had no problem doing so. Instead I was stubbornly sitting in front of my bright laptop screen still, which probably was not helping my hole-seeking. I had not moved this entire time and I suspect if I had stood up I would have noticed the effects were already strong enough.

+3:35 Railed another 40mg does, total is now at 100mg. I had trouble using my hands to weigh it out and in couldn't hold things very well. Think I dropped my phone 3 times.

+3:XX? Didn't check time, was probably close to 4 hour mark. Really feeling sedated now, and can tell I am ready to lay down. I grab my sound-canceling head phones and music and get up to go to my bed. My movement can be best described as frame-by-frame. One flash I am standing up, the next I am half way to my bed already, and then suddenly I am already on my back in bed. It was as if my brain was taking snapshots every 3 seconds and that was what I had for vision.

Once I realized I wasn't already gone, I threw on my hard trance music. It only took about 10 seconds after closing my eyes to start falling into the familiar hole. Feeling my head fall backwards as if it were going through my pillow. I get the vision of falling down a pitfall. I look up at the top of the hole as I fall backwards and watch the circle of light grow smaller and smaller. I feel myself being throw deeper into various caverns and rooms. Sometimes traveling down, sometimes sideways. The actual images were not vivid, but there were lots of patterns varying in dark shades of purple, blue, and red. It was always dark. The most euphoric moment was a brief lifting sensation. It was like the floor was pushing me up into the light again, I felt the warm sensation of light and was surrounded by it as I continued to move upwards. The song song. The four minute song easily felt like an hour.

I went through this same falling and rising sensation for about another five songs. Each time briefly returning to the real world to pick a new track. Each song embodied its own hole. While they all contained the falling and rising sensations, they all had a unique feeling that made them their own adventure.

One interesting aspect was that when I played one song I was not familiar with, I never had a rising sensation. Maybe since I had heard the other songs before, I had the rising sensation to accompany the ending of a song.

+5:00-6:00 Some time between 5 and 6 hours after initial dose I fell asleep. It was after a song that I was too lazy to come out of, let alone pick a new song. Time wise it was about 4am in the morning.

+10:00 This was when I woke up. My roommates alarm clock went off and he started getting ready for his day. I tried falling back asleep but noticed I had a severe knot in my stomach and the pain was keeping me awake. It only took about two minutes of this before the inevitable vomit-filled heave came up. Being the weird guy I am, I actually caught it in my mouth. I tried to jump out of bed, but it turned into a roll-and-fall. I ran over to the trashcan and made it in. The vomit was pure yellow and bitter. I knew I had eaten the night before, but none of it was present here. Just this noxious bile stomach acid. Sorry for details....

I was still out of it. Head spinning, shivering, and certainly still fogged over. I couldn't get any words out to my roommate. He brought me some water which I cautiously sipped on. I think I got out the words 'I'm ok', and gave him the thumbs up to continue his morning normally. The nausea was only a little better, and increased greatly when I tried to stand again. I vomited several more times.

+11:00 After staying still and taking deep breaths for an hour I managed to pull myself up to try and take a shower. I stumbled the whole way there and couldn't walk a straight line. The warm shower made me tired again, and the second I fixed my vision on a single spot I felt myself start to fall asleep again. By turning the water to the coldest I actually brought myself back to the clearest I had been in hours. Afterwards I went back to the fog, and went back to room.

+11:30 Stomach still sour and I was immensely tired. I told my roommate what I had done last night and promised him I would not worry him again like that. I slept for ten more hours, and it was already dark when I woke up again. Amazingly enough I was still tired. My stomach was almost back to normal so I ate a little and did some computer games. After about three hours I had to sleep was miserableness.

So I promised myself I would never touch MXE again because of the terrible 2-day recovery that I had to go through. Not to mention my roommate was quite pissed. I still think about those incredible experiences I had with my music and crave to go through them again. If I ever work up the courage to try MXE again, it's going to be on a much lower dosage. If not, I have no problem sticking to my tryptamines. Dissociatives in general are very powerful and they certainly kicked my ass. Which also happens to be wear I landed after falling out of bed. Got the bruise still a week later.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94933
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 22, 2012Views: 37,424
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