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Physically and Psychologically Addicted
by A.G.
Citation:   A.G.. "Physically and Psychologically Addicted: An Experience with DXM (exp94997)". Mar 2, 2021.

1 g oral DXM (daily)


DXM Addiction

Telling a detailed story about long term dextromethorphan use is extremely difficult because this drug absolutely affects memory, but I will do the best I can. First off Iíd like to say I am a responsible 29 year old man. I am married with two young children. I am a homeowner and an electrician by trade. I actually discovered the effects of DXM by accident. It started with a cold. I am a recovering alcoholic, 8 years sober, but even sober I have to deal with my addict mentality on a daily basis.

One weeknight I had a bad cold and cough so I decided to take some medicine in order to achieve a good nightís sleep for work in the morning. I noticed a bottle of Delsym with about a quarter of the medication left, so I downed it and went to sleep. I didnít realize it at the time, but what I took was an extended release of DXM. I awoke high as hell, dizzy, silly feeling, a bit confused, but also warm and enjoyable. I went to work and loved the way I felt. I told co-workers what I had done the night before and thatís when the DXM was explained to me. They told me all about ďrobo-trippingĒ which I knew nothing about. When I started to feel the effects wearing off, the addict in me immediately went to the convenient store to find a medication that contained this drug. I ended up taking some Dayquil that day and that was my first experience with dextromethorphan.

Intrigued by the effects and legality of this drug, I started to take about 400mg on a weekend night every once in awhile. This was pure DXM pills and not extended release. I would just kick back when everyone was in bed and listen to music. About 4 months after my first encounter with DXM my wife had a severe head injury at work. She had no memory and excruciating migraines. I was now the analogy of a single father with 3 kids, one having a disability. I soon noticed that after a night of DXM tripping I had amazing patience with my young children. Helping my wife with the chores and keeping pace with all the Drís appointments seemed so much easier so I started experimenting with taking DXM during the day.

I started slow taking 80mg at a time throughout the day with a max of about 350mg by the end of the day. Over time I gradually increased to 1,000mg a day. When I am on DXM all day I feel happy, full of energy, productive, clear-minded, understanding, patient, confident and also giddy and warm. I can play with my two year old for hours, do chores around the house and be an emotional crutch for my wife. I have no idea how I would have possibly made it through these tough times without this drug. The downside is my balance is off, difficulty urinating, short term memory is severely affected, driving is difficult and dangerous, hard time falling asleep, my speech can be slurred at times and it can cause bouts of unexplained anxiety.

I have been on a dose of 1,000mg a day for about 10 months now and I am absolutely physically and psychologically addicted. I get really upset when I read that DXM is not physically addicting. I have had days without taking DXM (not many) and within 3 hours of waking up Iíll start having uncontrollable shakes, extreme diarrhea, the absolute inability to feel warm, significant decrease in energy and mild depression.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94997
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Mar 2, 2021Views: 2,243
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